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Trump Forces Shoot Dead a Child in Cold Blood in Hasakah Countryside

Trump Forces in Syria - Oil Thieves Regiment

Trump forces shot dead a young child of 12 years old with cold blood in the Shaddadi city, Hasakah southern countryside from a short distance.

In their own style to farewell the year and to devastate a family, and empowered by the latest Trump pardoning of their colleagues in the infamous Blackwater mercenaries who killed 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians in broad daylight in a Baghdad square in 2007, members of the Trump Forces ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ illegally positioned in the Shaddadi city shot Muhaidi Hussein Falah, a 12 years old boy who was playing with his friends near his house.

The illegals took over a site in the outskirts of the ‘Tawassueyya’ district of the city of Shaddadi and converted it to a military post for the forces plundering the Syrian oil in the northeast of the country.

Muhaidi Hussein Falah died instantly as the criminals shot him dead from close range without any warning on the last day of 2020.

Local sources stated that Trump Forces wanted to intimidate the people in areas they and their Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups occupy to accept their illegal occupation or face similar consequences.

The US lunatic and his oil thieves and proxies have committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity in the areas they control in the north and northeast of Syria, crimes like burning wheat fields for Syrian farmers just before its harvest depriving the people of food and the farmers of their income, kidnapping children, women, and young boys to use them in their armed groups as cannon fodders, loot the Syrian oil and smuggle it to Iraq’s Kurdistan province and to the family of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the Kurdish separatist SDF with their US patrons hold thousands of Syrian families hostages in the infamous Al Hol concentration camp along with families of ISIS terrorists, to name a few crimes.

Trump, himself, stated that he’s ‘keeping forces to take the Syrian oil because he likes oil’, therefore, the US troops that have never fought directly the ISIS terror except on western mainstream media, and that instead, have fought against whoever fought ISIS, are literally in Syria to steal the Syrian oil and to do so they have to shoot Muhaidi Hussein Falah, a 12 years old boy playing with his friends near his house.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Today it is Trump forces, tomorrow it is going to be Biden forces. My guess in a while you are going to call them Kamala’s forces, right?
    I am just wondering how much ​B’nai B’rith pays you to run this crap?

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Did you been ordered to mimic western mainstream media double tongue speaking?
    If you intentionally avoiding to use true names in your publications, how you can expect that people will believe your words?
    In your publications you have a habit to use western language rather than eastern language. I assume your masters ordered that.
    To call American military machinery a Trump forces or American forces is channeling people’s hate towards wrong target: like Trump or American rednecks. This is exactly what western media does – flame antagonism and hate between peoples, I mean between goyim nations.
    Your blog does the same thing, you do western media bidding and playing the same music ordered by your Jewish masters.
    Your blog do not unite all peoples on earth to fight Jewish International Banker, IMF, Davos, BIS, Federal Reserve, global fractional reserve banking system, rabbinism, talmudism; individuals like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other Babylonian Talmud zealots.
    No, you do not expose those satanic forces, your are playing by the rules and working on behalf of them, shame on you…

  3. Arabi Souri

    Keeping your hate comments at our posts is a big sign that we do fight bad things in the world by showing how negativity works.

    Whoever told you that we write in English, among the very few and maybe the first to do so to defend Syria, is to address Russian or Chinese people or any oriental people I’m afraid to tell you you’re wrong. The site addresses people who were brainwashed by the MSM for decades and the way to do so, we found, is by using a language they understand not a language they don’t.

    Example: Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari might be the most sophisticated among all other reps he addresses there, during the past decade he kept repeating to the other ‘ambassadors’ not to use terms like ‘regime’ when talking about other governments, it’s not up to the standards of the UNSC, guess what? He started using the term ‘regime’ especially when talking about the Turkish one after he gave up on making them talk to the standards of the top organization.

    Your western friends do not understand family, community, and even tribal values the way we do, they believe that the Syrian army officers kill their families to show loyalty to the president, those people we address in the language they understand to help unbrainwash them. If this is too difficult for you to understand then whatever you do with your comments does not help your cause, it backfires, just like your hate comments on our posts for using the terminology used by the western hemisphere. Again, this is not Pravda or Tass, this is a site that brings info to the masses who otherwise won’t understand the message.

    The fact that it made you write these firing comments is a proof, otherwise you wouldn’t even bother to visit the site and read the article, let alone spew your hatred on the only people fighting the globalist agenda with flesh and blood.


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