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The Poisonous Chemical Projectiles Fired on Aleppo were Produced and Modified by French Experts

Nusra Front Terrorists - NATO anti-Islamic Militia - Syria إرهابيي جبهة النصرة - ميليشيا حلف الناتو المعادية للإسلام - Damascus - Aleppo - Hama - Lattakia - Idlib

On November 25th, 2018, US-sponsored terrorists launched a chemical attack against a number of residential neighborhoods in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria. The attack caused 107 injuries among the residents.

A source in nearby Idlib Countryside told (Arabic) Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen that the poisonous projectiles fired at the residential neighborhoods in Aleppo were manufactured and modified by French experts and handed over to Nusra Front, Turkistan Party, and Hurras-ul Din (Guardians of the Religion) terrorists.

Dozens of Civilians Rushed to Aleppo Hospitals suffering from Asphyxiation

Al-Mayadeen source from Idlib countryside noted that the command center in control fo the attack is located 3 kilometers from the Turkish borders and is supervised by 650 foreigners of different nationalities.

It has been known that Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant), a UN-designated terrorist group, is working on arming drones with poisonous substances in its munition to be used in future chemical attacks.

Russian Sputnik news agency reported that the Nusra Front (aka HTS) has received 100 drones from a Turkish merchant, which were transferred from the town of Haram (Haarim) to one of its quarters in Marrat Masrin town (see map below), both in Idlib Countryside. The drones are handled by Moroccan and Libyan terrorists operating under the supervision of a British expert.

All of these terrorist activities, in addition to the constant infiltration attempts into northern Hama countryside, and the targeting of the SAA military bases and checkpoints in Hama and Latakia, comprise blatant breach of the Idlib Agreement by the Turkish regime, which committed itself to push away radical foreign terrorists under its control from a designated demilitarized zone in the province of Idlib.

The Russian leadership placed high hopes that the Erdogan regime would for once fulfill any of its obligations under international law and mutual agreements, a far-fetched goal for a criminal cult ruling NATO member state Turkey which betrayed its own religion, and would be easier to stab the Russians in the back at the first chance they get.

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  1. Roy

    I’m almost not surprised, the creator, biggest shareholder of Ebay was once a US naval intelligence officer, now working as a CIA asset, owner of the Intercept online alternative (sic) news outlet, and many others, his father a physician apparently held duel French and Iranian citizenship. So, France, no doubt.


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