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Nassib Border Crossing to Open Tomorrow, Finally

Nassib Border Crossing - Syria - Jordan - Daraa - Map by Central Media

After years of closing when terrorists invaded the vital border crossing, and after months of stalling by the Jordanian regime, finally, the Nassib Border Crossing will be open tomorrow.

The announcement of the reopening of the Nassib Border Crossing came by the Syrian minister of Interior Mohammad al-Shaar, after a new agreement reached between a Syrian group of officials and their Jordanian counterparts. The minister of interior’s announcement makes the news official and final.

Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan itself, and most importantly Syria will breathe again through this very important regional transit route, vital for the economies of these countries and for the people traveling by land as well.

Though not in full capacity yet, due to the damages to the facilities, and due to continuous Jordanian obstacles, until further notice.

Before the Syrian crisis, billions of dollars worth of goods crossed through this border in all directions from Europe all the way to the GCC countries and back.

Lebanon’s losses from the closure of the border were $10 billion, as per the Lebanese ambassador to Jordan. Jordan was hit harder but they cared more to please their masters in Saudi and UK than to work for their own people’s interest. Turkey’s losses are unmeasurable, their involvement in destroying Syria is now hitting them hard at home.

Iraq can benefit big by this new connection, the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs started a 3 days visit to Syria to discuss this and other cooperation matters, the US forces operating in Iraq and east Syria unleash ISIS each time the Iraqi government announces the Baghdad – Damascus Highway is safe for transit. It would connect with Amman and the rest of the GCC countries, Egypt as well, through Nassib Border Crossing, also to Beirut and the Mediterranean through Syrian Coast to Europe.

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis, tens of thousands of mainly foreign terrorists, with the help of all Syria’s neighboring countries, took over all of the border crossings in order to exert the maximum on the Syrian state and the Syrian people to push them to revolt against their own government and accept a foreign-serving puppet regime, or regimes since the idea was to divide the country into ethnic and sectarian cantons.

Sanctions were also one of the main tools used against Syria, the main Syrian people suffering came from the sanctions and blockade by the enemies of humanity now blocking forgotten Yemen, Thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army men and women and their allies on the ground, and thanks to the support the Syrian state in all its pillars got from the Syrian people, now we are reaping the fruits of victory over terror. A long way still ahead, but with less terror and intimidation by the enemies of humanity, the Humanitarian Bastards.

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