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SAA Cleaned a Strategic Town from SDF Militia West of Raqqa

Kurdish SDF Separtist Militia with FSA Terrorists - Raqqa - Deir Ezzor - Aleppo - Idlib - Hassakah - Qamishli - USA - ISIS - Nusra Front

Syrian Arab Army cleaned the town of Horat Jaryat in western Raqqa countryside from US-sponsored SDF Kurdish separatist militia.

The strategically located town helps the Syrian Arab Army connect and fortify its military posts near Aleppo – Raqqa international highway.

Simultaneously, the SAA established new military posts north of Thawra oil field in western Raqqa countryside. The SAA troops were supported by local tribal forces.

Syrian Arab Army units advanced 3 kilometers in the Raqqa province during the operation.

While taking over the town from the Kurdish militias was a pinpointed limited operation under the cover of the Syrian and Russian air forces, it, nevertheless, drove the US-ISIS air force to carry out mock air raids over the area of Horat Jaryat after the SAA took control of it.

ISIS-F-1631A-001 U.S. ISIS Air Force - Coalition - massacre - trump - obama
File Photo – What is believed to be an ISIS/ U.S. F16 Fighting Falcon

The US-ISIS mock air raids were seen as a sign of protest against any victory of the Syrian people, however, these childish acts will not affect the determination of the Syrian state to restore its territories from the terrorists, their sponsors, and their affiliates.

Russian Sputnik News reported that the SAA advance was from Jaidin village in the east until Shoaib al-Thakr in the west passing through Horat Jaryat.

The Kurdish separatist militias SDF took over large swaths of Syrian land from ISIS in flag-changing ceremonial battles to prevent the advancing Syrian Arab Army from eliminating ISIS and restoring the rest of the country, while the US and its ‘Coalition of Evil’ were obliterating Raqqa city completely Dresden-style while claiming it was liberating it.

Kurdish separatists have been given very long-extended ultimatums to drop their dream of creating another Israel over fertile stolen Syrian lands in areas they took over with the help of the USA, the Kurdish militias seem to have taken the suicidal decision depending on dreams that Uncle Sam will continue protecting them.

This particular mock raids should serve the separatist Kurds a warning that the determination of the Syrians to restore all of their lands back is unwavering, and that the leniency by the Syrian people towards them shouldn’t be mistaken with weakness, who defeated the largest terrorist army in the world won’t be stopped by any separatist militia, and the time is ticking and patience is running out.

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