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Syrian Refugees Defy UN, EU Demands, Continue to Return Home


Syrian refugees are returning home in increasing numbers via the reopened Nassib Border Crossing with Jordan. According to the head of the Immigration and Passport Department, Mazen Ghandour, more than 1,400 Syrians have returned home during the past week. More than 4,200 have returned since the border reopened on 15 October.

SANA reports that “the return of safety and security” is via “the heroic sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army [which] encouraged the Syrians to return to their towns and villages…”. These persons had been displaced because of western- and Gulfies – backed terrorism.

It is important to note that the return of Syrian refugees is in flagrant defiance of the cynically imperialist advice from the UN, whose colonialist-humanitarian gatekeepers have been whining for more than one year that “conditions for refugees to return in safety and dignity are not yet in place.”


More recently, the ”enhanced” EU Voyeur to the UN demanded the right to dictate to Syrian refugees when they would be permitted to return home.

As the SAA continues to liberate every inch of the country from foreign-owned terrorists, Syrian refugees will continue to return home, in accelerated numbers.

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