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Syria Continues Evacuating Stranded Syrians Abroad due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Syria continues evacuating stranded Syrians abroad because of coronavirus (covid-19) lock down

The Syrian government has managed to bring back two more flights to the country of stranded Syrians abroad due to the global grounding of flights and lockdown measures because of the COVID-19 pandemic panic spree.

One of the flights arrived yesterday afternoon from the Sudanese capital Khartoum with 250 passengers on board, the other arrived later in the evening coming from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, with 143 passengers.

The passengers were met upon arrival with the designated medical team, temperature scan and forms were completed and the passengers were taken by buses sanctioned by the government to the quarantine sites, most of the passengers were taken to the quarantine site in the University City of Homs, in the central region of the country and the rest to the quarantine center in Damascus.

More in this video report by the Syrian News Agency SANA:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the above video report:

In implementation of the decisions of the governmental team concerned with tackling the Coronavirus (COVID-19), regarding operating flights to evacuate Syrian nationals wishing to return from a number of countries in the world to Syria, a Syrian plane flying from Muscat Airport in the Sultanate of Oman arrived today, at Damascus International Airport, with 143 passengers on board.

Dr. Hazar Raef, Director of Damascus Health: As for every trip, the medical team and its assistants examine the temperature of the passengers and collect the forms.

Everything is organized among all The arrivals know that there is a 14-day quarantine, safer for them and for Syrian society.

Earlier this afternoon, a plane carrying 250 passengers from the Syrians stranded abroad arrived from the Khartoum airport in Sudan.

Dr. Hazar Raef: The plane has arrived now and the medical team present will check the temperature for the passengers and then the passengers will go by the buses to quarantine places, the majority of the passengers will be transferred to the quarantine center in the University City of Homs to keep them closer to the governorates they’re returning to, so Homs has been chosen in the central region.

Quarantine for 14 days and, God willing, everyone will be healthy, and the passengers have basically prepared themselves for these procedures.

End of the transcript.

Last Thursday another flight arrived from Cairo, Egypt, with 232 passengers who were taken after the medical initial exam to the COVID-19 quarantine center in Sahara Resort near the Capital Damascus.

Syrian Airways have started evacuating stranded Syrians abroad since the 4th of the current month.

It’s an additional burden for the Syrian state to evacuate the stranded Syrians abroad after more than 9 years of the US-led War of Terror that is topped with unprecedented Economic Terrorism in the form of sanctions and blockade by the USA and all the countries it controls around the world. Fueling the airplanes alone is a challenge with supposedly independent countries refusing to fill up the plane’s fuel tank out of fear of the US regime.

Some governments under the US control are also not cooperating with the Syrian authorities taking this opportunity as an additional tool to pressure the Syrian state by inflicting more suffering on the Syrian people who visited their countries or were residents there, like those in Saudi Arabia who registered their names and waiting.

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