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Turkey Ships More Drones to Idlib; Why Not Ship the UN There, Too?

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Terrorist Turkey has shipped another 100 drones to takfiri savages occupying Idlib, Syria. The degenerate plot involves the launching of more terrorist attacks on civilians and their families in the Syrian Arab Army, using chemical substances. On 25 November mortars and missiles likely containing chlorine were fired into four residential neighborhoods of Aleppo, with more than 100 persons injured. Syrian Minister Walid Moallem immediately sent letters demanding a UN-OPCW investigation. OPCW patiently awaits the UN Department of Security to declare deployment “safe,” This will likely come once everyone is certain the chlorine has fully dissipated.

On this date, French experts modified 50 missiles for Jabhat al Nusra in Idlib, loading them with chlorine for the atrocities party.

This recent batch of 100 drones has been handed over to Moroccan and Libyan terrorists in Idlib. A British expert is supervising the modifications of the drones, making them lighter and able to carry shells with toxic chemicals. On 21 December 2012, it was from Turkey that the terrorists demonstrated the efficiency of a poison threatened to be used to contaminate Alsinn spring in Lattakia, and that could be attached to mortars, missiles, and other weapons. This poison was probably used for the massacre by the savages in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, 4 April 2017; the rabbit in the ’12 video, and the children shown taking their last, agonal breaths in the snuff war porn were so similar in appearance that the White Helmets and cohorts SAMS had the cobbled video removed from YouTube. Multiple screenshots from the now gone massacre flick are included here.

Deep state media sources are currently busy setting the stage for the live canonization of terrorist Erdogan, for his part in choreographed exposure of the Khashoggi scandal, to consider reporting on this urgent news.

For those who may be oblivious to reality, Idlib is the final remaining human garbage heap still to be cleansed of foreign terrorists, including the criminally insane, the sociopathic wet workers, and the scum western experts paid to teach the inbred foreign primitives how to murder more Syrians with more efficiency than time consuming beheadings and cannibalism.

Way back on 30 August, it was Turkish and Chechen experts modifying 200 drones in Idlib, also gifts from Turkey.

On multiple occasions, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari, has referred to the tonnage of human garbage dumped into his country as “genetically modified Syrian rebels.” Given the numbers of Saudi, Qatari, French, British, Chechen, and Uighur serial killers in Idlib, and given the support of the mafioso clique and their House Slaves support of these behemoths, why not simply move the rabid hyenas of the UN into their beloved Idlib, and let the imperialist games really begin?

In geopolitics, timing is of the utmost importance. Vichy journalists cannot be expected to intentionally ignore war crimes if they are not given a proper rug on which to gnaw. Note that Trump decided to have tear gas fired into Tijuana, Mexico, in time to divert even minimum concern for the chemical attack against Aleppo — and also his (and his fake enemy, Macron’s) slaughter of another 31 civilians in Deir Ezzor. Who could possibly not write about barefoot kids in diapers and uncombed hair suffering from the effects of tear gas? How could there be any room left for terrorists and chemical mortars and bombings of fascist coalitions in Syria?

The all-knowing and all benevolent empire cannot humanitarianly bomb civilizations unwilling to become fiefdoms into dust without the assistance of the MSM brainwash ops.

The immediate, high-gloss diversion from Turkey moving drones to Idlib terrorists taking classes from British and French teachers, and continuing to avoid the recent chemical attacks against Aleppo, came from The New Yorker, publishing electronically on 3 December, its print edition of 10 December.

“Where’s Waldo?” “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” Where is the author’s name?

The author is Anand Gopal, and his protracted missive is one of the most schmaltzy hunks of bathos since the beginning of the foreign imposed crisis against the Syrian Arab Republic (Gopal’s background includes being embedded with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and being an illegal in Syria.).

The main character, looking robust, despite having been detained & tortured night & day, for 5 months in 2011, & then being released for no reason.
Syrian woman murdered by foreign-armed, foreign terrorists in Idlib, 2015, for ‘adultery.’ Ignoring this act of femicide, MSM used her to whitewash other factions of al-Qaeda.

The repulsive report is filled with nostalgia for Ottoman occupation and hope that Erdogan can fill those murderous shoes. When the author is not sadistically inciting his readers to vomit into a big, plastic bag, he is lying to them, non-stop. He lies about the original al Qaeda faction in Syria, the FSA (ignoring, as always, that this gang of moderate savages uses the flag of French Mandate occupation). He lies about the OPCW report on Saraqib, Idlib. He lies about hospitals that never existed, having been bombed.

This is the “hospital” in Saraqib, Idlib. that was reported bombed, several times.

Besides the building itself being intact, as a public hospital in Syria, it is missing the logo of the Syrian Ministry of Health, and local directorate in Saraqib.  The writing above the doorway simply says “Owdai Hospital.”


He lies about terrorists in Daraa, of course never mentioning that they kidnapped and murdered Syrian soldiers, dumped their bodies onto a truck, stole their shoes and mutilated their corpses.


He lies with the filthy impunity of a western journalist secure in his awards, secure in his fellowships in warmongering think tanks, secure in his knowledge that he will never be indicted under Nuremberg Principle VI. He lies knowing that no member of the MSM will dare to point out that even the CIA and DIA have declassified the truth.

The CIA has been plotting the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic for decades.

CIA’s declassified report on its conspiracy to destroy the SAR.

Most ironic, and actually quite déjà vu are his calling the Muslim Brotherhood’s history of terrorism an “uprising” and condemning “the regime’s vicious response.”

Is it possible that this Pulitzer nominee never read the Defense Intelligence Agency’s 13 page report, declassified in 2012?


The DIA admitted the Brotherhood was to be used as a tool to destabilize Syria. In 1964, it instigated riots. In 1979, the criminal Brotherhood massacred 50 cadets at the artillery school in Aleppo. A worldwide propaganda campaign was to be launched to support the “rebellion” (even the Christian Science Monitor was used as a press liaison for the MB), to emphasize inflated victories, to lie about wholesale desertion of army units to the rebel side (the faces and dates change, but the theme of the geopolitical script is always the same.).

Regarding the “Hama incident,” takfiri left Brussels to direct the terrorist operations against Syria, while others reported from Bonn and Vienna. MB terrorists stole and wore Syrian army uniforms, hid weapons in specific mosques, and had a pre-selected list of government targets.

MB infiltration routes into Syria. The ‘genetically altered Syrian rebellion’ isn’t new.


H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas

At this writing, there are no western reports on the 100 drones given to terrorists in Idlib.

Intentionally, Erdogan continues to fail in the Idlib agreement. President Assad has assured his people that “every inch” of their country will be liberated. Given the increasingly brazen attacks by the terrorists, it is likely that liberation will come sooner, rather than later.

Meanwhile, let the terrorists of the UN move to be with their beloved terrorists of  Idlib, where they can hash out their also beloved ‘political solution.’


Miri Wood

Background recommended reading:

May 2017, Moon of Alabama on Anand Gopal pimping regime change against Syria.

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  1. Atlanta Bill

    I think this Syria News articles was one of the best-written articles I’ve ever read. Kudos to the author! It does a great job of calling out the Vichy journalists and the un-Muslim Brotherhood. And, oh yes, the Neo-Ottomans. Finish the Arab Revolt! And finish World War II!


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