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Syria’s New Budget 2019 Passed by the Syrian Parliament

Syrian Parliament - The People's Council of Syria - مجلس الشعب السوري

Syria’s budget for the year 2019 was passed by the Syrian Parliament after lengthy deliberations since early last month.

The new budget was set at 3.8 Trillion Syrian Liras (Pounds), around 8.8 Billion US Dollars, with operating budget reaching 2.7 trillion Syrian Liras and the balance of 1.1 trillion Syrian Liras for investing operations.

To understand the figures better and its relevance to the US dollar, one has to keep in mind that the living costs in Syria are among the lowest in the whole world, and what would cost you a 1 dollar to buy a single loaf of bread in the USA, it would cost $0.11 to buy 7 loaves of bread, with no taxes on essentials.

Syrian Bread - Subsidized in Syrian Budget
Syrian bread, like all the essentials, is highly subsidized by the Syrian state

Similarly, the cost to buy a 2 bedrooms apartment of about 100 square meters (1076 sq. ft.) in a decent neighborhood in Damascus would be approximately $100,000 and it’s built with concrete and good finishing, and half of that price in other cities, and less in towns other than the provinces centers.

Syrian Minister of Finance Dr. Maamoun Hamdan stated that the 2019 budget has set more than 443 Billion SYP reserves for establishing new projects within the areas cleaned from terrorists and where it’s safe for reconstruction.

The Syrian Minister of Finance added that 811 Billion SYP were set for social support to subsidize the Agriculture Production Fund and other essentials. The new budget would include providing funds for the creation of 69,000 new jobs in the public sector next year.

In spite of the criminal embargo against Syria by the USA and its cronies, and the heavy cost of the almost 8 years of fighting the terror sponsored by the US all over the country, the Syrian state continues to clean its territories from the world’s filthiest filth terrorists, and going full speed in the reconstruction of the cleaned areas, without depending on the ‘international community’ to drip some drops of highly costly reconstruction aid.

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