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Two US Soldiers and 16 SDF Terrorists Killed in Raqqa Attacks Today

US Forces in Syria - Raqqa - Tanf - Rukban - Jazeera - Hassakah - Qamishli

Two members of the US forces illegally positioned in Syria and 16 members of the Kurdish SDF separatist militia in the occupied city of Raqqa were killed today.

Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen reported that the two US mercenary-soldiers were killed in separate attacks in the city, one was in his Hummer vehicle which was targeted with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

The Kurdish separatist militia SDF operating under the US command sustained a heavy loss as well when 16 of their members were killed by explosions and attacks against their posts.

Among the attacked posts were the Art School in Al-Bassil Street which the SDF turned into their command center, also their posts near the Municipal Stadium, Train Street, and near the Electricity Company.

The Lebanese news channel did not elaborate on the attackers, however, it did mention there’s a state of tension prevailing in the city after the attacks.

US forces are illegally operating in Syria, SDF militias are illegal separatist armed militia, both are part of the terrorist network the US and its allies created to destroy the country, divide it into sectarian enclaves fighting in-between endlessly while the US and Israel would grab more land and steal the Syrian resources.

The US maintains a presence in the city of Raqqa, they obliterated the city completely claiming they’re liberating it from ISIS, while at the same time moving ISIS commanders elsewhere where they are more needed around the globe.

The Turks are now trying to deviate from the US camp to achieve some independence, that’s why the latest appearance of ISIS claimed leader Baghdadi showed a manual during his video titled Turkey’s Province, which is a message by the Pentagon if you are not with us expect a visit by the same ISIS you helped us create, arm, and use thus far.

Kurdish SDF separatist militia is also an illegal terrorist group that was too much propagandized in the US and other western mainstream media to be used later in the division of the country.

Both being illegally operating in Syria makes them legitimate targets of merely everybody in addition to being targets to terrorist groups who were left alone and want to revenge from their former enablers who left them halfway. However, we should also keep in mind that these attacks could very well be false flag staged attacks against own troops by the Pentagon to justify the extended presence of their mercenaries in Syria, that’s a very strong possibility.

The city of Raqqa is 9000 kilometers (5,647 miles) away from New York City at the other side of the planet, for those who know that the Earth is not flat, and for the Flat-Earthers, it’s just that far, without the other side of the planet. In all meanings, Raqqa, and Syria as a whole is none of the US business where US soldiers would kill and get killed, but definitely, to serve the interest of who controls the US and meddles in its internal affairs, it’s called Israel.

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