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Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets

white helmets terror al-qaeda

As the Hollywood fifth column persists in acting as the Pentagon and State Department’s public relations bureau, glorifying terrorists against Syria, yet another fraudumentary supporting the death squad Helmets has been nominated for an Oscar.  Previous hoaxes have all won awards, but they were mini-frauds.  The current nominee, The Last Men in Aleppo, is a full length feature.  It is suitable for a voyeuristic audience stuck in arrested development of comic book heroes.  Its title — perhaps subconsciously — erases women (invisible under terrorist occupation, as they are literally caged, tortured, imprisoned, or used as sex slaves), and obliterates the existence of men in the post liberated city.

This author remains enraged at the arrogance of the backers of phony first responders.  Despite the tens of millions in funding from the US, UK, and other EU countries, omitted from the expensive choreography, are the foundations of emergency care:  Stethoscope, spinal precautions and related orthotics, and CPR.  It is an abomination that only one organization of actual health care providers has raised its voice in condemnation of these malignant fakes — an abomination worsened when the legitimate organization was intentionally sabotaged by a tenuous ‘progressive veterans’ website (filled with lies and mis-quotes).

SyriaNews has previously, massively documented the atrocities of the CIA and MI-6 armed and funded death squad Helmets, we shall offer a photographic tutorial.  Many are from the White Helmets/al Nusra snuff video of 4 April 2017, taken in Khan Sheikhoun. Despite Nusra being on the US terrorist list, and considered a terrorist organization by the UN and most European countries, Nusra’s word was made gospel by the war pimping, deep state msm.

This is fraudumentarian Fayyad, sporting his $200 coif.  He claims to have been incarcerated and double-tortured (no end to the bathos),  despite showing no signs of damage, such as a limp, a mangled arm, some post-double-torture permanent disfigurement.  He has stated that the organ trading death squad Helmets made him “believe in humanity.”  Apparently the savages also make him believe in the neo-McCarthy witch hunts (or, preemptive sour grapes).

In December, this reporter from The Guardian launched the ‘Save Idlib Terrorists!’ campaign.

Last year, Raed al Saleh, cell phone salesman cum fake first responder without a stethoscope, was listed in Time‘s most influential people (perhaps the Luces’ penchant for LSD is permanently mandated for its publishers?).

white helmets
Founder of the death squad Helmets is actually British knight and mercenary, James Le Mesurier.

The point man for the Khan Sheikhoun GB hoax was a British illegal, previously indicted on terrorism charges, and whose medical license was permanently revoked.  These facts were omitted by the msm that continues to cheer the Nusra death squads as humanitarians.

death-squad-white helmets
Brit terrorist, illegal, undoctor headed into his man cave fake hospital, calls the Helmets “brave.”
death-squad-white helmets
Despite draconian sanctions, this illegal, not doctor is allowed to raise money thru a Brit charity under investigation by the UK.

Here, the death squad Helmets stand on the corpses of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, whom they murdered, and whose boots they stole.  This is what the monsters of Congress support when they hashtag Save Daraa.

death-squad-white helmets
White Helmets murder Syrian soldiers. Western msm attacks independent journalists who report this.

This clip was prominently featured by international media.  From Khan Sheikhoun, in a stolen home used as a fake hospital, some idiot is faking bagging a half-naked child.  One does not smother with a hand, the face of a patient in respiratory distress, nor does one bag a patient in the position where gravity forces one lung to lean on another.

idlib-terrorists white helmets
Smothering and lung crushing unnoticed by deep state msm because the death squad Helmets are humanitarians!

Again, the fact of gravity is ignored, in this White Helmets clip in Khan Sheikhoun.  Real froth could not defy the gravity thing.

idlib-terrorists white helmets
Godly White Helmets can even reverse gravity.

Inside the home stolen by the al Nusra White Helmets is a fake emergency room, showing fake drama, complete with useless paper surgical masks, and zero stethoscopes.

white helmets chemical false flag attack
Impunity of the fraudulent White Helmets & msm sponsors: GB is both pneumonic and transdemal.
death-squad-white helmets chemical false flag attack
White Helmets were stripping children almost naked, on 4 April. Cover story was to hose them down to wash off the unGB. This child is dry.

This picture/scene from the alleged chemical attack in Syria yesterday was clearly set up and deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn. A psy-op served to the public in order to whitewash and promote al Qaeda or the genocidal war on Syria via al Qaeda proxy.

white-helmets terror chemical attack false flag
Criminal snuff porn, courtesy of the White Helmets.
Baby being brutally handled by the fraud responders, the death squad Helmets.
Child brutality, not emergency health care.

The girl, above, was tossed into a van with a half-naked boy.


Another child terrified by the White Helmets fraud responders.
Another child terrified by the White Helmets fraud responders.
More deviant violence: White Helmets men watch as child stripped of her clothes nearly gets her arm broken.

Compare the manhandling of children by the humanitarian death squad Helmets, to the sweetness of Shahd, a little girl treated for wounds when the friends of the Helmets blew up buses in al Rashidin.

death-squad-white helmets- rashdin
Shahd’s balloons are an important part of her medical care. Her doctors and nurses fixed her wounds and made her laugh with balloons just for her.

The White Helmets were not all on the same page, though.  Though GB is transdermal and pneumonic, it is not a blistering agent.  Perhaps this half-naked boy missed the casting call for the BBC’s  zombie apocalypse show.

death-squad-white helmets
GB is not a blistering agent.

This part of the video clip is also misplaced — though it always is fascinating to see those reputedly to have been pulled from the rubble of buildings, able to immediately walk independently.

white helmets terrorists for al-Qaed
Not a speck of gray dust on the immaculately clean white shirt.

The original video of the ghastly carnage in Khan Sheikhoun, on 4 April, was taken by, and uploaded, by the White Helmets.  It is possible that SAMS demanded its removal, as it showed brutality, torture of children, and death. GB was the hoax.  There was no chlorine, no mustard gas.  The agonizing deaths shown in the death squad Helmets video pointed to the fast acting poison, dubbed Sunnah2 by terrorists in a makeshift lab in Erdoganstan.  That poison was demonstrated on a rabbit, 21 December 2012, and the FSA savages threatened to unleash it against the Syrian people.  On 4 April 2017, they did.

death-squad-white helmets
21 December 2012: FSA terrorist demonstrated the ugly efficiency of a new poison and threatened to use it to murder Syrians in Latakia with it.
Cute rabbit taking its last, agonal breaths
Rabbit forced to ingest poisoned water.
No comfort measures were given to this poisoned child, to ameliorate his painful last breaths.
It’s hard to imagine that any politician could watch the heinous snuff video of the White Helmets in Nusra occupied Idlib, and truly believe the terrorists.

It is even harder to believe that the great drainer of swamps, President Donald J. Trump, followed fake news! CNN, followed the lies of an illegal in Syria, to bomb Syrian Arab Army soldiers — and nobody noticed.  Few also noticed “Mad Dog” Mattis’ recent acknowledgment that there was no evidence of chemical weapons use in Khan Sheikhoun.

The week before the horrors committed against mostly Syrian children, in Khan Sheikhoun, 250 civilians had been kidnapped from the nearby villages of Majal and Khattab.

On 9 February, journalist Vanessa Beeley, who has done ground-breaking investigative work on the White Helmets, uploaded a video to YouTube.  Syrian children have been herded into a van.  One girl sits inside, already painted in gray dust, with fake blood splashed about.  A boy gets out of the van and is forced back in.  A woman screams for her child.

Have these children been kidnapped, to be made into corpses by the White Helmets’ next snuff movie?

Will these savages receive the Oscar, for their slaughter?

Miri Wood, RNc

death-squad-white helmets
State Dept and Saudi terrorist on Treasury’s SDN hit list, Muhaysini both cheer the Helmets as “heroes.”

It appears that Gurgle is also censoring the website, Clarity of Signal in its search engine (which it has done to SyriaNews).  It contains massive photographic evidence of the weaponized death squad Helmets.

UPDATE 4 March:  Inside an FX studio of the death squad helmets:

Photos have emerged showing the savages making up Syrian children to appear as if dug from the rubble, some painted with fake blood.  At this time, it is unknown whether this studio is in Nusra occupied Idlib or Nusra occupied Eastern Ghouta.  What should be obvious to every thinking mind is that these children are captives of the White Helmets.  No sane mother would allow her child to be emotionally abused in this manner, unless her child’s very life were threatened.

death-squad white helmets
Abducted Syrian mothers forced to into the death squad helmets make-up studio.

Notice the lack of adult civilian men in these photographs.  Have they been slaughtered, as they were in Latakia countryside, 2013, after which women and children were made captives?  Fifty-eight of the abductees were released in February 2017 in exchange for incarcerated terrorists.

death-squad-white helmets
Kidnapped Syrian teenager stripped half-naked to have fake blood & fake dust applied to his body. This abuse borders on the sexual.

This abused child is a girl. For some unknown reason, the fiendish make-up artists almost always tease girls’ hair into matted messes, before applying the rubble-gray dust.

death-squad-white helmets
Matting & painting gray are not enough; the deviant White Helmets have pulled this child’s blouse below her shoulders.

Note the Syrian boys in this disgusting photograph.  The boy in the chair is slumped.  The adolescent boy has been humiliated; he is trying to hide his forced, partial nudity.  Note also the mannequin limbs that have been painted with blood by the death squad helmets (hopefully, these fake extremities mean one less child murdered by these savages, for their snuff pornography).

death-squad-white helmets
The death squad helmets strip children half naked to paint them & give them to warmongering msm.


death-squad-white helmets
Make-up & mannequin extremities in the White Helmets FX studio.

How are these gargantuan boulders of evidence consistently missed by all the msm?  The only possible answer is that the msm are part of the horrific conspiracy to try to disintegrate the Syrian Arab Republic.  Scum, vermin, wire services AP and Reuters now only use photographs provided from these death squads, these degenerates who abuse — and murder — Syrian children.

On Wednesday 28 February, Ambassador al Ja’afari addressed the UNSC, condemning this organization for supporting terrorists.  Almost immediately, the CIA, the death squad Helmets, and the UN itself, confirmed his statement. 

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  1. miri

    The response to free viewings would be comical, were mass murder not involved. Handful showed up in Idlib. Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance [sic] had free showing 12/Feb. Got 1 ‘like’ and 1 ‘rt’ on Twitter.

  2. Greg Casey

    It is simply beyond belief that this does not get taken-up by some or any part of MSM ……. then again, the entire coverage of the War inside of Syria since 2011 has beggared my belief in MSM. Thanks for Posting and please, please, continue Mary!!!

  3. miri

    MSM is deep state, the new name for the Military Industrial Complex. Surprisingly, these criminal liars have not put a tin foil cap on Republican President & Five Star General, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    Thank you, Greg, for your support.


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