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Madman Erdogan: IED Murders Civilian, Injures 20 in Al-Bab Market, Fratricide in Tal Tamer

Human pathogens run by Turkish Madman Erdogan detonated another IED in al-Bab City, northern Aleppo countryside on Sunday, martyring one civilian and injuring twenty, in addition to causing material damages. To drive home the point of the criminal Muslim Brotherhood hatred of Islam, the savages set off the explosive near the crowded al Center roundabout just before Iftar (19:20 Damascene time).

Five days earlier, a similar bombing in al-Bab resulted in the deaths of only the Erdogan mercenaries.

In somewhat uplifting news, fratricide continued among Madman Erdogan’s al Qaeda factions occupied by war criminal Turkey, in western Tal Tamer of Hasaka northern countryside.

Using NATO weapons — which do not fall like manna from the heavens, but arrive courtesy of the mostly American taxpayers — the likely Captagon fueled al Qaeda factions of Sultan Murad and al Hamzat battled each other for homes, furniture, farmlands, and small businesses of Syrians and ethnic cleansing of Syrians in the Syrian villages of al Daoudia and al Arisha.


An unknown number of Madman Erdogan takfiri savages killed and wounded each other.

May the Erdogan demons continue their successes in fratricide.

At this writing, Madman Erdogan has not returned the water of the Alouk Power Plant, in Syria, to the Syrians in need of it. There has also not been an emergency UNSC meeting to demand an end to this ongoing water war crime.

Miri Wood

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