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A Woman and her Child Killed by Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside

Nusra Front Terrorists - NATO anti-Islamic Militia - Syria إرهابيي جبهة النصرة - ميليشيا حلف الناتو المعادية للإسلام - Damascus - Aleppo - Hama - Lattakia - Idlib

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan bombed al-Hadher town in Aleppo countryside indiscriminately killing two civilians and injuring several others.

The terrorists from Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant and HTS, positioned in the town of Khalsah in the west of Aleppo, fired with missiles at the town of al-Hadher killing a woman and her child and injuring other civilians.

Aleppo’s western and southwestern countryside is infested with terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish caliph-wannabe Erdogan, they carry out their terrorist crimes on daily bases under the protection of Erdogan Forces in a blatant breach of the Astana de-escalation zones agreement (Idlib Agreement).

The agreement reached in Astana between Russian President Putin, Iranian President Rouhani and the Turkish criminal Erdogan gave the latter until October 14th to dismantle terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda in north and northwest Syria, the deadline extended several times and still being extended for no proper reason, however, the terrorists in the meantime are fortifying their positions and increasing the level of their criminality against the civilians in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama, and Lattakia.

Erdogan Delivering FSA

Instead of dismantling the radical terrorist groups, Erdogan has pushed into Syria more of his forces to protect and facilitate the operations of those terrorists, especially Nusra Front, the largest terror group under the FSA umbrella, which took over the other smaller FSA terrorist group since the given deadline to Erdogan.

Nusra Front, and all its re-branded names, is designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations Security Council along with ISIS, and oddly enough Turkey itself designated the group as a terrorist group, just to understand how the USA and its cronies and stooges turned the United Nations into their mockery and for their benefits.

Syrian and Russian officials have lately increased their criticism to the delays by Erdogan and warned of growing impatience and the resumption of the military operation to free up to 3 million civilians in Idlib from the control of Nusra Front, and restoring peace to the northern provinces, reopening the roads between the Syrian provinces and resuming normal life there.

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  1. Miri

    It is sickening how while atrocities in the west are rightfully condemned, ongoing atrocities against Syria continue to be ignored, or supported.

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