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Syrian Woman on Torture under NATO Rebels in Aleppo

image-Syrian Woman Tortured by FSA Moderate Rebels in Eastern Aleppo

by Afraa Dagher

The western media always tries to discriminate FSA from ISIS, calling the first “moderates” as if they were any different than “ISIS” in terms of degrading secular Syria into a theocratic state, using all forms of barbarism and atrocities.  The video below is of a woman who survived life in FSA-controlled eastern neighborhood of Aleppo, telling her personal story, after her neighborhood was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.  It should convince its viewers that FSA “jihadists” are the same, and even worse, than those horrific acts of “ISIS.”

The life under the so-called moderate rebels in the eastern neighborhoods occupied by NATO armed and funded savages was not one of freedom, despite reports from CNN and others.  These were the monsters that UN Spec Stefan de Mistura wanted my country to grant autonomy to, after he ostentatiously offered himself as human shield for terrorists to “…leave in dignity with your weapons…I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.”

NATO msm cheered UN Spec de Mistura’s offer, but was mute when he was a no-show

His offer was shared throughout western msm, msm that was mute when he did not show up during the humanitarian pause offered by Syria, when his dignified terrorists where murdering everyone who tried to get on the Green buses, to leave.  de Mistura only returned, months later, with the demand for ‘autonomy.’

The voice of the woman in the video is full of pain.  She is brave to have recorded this testament of her bearing witness, of her own torture.  She is fully covered, until the very end, when she removes her gloves.  Then we see that her fingers have all been broken, and her bones were not reset.  She talks about the ‘rebels’ threw Syrians from the tops of buildings, how they stoned women to death, beat them with belts.

They burnt her chest with cigarettes.  They scalded her neck.

They put men who smoked into holes, and beheaded them.

They imposed al sharia on us.  They were starving us, and if one stole a loaf of bread to eat, his hand was cut off.  For women, we were not allowed to marry from our own men, from our own people, our own choices.  We were told we had to marry them.  They said it is not allowed to let women to marry those who are pro-government, because they let women put on make up and work, and let women outside without covering faces.  And this is taboo!  Such women should be beheaded.  And what kind of marriage to such terrorists would this be?  It is just to please the man for one hour.  They he will leave and send you to ‘sex jihad’!  This happened to my friends.  And they took our kids to join them, too.  It has been two years I have not seen my son. They stole him.  alNusra Front did that.  Women who refused to obey them were tortured…beheaded and put into cars carrying their severed heads, driving around the city as lessons to other women.

They starved us and stole our homes and stole everything in our homes.

They killed my husband.  They took his body to Turkey and later sent his dead body back to me, without his organs.  I saw how they stitched up his body.

Everything is taboo and forbidden.  I was burnt by a gas tank, but no doctor would treat me.  Science is taboo.  I ran into a doctor I know and asked for help, but he refused to treat me, saying under the new rules it is taboo to see a woman’s body. 

After my mother and I were released from prison, I asked to be taken to a hospital in Turkey, but they refused.

I am 21 years old.  Look at my hands.  I was refused medical treatment. I lost my looks.  Who would marry me now?

Note the mainstream media non-stop talking about Russian and Syrian strikes against hospitals in eastern Aleppo!  Damn, which hospital is this, with such ‘sharia’?  No hospitals.  No healthcare.  No schools, either.  The terrorists dictated that it was forbidden for children to join schools…all of such facilities were turned into centers for these terrorists and their weapons.

image-Bashar Jaafari on terrorists torturing women in Syria
“Terrorists raped women, forced them to marry mercenaries brought into Syria by Intelligence agencies including Canada”~ Bashar Jaafari
No children in this ‘rebel’ classroom; just mortars from NATO countries
Another classroom. NATO terrorists blew out the wall, to make sniping more efficient

Note the “AMC” logo of this photograph.  These NATO-funded terrorists who turned children’s schoolyards into weapons barracks — filled with surface to surface, and surface to air missiles — have been invited to be lauded in Paris, by fraud socialist politicians, and to Capitol Hill, lauded by war criminals.

As Aleppo was on the verge of liberation by the Syrian Arab Army, western MSM and warmongering ‘alternative’ media were spewing lies that Syrian women were committing suicide.  The reality was that moderate terrorist men had requested an Islam-hating Wahhabi ‘cleric’ to allow them to engage in femicide, and other family annihilation.

Takfiri ‘fatwa’ for femicide

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  1. miri

    Throughout the millennia, Syria has always nurtured the rights of women as full, productive members of its civilization and society.

    The Syrian Arab Republic granted women’s suffrage in 1953, a mere 7 years after liberating itself from French Mandate occupation. Compare this to the United States, which freed itself from English tyranny in 1776, and yet did not give women the right to vote, for another 144 years, in 1920.

    Syria’s vice president, since 2006, is Najah al Attar. The Syrian vice presidency is appointed by the president, and holds similar responsibilities as that of the US. Should the Syrian president become incapacitated, its vice president assumes the presidency

    Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban is senior advisor to Syria’s president, Dr. Bashar al Assad. Born in Homs, 1953, this former professor of poetry at Damascus University, holds a PhD in English literature.


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