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Google’s YouTube Hands in Brewing False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

Google YouTube Terminated Syrian SANA Channel

It’s not the first time Google shows its real nature, a tool in the hands of the Establishment to be used when needed, and it does have a powerful impact especially among the masses with its multiple arms spread everywhere in daily lives and news sources it can wreak havoc in unprepared communities, YouTube, a Google’s product has an infamous reputation in that.

Influencing the masses by media manipulating is a science by itself, the masses in communities fed that these are trusted news sources and those are not over years and decades of constant brainwashing, the more brainwashed and ignorant masses are the best tools to destroy those communities from within.

Having billions of mainly useless videos, video channels, watched minutes in its credit, YouTube is the main source of image media reaching the targeted audience at their convenient time on their convenient device is what makes this tool effective, yet very dangerous, especially when handled not by media producers, rather by intelligence agencies with destructive agendas.

There’s no exaggerating in crediting YouTube with much of the Zionist (NeoCon – Israeli) plan to destroy the Arab countries aka Arab Spring. YouTubers published those infamous shaky videos focused on individuals narratives wearing bright colors in a gloomy background. Such videos were spread like wildfires in forests among information-hungry audiences no thanks to the many arms each US-based social media platform has.

To avoid going into details on the matter, interested readers can resort to tonnes of material available online, just ‘GOOGLE’ it, the latest target of the YouTube/ Google/ Deep State/ Permanent State/ Establishment/ Fading Empire/ whatever ‘conspiracy theory’ name you’d like to name it, is the Syrian official news agency SANA channel.

It came to my attention as I was reading yesterday’s post by my colleague Miri Wood about the opening of Damascus International Fair in its 60th edition where she embedded the video published on SANA’s YouTube channel and the video was not there. I checked SANA’s website and the link leading to their YouTube channel showed the dreadful message that the channel was terminated due to ‘violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

syrianews youtube sana syria channel terminated
Syrianews often embed videos from their sources rather than re-uploading them again on different platforms. – We now replaced the video with the Dtube and Bitchute versions on the above article.

It’s not a secret anymore that posting joyful and victorious videos of a people under an international War of Terror are winning over terror, rebuilding their country, and sharing their joyful activities with the world. A US/ UK/ France targeted country should be destroyed, its people should forever live in fear and devastation.

Thousands, if not tens of thousands of videos have now disappeared, not only a huge loss for the humanity of a massive register of events from one point of view even if you disagree with it in full or few, but also huge efforts are gone down the drain.

This is done by the same company that tells us we have to accept watching, mostly imposed on us and our children, videos of worshipping Satan, LGBT point of views, Zionist propaganda, criticizing of our hundreds of years established ways of lives and traditions, just because it supports ‘Free Speech’, but then that same company, and whoever is behind it, deletes channels and thousands of videos because they don’t comply with their agenda.

The timing of deleting SANA’s YouTube channel, not the first time though, is rather suspicious with a looming false flag operation to be carried out in a form of a staged chemical attack on a group of civilians, mostly kidnapped women and children, in a repetition to the same old methods used before like the infamous Ghouta Chemical Attack, where the culprits kidnapped dozens of women and children from the rural towns of Latakia and brought them to East Ghouta to accuse the Syrian state of killing their own people while al-Qaeda terrorists imported from all sides of the world are there to protect the Syrians from their own brothers and fathers in the Syrian Arab Army and to liberate their country like how they ‘liberated’ Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia…

We had our share of such an attack on our YouTube channel, deleted then restored after my colleague Miri Wood wrote a letter to YouTube to then get deleted again within days thus losing our library of hundreds of videos and millions of watched minutes. We are still suffering trying to relocate our previous videos as we entrusted Google and its YouTube with our work and they proved to be untrustworthy. Very similar to what lunatic criminal dictator of Turkey Erdogan is doing to our blog and our website within his Erdoganstan country.

image-YouTube Propagandists Platform for US Sponsored Al-Qaeda
YouTube supports al-Qaeda and deletes hundreds of videos and tens of channels in the process to hide the truth and maintain one narrative only: The Pentagon Narrative.

Have to recall that YouTube, and subsequently other Google products like AdSense and other social media, had resorted first to punish us by suppressing our material and removing it from search results imposing their modified algorithm to prop up their favorite sites that speak their language and hide other sites that expose their narratives and agenda, later they hit the money part and for instance a visit to an ad on a site like ours used to earn somewhere between $0.19 and $0.75 on average depending on the country of origin of the click and ad visited, to now 12 clicks earning a ridiculous $0.62, and that is per their own charts they provide to ad hosting platforms, like ours…!

SANA is now posting their videos on their Facebook Page, it’s as unreliable as Google, both working for the same Establishment. We found several platforms that host videos, however since we cannot afford paid ones like Cloudflare’s latest video platform, we had our videos published on some others to have them disappear as well like Vidme, and Dtube which plays the videos for some time then they stop playing properly. We are keeping the videos posted mainly on Dtube and BitChute as last resort.

We tried to upload a few videos of high importance directly to the site to preserve them, then the hackers who were and still are constantly targeting the site found them and started excessively downloading them which consumed our resources and got our account to be suspended several times before we had to remove the videos, which by the way, also adds to the harm to our Google’s search ranking of having material embedded with dead links!

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  1. miri

    Notice that US merc/5th columnist Kareem’s YT channel is intact. His videos of fondling explosive belts on suicide bombers, of legitimizing the beheading of 12 yr old Abdullah Issa remain consistent with “standards’ — which says a lot about what the standards really are.

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