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Damascus International Fair 60th Edition Opens Today


The 60th edition of the Damascus International Fair has opened. The Inauguration Ceremony will take place today, and the exposition will be opened to the public, from 7 September through 15 September. Forty-eight countries are participating in this, one of the largest “economic, artistic, social, and cultural events in the region.”

damascus international fair logo
Damascus International Fair poster, 60th edition.

Palestinian Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi reported a large delegation of Palestinian businessmen, including 23 Palestinian companies. Nineteen businesses of the Czech Republic will be represented.

This year’s events include the Second Annual Syrian-Russian Businessmen Forum. Seventy Russian companies with skills in construction, engineering, oil & gas, electricity, rail, heavy industry, will be represented.

Syria’s Transport Ministry announced that the free trips from al-Qadam station to the station of the Damascus Fair Grounds City will run from 1400-0200 daily, beginning 7 September. The train will accommodate 2,000 passengers in its scheduled 28 trips.

damascus international fair
The artistic portion of the Damascus International Fair will include singers and dancers.

Last year saw the reopening of the annual exposition which had been in hiatus thanks to the foreign-imposed terrorism against Syria. The 59th edition saw crowds exceed expectations. Though NATO ”moderate” degenerates bombed the Fair, the crowds kept coming, and kept growing.

This joyful 60th edition of the Damascus International Fair exposition challenges the war and the ugly sanctions imposed on Syrians by the warlords.

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