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Idlib Terrorists Kidnapping Kids to be Slaughtered for Snuff Video

OPCW pimps for al Qaeda for perpetual war.

Idlib terrorists have been busy kidnapping civilians, kidnapping children, kidnapping as many non-terrorists as they can to commit another mass slaughter. The intention — beyond their Captagon-fueled bloodlust and criminal insanity — is what it has always been: To create snuff porn as the cover story for the war whoring leadership of US, UK, and France to criminally bomb Syria, again.

A bit of advice to the self-proclaimed independent authors who use the filthy language of Newspeak in your writing: Stop it. Stop it right now. No amount of propitiation of the paid pimps of war will get you a Pulitzer. Your groveling use of incorrect language makes you look pathetic, and certainly does nothing to bring the truth to your reading audiences.

Those who take up arms and murder civilians, law enforcement, and military in any country are terrorists. They are not “moderate opposition,” “opposition,” “militants” or “extremists.” They are mass murderers.  Terrorists have no more authority to arrest than any other criminal gang; would you dare to write that the Mafia, the Russian mob, the Colombian drug cartel has “arrested” more than one thousand young men?

Idlib terrorists may be divided into multiple factions. This is irrelevant, as they are all violent criminals, committed to the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic.

We offer two simple photographs as evidence of what should be correct language usage; one is a terrorist in London and the other a terrorist in Idlib:



Idlib governate has been occupied by armed, foreign terrorists since the early days of the crisis. Thousands of deviant criminals invaded from Chechnya, psychotic Uighurs invaded with entire families from China, malignant sociopaths invaded from Turkestan. This is not the ‘last bastion of opposition’ in Syria. It is the last bastion of psychotic lunatics controlling the civilian population. Like Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, it will soon be liberated by the SAA, and Syrians will be free of the demonic savages masquerading as human beings.

Idlib terrorists: Three generations of “genetically altered Syrians.”

Abductions of mostly young men by Idlib terrorists began a few weeks ago. These were young men accused of wanting to join the Reconciliation Process.  They were not “arrested,” they were kidnapped. Abductions have increased over the last 10 days and have expanded into villages of Aleppo governate, and into displacement camps near the border with rabid Erdogan’s Turkey. Children are being kidnapped from these camps; of one family alone, 3 children were abducted.

URGENT UPDATE: Syrian MP Fares Shehabi has tweeted photographs of four children kidnapped by Idlib White Helmets terrorists from the Zirbeh neighborhood:

Photos of 4 of the Syrian children kidnapped from Zirbeh by the Helmets.

The kidnapping of Syrians to be used for emotional war pornography and as an excuse for NATO — which has armed and funded the savages — to bomb or threaten to bomb Syria. In 2013, many of those slaughtered in Ghouta (because “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them. When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”) were identified by family members as having been kidnapped from Lattakia countryside.

Women & children who were kidnapped by terrorists, some of whom were murdered so the US would bomb Syria.

Days ago, reports emerged that the Helmets and other members of al Nusra Front were coordinating the movement of chemical materials into Idlib, almost as though taking their direction from John Bolton’s recent threats against the SAR. Bolton’s menacing words were especially malignant when remembering that his USA bombed Syria in April, because of the lies of al-Qaeda terrorists in Douma, lies that even the utterly corrupt OPCW could not corroborate. This April’s war criminal bombing was particularly arrogant, as on 2 February, “Mad Dog” Mattis stated that the US had no evidence that Syria had used any chemical weapons, anywhere. The outrageous impunity becomes even more rancid when the resolutions of the UN hyenas are factored into the morass of geopolitical sewage; consider that UNSCR 2253 (2015) calls for the seizure of assets of those same terrorists they accurately call by name, but for whom they shed crocodile tears instead of ripping out their financial guts.

The mass slaughter committed by Idlib terrorists — Helmets, Nusra — in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April 2017, was preceded by the kidnappings of 250 civilians, many children, from neighboring Majal and Khattab, the week before. It was CNN that ‘broke’ the story of the chemical hoax, using a British man who had been indicted for terrorism in England and who had his license permanently revoked, there, as its reputable source.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was the source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun


British Nusra spokesman Shajul Islam had his medical license permanently revoked.

As chilling as the thought of Idlib terrorists transporting chlorine materials is, this author thinks the choice of chlorine is another cover story, a new round of those imaginary chlorinated barrel bomb creations, tossed from helicopters hither and yon.

The massacre coordinated against Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April 2017 by the Idlib terrorists did not involve chemical weapons. The Syrian victims — mostly children, according to the original video provided by the White Helmets — showed evidence of murder by an unknown poison. The first news of this poison was presented via the internet, from Turkey, using a rabbit in the fatal experiment. The spokesman-killer threatened mass murder by dumping it into the Alsinn spring, which is the main source of water for Lattakia. He proudly stated that it “can be packed inside rocket heads” (this was the second threat to commit mass slaughter of Syrians; the first demonstration used VX. The UN refused to investigate either threat.). The grizzly video can be seen in the report, “True History of FSA Chemical Weapons Threats against Syria.”

The original Khan Sheikhoun cobbled video showed children being brutalized, no emergency health services are given to anyone, and babies and young children taking their dying, agonal breaths in the same ghastly way the rabbit gasped. When this author analyzed the video, with multiple screenshots, challenging its fraudulence and its heinous deviance, the White Helmets and their SAMS cohorts decided it was better stuffed into the Orwellian memory shredder, to prevent comparison (the original had the Nusra Helmets logo on it).

Death squads al Qaeda aka minions of Iblis White Helmets masked and unmasked, all without skin protection

A shortened version of the Helmets horror snuff video is included in the “Minions of Iblis” report, along with several screengrabs. Note that in the terrorists’ video in Douma that they show brutalization of motherless children in the fraudulent emergency setting, but do not show their victims dying. Instead, they show stills of the slaughtered, corpses looking as though they were trash tossed into a trash heap.

Testing credibility or flaunting sadism & mass murder?

The civilians and children recently mass-kidnapped by the Idlib terrorists to be used as heinous snuff pornography may have a stay of execution, owing to the death of one of America’s leading, unindicted war criminals, John McCain. Warmongering media imposes extended periods of mourning on the US population upon the death of any famous politician. Such mythical mourning prohibits all intrusions, including those of a massacre staged for the purpose of the bombing.

Perhaps this fortuitous national bereavement will give the Syrian Arab Army the time it needs to liberate Idlib, and to free the abductees slated for mass slaughter at the alter of perpetual war.

Miri Wood , RNc

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Several screengrabs from Idlib terrorists original video are analyzed in this report, under the section “The Marketing of Professional Photos to Pimp War.”

Others are shared in the “Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets” including the ridiculous and dramatic fake bagging and the defiance of gravity:

Smothering and lung crushing unnoticed by deep state MSM because the death squad Helmets are humanitarians!


Godly White Helmets can even reverse gravity.

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