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Trump Creates a New Terrorist Group Northeast of Syria to Loot the Oil

US Trump forces unwelcome by locals in northeast of Syria East of the Euphrates

Donald Trump has authorized the creation of a new terrorist group northeast of Syria, east of the Euphrates, to protect US mercenary forces looting Syrian oil.

The new ISIS-like group will most likely be financed from the spoils of war and from the US taxpayers with a few millions of dollars a year as salaries, and tens of times of that amount in weapons and logistics.

The new Trump terrorist battalion consists of 800 members all of youth Syrians who spent the best of their lives in constant fear from one US-sponsored terrorist group to another, starting with the terror inflicted upon them by the ‘peaceful protesters’ who were torching public buildings, farms, sniping and kidnapping villagers to force them into ‘protests for democracy’, to the terror by the FSA, assorted Gulfies terrorist groups like the Kuwaiti terrorists who massacred 61 women and children and one elderly cleric in Hatla, to later be intimidated and terrified by al-Qaeda, its Nusra Front derivative, followed by ISIS and not lastly by the Kurdish separatist militias of the SDF and Asayiesh. The Turks came later bringing back with them the remnants of the FSA and beefing them with new anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radicalized pathogens brought in from all sides of the planet.

Taking advantage of the increased poverty and fear of other US-sponsored terrorist groups, the US taxpayers will generously pay each member of this newly found Trump group a monthly salary of US$ 350, which is a considerable amount in a country that the cost of living is less than US$ 100 a month for a whole family.

More in this report by the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel:

The video report is also available on BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the above video report:

An American project that attracts hundreds of young Arabs in an armed faction east of the Euphrates, a faction that is reportedly tasked with facing the growing activity of ISIS, includes more than 800 members.

An attempt to go beyond what is stated to distribute the American military presence after a partial withdrawal which followed the Turkish offensive in October of last year.

Muhammad Al-Mashaali – Syrian MP for Deir Al-Zour: The Americans made this step by giving money or rather material temptations and I was told that the amount reaches $ 350 a month for those who volunteer with the American army.

The project is in line with US plans to establish new points in the vicinity of the Omar Fields, Koniko and the Jbeisah Gas Plant, while local sources confirmed to Al Mayadeen that the Americans are concerned about the growing state of civil resistance against their patrols and convoys in the Hasakah countryside.

Muhammad Al-Mashaali: The Americans recently found that there is an awakening from the Arab tribes to resist this occupier, whether Turkish or American or others, they want to stay and they do not want to fight us by themselves, they want tools, as previous tools were made they are now making new tools.

The American plans were met by a Russian move on the ground to cooperate with the tribesmen in Hasakah, in light of confronting American patrols in Khirbet Amo, Tal Ahmed, Boweir, and Hamu in the vicinity of Qamishli.

Resorting to a local force in the protection roles, whatever attempts to justify it, indicates an American predicament east of the Euphrates, a dilemma embodied by a number of titles, the most prominent of which is the growing popular rejection of the American forces and the steady increase of the Russian military presence reaching to Qamishli.

Report by: Muhammad Al-Khader – Damascus, Al-Mayadeen

End of the transcript.

Instead of simply withdrawing the troops from Syria which presence in the country is illegal and unfeasible taking in consideration the prices of crude oil lately, Trump doubles down on his anti-American anti-elections promise agenda, simply following the steps of his idol Barack Hussein Obama and the idols of the Oval Office all the way back to the first war criminal selected ‘democratically by the US people’ to serve their enemies on their account.

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