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Israel Bombs Damascus to Spoil First Terror-Free Christmas Celebration

israel bomb damascus on christmas

At Christmas evening, Israel’s Netanyahu sent his warmest greetings to the Christian world by bombing the countryside and a munitions warehouse in Damascus.

Though Syrian air defenses intercepted several criminal missiles fired by criminal Israel (and criminally using Lebanese airspace), two Syrian Arab Army soldiers were wounded, and First Lieutenant Gabriel Ali Raya was murdered. He was martyred in his own country, defending it.

First Liuetenant Martyr Gabriel Ali Raya Israel bomb Damascus
First Lt. Gabriel Ali Raya, martyred by Israeli bombs in celebration of Christmas.

Terrorist Netanyahu needs to increase the beating of war drums, to divert attention from his government falling apart as ministers continue to resign. He is also under investigation for massive corruption. So, when Christian Zionists get excited over his fraudulent greetings, remember that he bombed Damascus on Christmas Day, as Syrians were about to enjoy their first terror-free celebration of this holy day.

shoebridge tweet syria damascus news israel bombing

The US-led Coalition and its non-formal war criminal member bombers is illegal. Every member breaches International Law. These atrocities against Syria are perpetrated under the guise of fighting ISIS, though the Coalition’s existence is to protect ISIS, to use these criminally insane chunks of human garbage as colonialist leverage against the Syrian government, as John Kerry once admitted.

Ask John Kerry

Donald Trump sent Syria a present on Christmas Eve. Possibly his “swan song” of war criminality against the SAR, his coalition bombed the Halbiyah-Zalbiyah bridge in Deir Ezzor. This bridge was under reconstruction by Syrian Arab Army engineers (similar to the US Army Corps of Engineers, for US Americans to have a small grasp of reality). Bombing bridges is also a specific war crime. Trump began his presidency by bombing Syrian bridges in al Raqqa: We remind those with short memory spans.

christmas Raqqa Bridges Destroyed by ISIS (US) Air Force
Raqqa Bridges Destroyed by ISIS (US) Air Force

Christmas Eve’s bombing of the bridge under reconstruction was reported by SAMA news; the short video shows apartment buildings also destroyed, while the SANA ‘News Ticker’ stated: “Foreign Ministry: Continued US-led Coalition’s crimes against Syrian civilians show disregard for international legitimacy.”

NATO MSM has not reported on the ongoing war crimes against the SAR, by the Trump-led Coalition and its underling allies. Nonetheless, the mass hysteria over the US president’s tweet, and subsequent announcement, continues to din throughout the western world.

La petite grenouille Macron has bragged he will continue the war crimes begun by the little urchin Hollande, with or without Trump.

Eternally warmongering WaPo has led the charges of condemnation of Trump’s claim to end US war crimes against Syria. As always, WaPo’s propaganda depends on memory deficits among its readership, most of which now pay for the psyops news.

war pimp flip flops

Most shameful in war-whoring are the fake left, those previously anti-war, anti-imperialism, anti-occupation, who are now shrilly screaming for what amounts to the total destruction of Syria. Once opposed to the Bush/Cheneyac genocide against Iraq, this grouping is the best evidence of the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, having fallen irrevocably in love with NATO’s Arab Springs.

A beacon of light, of sanity, has been shown by the Veterans for Peace. Its “Statement on Withdrawal of US Troops from Syria,” is a too rare piece of honesty in geopolitics.

“Yanqui go home!” and let humanity enjoy a Merry Christmas.

gtfu USA way to bus station

Miri Wood , with Afraa Dagher

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  1. Stan Squires

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that Israel is the enemy of Syria and should be condemned for the latest attack on Damascus,Syria.Syria got every right to defend itself against the Zionist Israeli Gov’t who has attacked Syria many times in this decade alone.The Israeli Gov’t needs to be punished severely for this latest attack on Syria.


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