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Nine Civilians Killed as UN Warns Syria Not to Fight Terrorists

Colonialist congresswomen believe terrorists are Medics of Ltamenah, preparing to launch gifts from NATO countries. Archive.

Nine civilians were murdered in Mhardeh today as UNSC President Nikki Haley warned Syria against fighting terrorism and terrorists in Syria.

Mortars were fired by terrorists in Ltamenah martyring the nine civilians and injuring 20 others. Public and private infrastructure was also damaged in this heinous attack.

Nine Syrian civilians martyred in Mhardeh, 7 Sept.
Nine Syrian civilians martyred in Mhardeh, 7 Sept.

Syrian Arab Army artillery targeted and destroyed several terrorist rocket launchers.

Miri Wood  

N.B. The writer confirms that OPCW and UC Berkeley will likely turn the Ltamenah rocket launchers into hospitals and terrorists into surgeons.

Update: Another Syrian civilian has succumbed to death by moderation.

Ten coffins carrying the remains of civilians are draped in the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic for their mass funeral.

Update 17 September: 

Fifteen year old Ibrahim has succumbed to his brain injury sustained 8 September.

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