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BBC Malignantly Distorts Interview with Nabel Alabdalla


BBC anti-Syria propaganda persists as though huge bonuses are paid for more ”words of mass destruction.” While lamenting the probable end of the war, the empire’s prominent news corporation malignantly edited its own interview with Nabel Alabdalla, pimping more lies to its gullible fans.

Nabel Alabdalla is a commander of the volunteer National Defense Forces, the Syrian militia which functions under the authority of the Syrian Arab Army. Conscription in the SAA is mandatory for all males between 18-45, with deferments for university students, and exemption for single males caring for adult parents.

Alabdalla is clear in his interview that the Syrian Arab Republic welcomes all into the Reconciliation Process. He is clear in his statements that those not willing to put down their weapons will be crushed. He is clear that some of the terrorists will end up returning to their native countries, their NATO native countries and their Gulfies native countries. He also clearly states that the UK intelligence supported White Helmets are armed terrorists and were involved in the cluster bombings and other forms of destruction against his country.

Note how Jeremy Bowen, notable BBC journalist, turns his back and aggressively crosses his arms when Alabdalla speaks the truth about the Nusra Helmets.

The BBC malignant distortion of the interview can be found under the following headline. Note that all mention of the terrorist Helmets is gone. Note that armed terrorists who would be called terrorists were they in England (or France, or the US) continue to be white-washed as “rebels.” Note that Alabadalla’s paraphrase of the biblical words, as ye sow, so shall ye reap have been cropped as to suggest the return of savages to their home countries as a threat from this Syrian commander.

BBC malignant editing of the interview with Alabdalla.

The BBC distortion of this interview might have gone viral, were it not for Saudi journalist Khashoggi having gone missing.

Sometimes NATO media must postpone key war propaganda. However, it never buries it. Consider the interview, above, and Alabdalla’s statement from 10 September, as inoculation against Bowen and his BBC warmongering.


Miri Wood


Nine Civilians Killed in Mhardeh as UN Warns Syria Not to Fight Terrorists. The deadly mortars were fired from Ltamenah, occupied by al-Qaeda terrorists for whom the OPCW put out press releases.

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