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SyriaNews Calls on UN, France, to Seize AFP Assets


SyriaNews calls upon the United Nations and France to seize the assets of AFP, immediately. Founded in 1835, Agence France-Presse, the world’s third largest news service, continues to function as press liaison for various al-Qaeda factions in Syria, in addition to ignoring all breaches of International Law especially those committed by France, the US, UK, and Turkey.

AFP does not even feign pretense of neutral reporting; instead, it prefers to flaunt Geneva Treaties, Nuremberg Principle VI, French penal codes, and UN resolutions and sanctions.


France’s domestic Anti-Terrorism Acts demand asset-freezing of those supporting terrorists.

How do AFP journalists remain safe while embedded with al-Qaeda terrorists? They have an uncanny 100% survival rate in passing through terrorist-controlled checkpoints and taking photos in armed training camps.  Recent photographs were taken in the al Zawiyah mountain region of Idlib governate, where terrorists who are on everybody’s Terrorist List were engaged in ‘mock’ battles against the Syrian Arab Army, committed to Dr. Assad’s promise to liberate every inch of Syria from the world’s human garbage.

Vehicle: “The Elite of So Zawiha Mountain.”


Great f-stop & shutter speed by AFP’s photographer.


Pas ‘Je Suis Charlie.’ Pas ‘Je Suis Paris.’ In Syria, armed savages are considered ‘moderate opposition’ by AFP.

How very strange that France has forgotten how excited it was to have helped pass UNSCR 2253 (2015), which expanded “the listing criteria to include individuals and entities supporting [ISIS, ISIL, Da’esh, alQaeda et al.],” and now has a blind eye to the Agence France-Presse’s extraordinary support of these gangs of armed terrorists.

afp, france
France “welcomes” but does not enforce; why not?

Omar Haj Kadous is the AFP photographer embedded with these alQaeda terrorists in training. He remains safe as he moves freely among them, and freely among their primary benefactor, Turkey. Turkey is the NATO country which has done the most in facilitating the dumping of the world’s “human garbage,” “beasts with two legs” — including reporters from CNN, BBC, Senate scum such as John McCain — into the Syrian Arab Republic. Most of these hundreds of thousands of savages have come through the Turkish-Syrian border, not one stepping on any of the almost 200,000 land mines that Turkey promised to remove way back in 2004. Erdogan named his overt war crimes “Operation Euphrates Shield.”

AFP photographer’s photo of illegal Turkish ‘military observation’ camp. Turkey’s invasion & occupation of any part of Syria is a breach of International Law.

France pretty much tossed its Constitution, holding its citizens in a state of emergency for more than 700 days (renewed six times by two presidents), before passing a law to give it permanence for protection against terrorism via ‘extensive powers to raid, detain, and question terrorism suspects, making special provisions permanent’).  Yet, its AFP shamelessly calls armed terrorists “rebels,” and suggests they are merely engaged in some Orwellian self-defense. Just reverse the countries; put these savages into France, let RT take photos of them, call them ‘moderate opposition,’ and watch the western world howl.


On 2 August, AFP ran a pro-terrorist report complaining that Syria ‘had its eye’ on Idlib, which is as much a part of Syria as Paris is a part of France, while announcing the merging of yet another gang of takfiri monsters, calling itself “The National Liberation Front.” There was no explanation of what this gang of mostly foreign terrorists wishes liberation. It noted that Hay’at Tahrir al Sham did not merge, but it lied that HTS is a “former alQaeda affiliate.” While announcing that FSA offshoot, al Zinki, has also merged, it neglected to mention that these malignant sociopaths were the killers who kidnapped 12 year old Abdullah Issa from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, in front of a video camera. The AFP story calls war criminal Erdogan’s Turkey “rebel backer,” and laments the fact that Lattakia, Syria, supports itself against foreign, armed, savages.

On 21 August, terrorist-supporting AFP ran a wailing and teeth-gnashing post, nearly hysterical over the various factions of savages fighting each other. Its headline and sub-heading should receive an award for Most Orwellian Propaganda:

Killings and abductions feed frustration in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib…Growing instability could affect the popularity of rebel groups and pave the way for regime intervention.

Boo-hoo, “Car bombings, roadside explosives and gunfire have targeted and killed more than 200” savages (oh, and by the way, some civilians have been killed too). While pulling its hair out, and rending its garments, AFP blames the brutal violence on the rivalry of HTS — which it again lies is “former” alQaeda — and the newly merged ‘Liberation Front.’ As a featured image, AFP shows armed terrorists of alQaeda and calls them ”Syrian fighters” who — bien sur! — are prepping to defend themselves against the legitimate military of the legitimate government of the Syrian people.

Another filthy lying caption from AFP. HTS is Jabhat al Nusra is alQaeda against Syria.

For the fake morons of AFP, on 5 June 2018, the UN spelled it out. Headlined Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committed Amends One Entry on Its Sanctions List:  Jahbat al Nusra is alQaeda and Nusra Front, and Hayat Tahrir al Sham and several other aka’s.

HTS by each one of its names is a terrorist entity, & subject to sanctions.

By propagandizing for this terrorist gang, lying that it is not alQaeda, AFP opens itself to asset freezing, cheered by the various leaders of France.

Asset Freeze
(a) Freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic
resources of these individuals, groups, undertakings and entities, including funds
derived from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly, by them or by
persons acting on their behalf or at their direction, and ensure that neither these nor
any other funds, financial assets or economic resources are made available, directly or indirectly for such persons’ benefit, by their nationals or by persons within their
territory; [p. 5, UNSCR 2253 (2015), beloved by France]

France and the UN hyenas need to actually implement their laws, in an honest fashion, for once.

SyriaNews calls on both to implement the seizure of AFP’s assets, pursuant to this news service’s support of named terrorist entities.

— Afraa Dagher & Miri Wood


AFP should also be sued by the family of this Syrian child, this boy whose arm was torn from his body, and whose shoes were stolen. AFP knew, or should have known, that this child was brutalized for two different emotional war porn photo ops. As AFP embeds with savages, these grizzly photos were taken in Ghouta.

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.


The hyenas rip apart this boy’s body, and AFP takes emotional war pornography photo. 21 February.

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