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John McCain Dead: Not a Tear in Sight in Syria

John McCain meets Al Qaeda in Syria

John McCain was put in a hole in the ground last Saturday. Unlike the hole he was put in in Vietnam as a prisoner of war, he will not emerge from this hole to channel his hate across the globe, spreading death, tears and destruction wherever he cast his angry exceptionalist gaze.

His fervor to tear apart Syria in order to remove Bashar al-Assad as its leader saw him literally shake hands with the most dangerous and extreme terrorist’s right on Syrian soil. It is tempting to say it is a sign of the lengths he was prepared to go to in seeking to overthrow Assad and install a regime which would open up Syria to US trade and investment, but McCain had a long tradition in forging deep ties with Islamists and neo-Nazis, proud to urge them along as they wade through the blood of innocent victims. You can judge a man by the company he keeps never rang truer.

McCain, as a true neocon, had high hopes for a future regime neoliberal in nature, promoting liberty, democracy and other noble values he ascribed as unique to US culture, the very essence of American exceptionalism. Underneath the inspiring sounding rhetoric lies the ugly truth: rule by a tiny, corrupt elite, doing the bidding of equally corrupt US elites, on whose behalf Syria’s resources would be carved up, denying ordinary citizens the fruits of their labor, while enriching US corporate interests; a pattern repeated in so many countries.

We have witnessed historical revisionism almost too much to bear in the endless tributes from the political and media classes in recent days. The ghoulish display at the McCain funeral would have to be just about the biggest act of revisionism in world history. It is a symbol of the US sinking into the mire, its soul well and truly lost. McCain has been transformed from Hyde to Jekyll, from beast to beauty in an extraordinary display of the most misplaced and repugnant admiration imaginable. His warmongering slate was wiped clean, replaced by the anointing of McCain as the new Mother Theresa, a human rights champion and world leader in disseminating the ideals of democracy and freedom. The rivers of blood and tears he did more than nearly anyone to create were washed away from public consciousness by gushing tributes which those who refused the mass amnesia found odious in the extreme.

mccain gaddafi assad libya syria usa
McCain couldn’t wait to Tear Syria Apart after doing the same in Libya


This cold and callous tweet typified the ruthless nature of McCain, who would not hesitate to dispose of any leader who stood in the road of continued US hegemony. Note how early into the so-called Syrian revolution this was, barely 5 months after the Daraa “uprising,” in reality a Saudi/Qatar planned and executed violent rebellion, smuggling guns and violent jihadists under the cover of protests to begin the long-planned campaign to oust Assad and install a Western/Gulfies state puppet.

Early Support in 2012 by McCain for Arming Terrorists

McCain set off on the war trail early on in Syria, jointly proposing with his partner in murder and mayhem, Lindsey Graham, to arm the “rebels” in the early months of 2012. Undeterred by a Libya fast spiraling out of control —another bloody foray pushed by McCain—the deadly duo pushed Barack Obama to actively arm terrorist groups. Exploiting false sympathy which has seen him inexplicably eulogized as a human rights champion, McCain said the US couldn’t just sit and watch the opposition being decimated by Assad forces. Obama for his part believed the fall of Assad was inevitable, a matter of when not if. It wasn’t long however before Obama joined the McCain driven jihadist express and commenced Operation Timber Sycamore. If Obama was wary of the Libya disaster, it didn’t stop him warming to the idea of sending arms from the country into Syria, a program actively pushed by Hillary Clinton.

“I believe there are ways to get weapons to the opposition without direct United States involvement,” McCain said. “The Iranians and the Russians are providing Bashar Assad with weapons. People that are being massacred deserve to have the ability to defend themselves.”

“So I am not only not opposed, but I am in favor of weapons being obtained by the opposition,” McCain added.

When he later became Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain was uniquely positioned to manipulate foreign policy in the direction of more war and to shamelessly act as a de facto lobbyist for the arms industry. As Max Blumenthal comments, “McCain’s Senate office functioned as a clubhouse for arms industry lobbyists and neocon operatives.”

War was the business of John McCain and business was good. Because of people like him the people of Syria have endured seven years of war waged by powerful international actors. Because of people like him, foreign leaders who earn the wrath of the US Empire will be demonized and face the full might of the military industrial complex.  Phantom threats will continue to be invented to justify ever ballooning budgets to the war and surveillance states, a drain on badly needed domestic priorities that serve the public good.

McCain Meets Terrorists in Syria

John McCain was unrepentant in his desire to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad as the leader of Syria. He threw a hissy fit when Trump announced the end of the CIA train and assist program. Naturally, this was “playing into Russian hands.”

After his jaunts into Libya, leaving a trail of death and despair in his wake, he ventured into Syria. He wanted to spread the virtues of “American democracy” so in May 2013 he met with terrorists in Syria, planning to help implement no-fly zones and dramatically increase arms to the “rebels.” Among the terrorists was strongly rumored to be a certain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.

Let me repeat, he appears to have met with (and I imagine shook hands) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Would he shake hands with Baghdadi? Well, he supported the war criminal Mikhail Saakashvili in Georgia, ditto for the neo-Nazi leader in Ukraine, Oleh Tyahnybok, sat down for coffee with heart eating Free Syrian Army types, so the question is rhetorical. And after all, demonic US political leaders have a long history of supporting terrorists to do their bidding. In truth, if it was Baghdadi, McCain probably didn’t wash his hands for a week afterwards.

john mccain tweet
American Foreign Terrorist and illegal alien McCain meets with kidnappers and other terrorists. To his right is FSA/JaN terrorist Idriss

Also among the backslappers was a Free Syrian Army leader who supports Al-Qaeda terrorists. As Miri Wood reported in Syria News: “During that illegal trip, McCain met with other terrorists, including kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims, Syrian traitor Salim Idriss, an “FSA” head who supports its offspring, Jabhat al Nusra (JaN). JaN has been on the US terror list, since 10 months after its inception (and 10 days after the Washington Post described it as ‘the most successful arm of the rebel forces.’). Idriss gave his public support for JaN in March 2013, more than two months before McQaeda McCain met with him.”

Illegal McCain’s translator Mustapha Muoaz refused to deny they met with al-Baghdadi

McCain went on another sortie into Syria in February 2017 (again as an illegal alien, who should have been quite rightly tracked down and locked up). Ostensibly to discuss the counter ISIS campaign according to his spokeswoman. Yeah right, and pigs fly too.

Shortly after McCain’s visit came the Khan Shekhoun incident, now only credible as a Syrian government chemical weapons attack to Erdoganstan, the military industrial complex media, the deep state and US lackeys such as the UK and France. The rest of us, unless we are as brain dead as a tin of sardines, have grown weary of the propaganda and psyops war waged against Syria.

Death squads al Qaeda aka minions of Iblis White Helmets masked and unmasked, all without skin protection

Death squads al Qaeda aka minions of Iblis White Helmets, masked and unmasked, all without skin protection

Not long after the Khan Shekhoun incident came the terrorist bombing of buses evacuating civilians from Fua and Kefraya in the al-Rashideen neighbourhood of western Aleppo. The outrage was notably dampened because it couldn’t be pinned on Bashar al-Assad. If it could, the catcalls from McCain for more Tomahawks to be launched at Syria would have been deafening. As it couldn’t, it was little more than a passing story, a blip in the media landscape. Bombing in Syria……and now for sports news. The despicable BBC didn’t even deem it a terrorist attack, which I wrote about shortly after the atrocity.

The Mythical Land of the Moderate Rebel

McCain promoted the idea of the savages running amok in Syria as being Jeffersonian Democrats, intent on spreading the values that sets the US apart from the rest of the world. You could say it was like planting the seeds of exceptionalism through proxies transported into Syria. He perpetuated the myth of the Free Syrian Army, a tag jihadists have adopted whenever they wanted to appear moderate in order to gain access to the latest weapons shipment.

However, John McCain knows it better, of course. The hawkish Senator from the United States said in a speech at The Council on Foreign Relations that the study would be untrue and completely false because there would be still around “70 percent who are Free Syrian Army.” Yes, indeed. McCain stated in his speech at The Council on Foreign Relations that there´s still “about 70 percent still who are Free Syrian Army.”

Of course, this claim by U.S. Senator McCain is false and a pure lie. However, as a guy who has already met with armed terrorists in Syria, it is probably to understand that John McCain, supporting these jihadists, wants to maintain the image of a secular rebellion against the evil regime of al-Assad. 

Top: Members of the Syrian Arab Army. Bottom: Members of the FSA, early days in Idlib

 Into 2018 and McCain could hardly contain himself when Trump, along with Theresa May and Emanuel Macron bombed several locations—including a cancer medication producing factory— following the fabricated chemical weapons attack in Douma.

“I applaud the President for taking military action against the [Syrian President Bashar] Assad regime for its latest use of chemical weapons, and for signaling his resolve to do so again if these heinous attacks continue,” the senator said in a statement.

McCain thanked the United Kingdom and France for also launching strikes and expressed hope that the strikes would “impose meaningful costs on Assad.”

john mccain tweet
McCain was horrified at the thought of Trump leaving Syria

The subsequent OPCW report—written after they actually went to the site and collected samples first hand—found no Sarin had been used, nor any substance contravening the chemical weapons convention. They found chlorinated organic compounds, substances found in water treatment and other every day products.

Bowing Down Before The White Helmets

Like all the war fanatics, McCain was an ardent admirer of the White Helmets, the propaganda operation created to justify the continuation of the war on Syria and the whitewashing of terrorists trained and sent to fight in Syria by western intelligence agencies, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

When they appeared they may be becoming yesterday’s news following the freeze to their funding announced by the US State Department, McCain, through his International Republican Institute stepped in to shower them with the 2018 McCain Institute “Award for Courage and Leadership.” Vanessa Beeley, in an article for 21st Century Wire said, “Raed Saleh (White Helmets leader) was in Arizona, April 20-22, to receive the award at the by-invitation-only Sedona Forum. By Saleh’s side was Syria Campaign’s Kenan Rahmani acting as translator and PR agent. Coming almost immediately after the heaping of praise upon the group by Nauert, the McCain stamp of approval is further evidence of the overt ties between the U.S state and their most useful intelligence operatives on the ground in Syria.”

Courtesy of Professor Tim Anderson

Moreover, the White Helmets had recently signed contracts with Turkish and Qatari organizations to carry out new projects, one assumes inside Syria. These projects are still to be announced by Raed Saleh.

Were these projects established or supported by the McCain Institute and discussed at the Sedona Forum? Are the Qatari and Turkish contracts a part of a deal to secure plausible deniability for the U.S in the case of another bungled chemical attack staged by the White Helmets in Idlib?

The award was very timely, coming at the time of the announced freeze of US funding of the White Helmets. At the same time, new projects through Turkey and Qatar were announced, suggesting an expansion, not a retraction of White Helmets activity in support of terrorists inside Syria.

Raed Saleh the leader of the terrorist rescuers adored by the McCain cabal

Upon his death, Syria News said,John McCain the Decorated War Criminal, instigator of riots worldwide, the Godfather of the Syrian Jihadis of al-Qaeda FSA, Nusra Front, HTS & ISIS will meet his creator and have millions of souls cursing him on the way.”

On his death bed, you have to wonder if McCain’s last words were “is that Assad gone yet?” No, but McCain is, and Syrians have sounded a collective sigh of relief at his passing.

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