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The World is More Safer Now – John McCain Dead


John McCain the Decorated War Criminal, instigator of riots worldwide, the Godfather of the Syrian Jihadis of al-Qaeda FSA, Nusra Front, HTS & ISIS will meet his creator and have millions of souls cursing him on the way.

We can’t stress how relieved we are to learn that the criminal John McCain cannot contribute further to more killings worldwide. He cannot make his own citizens criminals by sending their children, husbands, fathers and even their daughters, wives and mothers into battlefields across the globe to kill innocent people and get killed or injured just to serve his, and his masters’ agenda.

John McCain cannot push for more blood sucking from his own people by using their hard-earned tax dollars to finance terrorist groups, military coups, riots and wars all over the world, they have a chance now to replace him with someone who will actually look after their interests.

For us, we wish he stood trial and got the punishment he deserves in this life and the life hereafter, our consolation is our belief in God’s justice and the punishment he kept for this war criminal.

In May 2012, John McCain commanded a group of al-Qaeda terrorists which kidnapped a Lebanese civilian bus with several families on board on their way back to Lebanon from Iraq via Turkey and Syria. The kidnappers, under his command, demanded a ransom. More in this report:

McCain the Kidnapper

In June 2013 a terrorist organization affiliated with al-Qaeda FSA operating in Damascus attempted an assassination against a Syrian professor leaving her with her both legs amputated from above her knees,  Syrian professor Dr. Seham Dannoun escaped miraculously from a bomb planted under her car in the Syrian capital while heading to work in Damascus University:

John McCain Barbarian Friends Target Scientist in Damascus

You can see him here in Libya after slaughtering thousands of the once thriving African country and killing its leader Gaddafi, who once trusted John McCain and his regime.

Senator John McCain (‘Q’) – Al-Qaeda Representative in US. Senate, illegally in Libya with ‘protesters.’

His crimes spanned from Libya to Egypt to Syria to Ukraine, to Iraq, to Yemen, to Sudan, to Vietnam… Wherever the US committed a war crime he was voting for it and physically contributing in it.

More of his crimes we mentioned here:

Foreign Terror Sponsor McCain Illegally in Syria, Again

Watch this to the end:

McCain’s brain tumor should be nominated for the next Nobel Peace Prize:

May he rot in the deepest dungeon of hells and get the torture for each scream by an innocent woman who lost her loved ones in front of her, who was raped, who was burned, who was maimed, who were enslaved, in each country this psychopath serial killer contributed in destroying.

Cursed whoever sends his condolences to this criminal and his family and his friends.

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  1. miri

    US msm imposes extensive mourning on its populace when a politician dies. His death may force the plot of chemical weapons hoax in Idlib to be postponed till post interment .


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