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Erdogan Fails Idlib Agreement, NATO’s Propagandists in Denial

Syrian Arab Army SAA Idlib Lattakia Hama Aleppo Der Ezzor

During recent days, the terrorist gangs have escalated their crimes against our people. Though revealing those who remotely control them behind the scenes, from the West, the Western media of NATO countries are ignoring these attacks.

Just days ago, terrorists fired mortars into four Aleppo residential neighborhoods using chemical materials. The dumb and dear media ignored these attacks because they had to ignore the facts that these terrorists can only get chemical weapons from their masters in the West. The NYT used a short post on Syria calling for a UN investigation to call the terrorists ‘rebels’ and to say these terrorists don’t have access to chemical weapons.

Then came the Turkmen terrorists attack on checkpoints in Lattakia countryside, backed by Turkey. Wearing explosive belts and our army uniforms, the worst outcome was thwarted by our blessed soldiers, but we lost several martyrs.

Martyr Hero Captain Yousha Jabir Hassan, killed while repelling the armed terrorist attack on Lattakia countryside.

Last and not latest Israehell revealed its ugly face by attacking AlKeswa in Damascus last night. But proudly our air defense thwarted this enemy attack.

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