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Netanyahu Air Force Bombs Damascus Outskirts at Dawn from over Lebanon

Israel bombing of Damascus outskirts on the 4th day of Ramadan

At 04:55 am 4th of Ramdan 27th of April 2020 Damascus local time the Syrian Arab Army air defense systems responded to dozens of incoming missiles from over southern Lebanon, most of the incoming missiles were intercepted and destroyed mid-air.

A Syrian military statement added to the above that ‘some material damage resulted form this aggression with no human casualties.’

Videos shared online and filmed by Damascus residents show a number of the SAA air defense destroying incoming missiles over the Syrian capital, most of Damascus would be getting up at this time to prepare for the pre-fasting light meal known as Suhour, today is the 4th day of the holy month of Ramadan. The residents also reported hearing the explosions from the sky and some reported hearing explosion sounds coming from southwest of the city not far from the Mezzah military airport and in Sayyidah Zaynab suburb.

The videos is also available on BitChute.

Whenever cornered, the Israeli officials tend to export their internal problems by igniting, trying to ignite a regional war, or at minimum carry out unprovoked attacks against its neighbors.

The latest of such attack was last week on Monday 20 April late-night targeting a Syrian military base north of the historic city of Tadmor (Palmyra), the base is tasked to protect the ancient city from ISIS remnants coming from US protected areas to the east and southeast of the country near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders.

Israel cannot carry out any such attacks without the complete green light from the regime of Donald Trump, who, despite being busy giving medical advice to his people to get injected with disinfectants to fight the COVID-19 virus, will never refuse an order from those in Israel who placed him in power in the first place against all odds and even after he lost the nationwide popular vote. Israel needs the US taxpayers money to fund its cross-border bombings, it needs the US troops to protect it in case of retaliation and in the event of a regional war sparked from its reckless attacks, and nobody can give such protection other than the US Army willing to sacrifice their soldiers for a foreign ‘state’ that bombed US navy marines in the past.

There’s no clear Russian response to the Israeli bombings, these bombings violate the very core of the United Nations charter which Russia is one of the 5 permanent members entrusted by the rest of the world to protect. Rumors spreading fast that the Russian military in Syria is passing intel info to the Israelis to target certain SAA military bases where Iranian military advisors are stationed. As much as ludicrous such rumors are, the repetition of Israeli bombings with the ineffective not used supposed to be the latest air defense systems in Syria is helping fuel such rumors. The last thing Russia would need in the whole world is a Syrian population doubting their policies in their country. It took decades to build and maintain the trust, it wouldn’t take long for the trust to be broken especially if Israel goes far and targets important SAA bases.

The Syrian people are already under immense pressure from the 9 plus long War of Terror the US waged by all the means and resources it could use in the Levant, including using anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi Jihadists against the Syrian people, beefing up Israeli military to be able to wage such attacks as the recent one and shielding the anti-Jewish Zionist state from any responsibility, and sending US army troops to die in Syria for barrels of oil not worth the flights taken by those soldiers to reach their bases.

Syria is also under an added pressure with the US and its Saudi minions destabilizing both Iraq and Lebanon on both Syrian sides, the containment of the spreading of the ‘flu with no medication’ in the country, shortages of oil which is being looted by Trump’s army, and continuous terrorist attacks all over the country by sleeper cells working for each NATO ‘intelligence’ agency.

This latest Israeli aggression will be added to the ‘counted previous ones’ and when the time comes and the SAA starts responding to each of the bombings, the world would be offered the privilege to remain silent as it is now. Israel and its US sponsors have made sure their Satanic evil targets everything sacred by the Syrian people, including observing the holy month of Ramadan and bombing Damascus on Christmas eve.

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