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Security Officers Discover Large Stash of Weapons & Munition South of Syria

Weapons and Munition left by Terrorists in Southern Syria

Syrian security forces operating in the southern region of Syria discovered a large depot of weapons and munition hidden by terrorists.

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies managed to clean the south and southwest regions of Syria from the US and Israeli sponsored Nusra Front and its affiliates last summer.

Last month the SAA declared the entirety of the Southern region clean from US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, the last terrorist group to be eliminated in the region.

Since then, the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian security forces working hard comb the massive region in search of warehouses, slaughter and torture rooms, mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) the terrorists left behind, in order to allow the residents resume their normal lives in peace.

This latest discovery unveiled a stock of US-made weapons including TOW advanced anti-tank missiles along with equipment used by the White Helmets terrorists in their false-flag operations, all these findings in the same hidden depot prove the nature of these Western-celebrated ‘Humanitarian Terrorists’ aka the ‘White Helmets’, who are in reality just the ‘bone-saw’ group of Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant).

P.s. ‘Bone-saw’ group in reference to Saudi Arabia’s intelligence force’s torture and chopping unit in charge of it slicing its citizens alive inside its consulates then chop the remnants into pieces and get rid of the evidence, while trying to blame their regional foes for their crimes.

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An officer from the Syrian security forces which found the latest depot stated to SANA that they found also more than 100,000 bullet rounds of different calibers mainly of 23mm for heavy machineguns and 14.5mm, all stored in a scientific way to avoid damage by weather factor and remain valid when needed.

The officer confirmed by this finding, the terrorists were supervised by Western specialists and mercenaries highly trained in this field.

Video report by Syrian News Agency SANA showing the discovered weapons in the southern region of Syria:

Last Monday, November 26th, 2018, the security forces found another huge stash of weapons and munitions including shoulder-fired anti-armored missiles, an electric bi-grenade launcher, B9 cannon, and satellite communication devices belonging to different terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta and the countrysides of Daraa, Quneitra, and Homs.

NATO member states and their regional stooges have armed the terrorists they brought to Syria from all sides of the world with weapons and munition enough to arm the national armies of 3 countries the size of Lebanon.

Arming ‘rebels’ of another country is a declaration of war, arming ‘al-Qaeda’ different militias under the guise of ‘fighting terror’ is the biggest farce all and each of the US citizens contributed in ever. Each US citizen carries the blood of innocent Syrians men, women, children, elders, Christians, and Muslims.

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