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Syria: de Mistura’s Wasted Dream for Terrorist Run Aleppo

by Afraa Dagher

In September our beloved President Assad drove to Companion Saed Bin Mo’az mosque in newly liberated Daraya to perform prayers of the blessed Eid al Adha.  After prayer, he fearlessly walked through open streets and gave an interview.  He promised to restore security and safety to all of Syria.  In June our president spoke before the People’s Assembly, and he promised “we are going to liberate each and every inch of Syria from their [terrorists’] hands.”

Both times the colonial west was angered.  How dare our president make such announcements!  How dare our president make such announcements about our country!

Syrian President al Assad was elected 3 June 2014. Per the Syrian Constitution, his term expires in 2021. The west, including UK that does not have a constitution, does not recognize the election, or the Constitution.

Our president keeps his promise.  Now our army has entered Hanano Housing (Masaken Hanano) and al Sakhour suburb.  This is a great achievement as these were complicated strongholds of NATO-backed terrorists.  When the US coalition illegally bombs our country, it slaughters our civilians and our soldiers and our infrastructure.  Last year, our Ambassador al Ja’afari tried to explain to MSNBC that terrorists hold civilians hostage, that our army takes great care not to injure our people.  He used the example of al Raqqa that the US bombs without concern.  This city has 800,000 people and 3,000 terrorists keep them hostage.

We mentioned these important problems in our article about the al Fourqan school massacre that martyred 10 children of primary school.

The Syrian Arab Army is advancing from one important site to another in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo like Masaken Hanono and al Sakhour suburb, al Haydreih, Scientific Research Housings, etc. and the western backed terrorists are losing the battles.

The Syrian Arab Army, liberators of all of Syria, besieged by NATO and GCC.

Syrian Arab Army helped evacuated thousands of residents to flee from the eastern areas of Aleppo, in safety. Three hundred kids were among them.

What those in the mainstream media don’t want you to see. Watch how The residents of eastern Aleppo, which is under western backed “moderate” terrorists who prevented civilians from fleeing to west of Aleppo, are sneaking by night to the west of Aleppo by the help of our great soldiers, our protectors, the SAA. This video posted yesterday. Watch ~

What could we say now, to Mr Stefan de Mistura,  the UN Spec Envoy to Syria?  He has lied about Syria using chemical weapons, even after the OPCW-UN reports that all of Syria’s CWs were collected.  In 2014, de Mistura came to Damascus four times to try to convince President al Assad to support the balkanization of our country.  He even suggested piecemeal freeze zones as if small bits carved from our country would be more digestible.

In early October, he lied about using his body as a “human shield” for terrorists:

If you decide to leave in dignity with your weapons, to Idlib [which became a state of terrorists by the full will of the west] or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.  I can’t guarantee more than my own personality and body.

How ugly of him to speak of terrorist weapons and dignity in the same sentence!  But worse was that when Syria gave the Cessation of Hostilities, “humanitarian pause,” he did not come to give himself “physically.”  The terrorists held civilians hostages and killed those trying to flee and murdered children on their walks from school with their sniper rifles.

Now, he has come begging or demanding to give the terrorists control over these neighborhoods they terrorize.  Our Foreign Minister Walid al Moallem told him Syria will not permit these killers autonomy anywhere.  Our army has disappointed him and thwarted this aim in creating a “self-administration” carving up in this region, turning it over to terrorists!  And it looks like our President al Assad is too busy to waste his important time to meet with this liar from the United Nations.

Our army now also controls the water pumping in Sulieman al Halbi district.  This will end the water crisis in the city which was under the western, Turkish, and GCC backed terrorist control, the terrorists who have stolen all the residential resources of food and electrical power — stolen from Syrian civilians who refuse to be blackmailed to join their wahhabi perversion of jihad.

No more primitive water accumulation for this little Syrian girl who should be playing and going to school.

Our Syrian Arab Army is liberating the north of Aleppo, which is a strong blow against Erdogan, to his Ottoman dream of annexing Aleppo into his NATO “caliphate.”   Though the coup against him was unsuccessful, he does not get to occupy our country.


In another front in the countryside of Damascus, Khan al Sheih, the terrorists there are ready to leave to Idlib.

Though the mortar and missile shelling by the moderate terrorists are continuing, our army is successfully evacuating civilians from the east to the west of Aleppo city.  Syria shall win, by the heroism and sacrificing of the SAA and the help of our allies.

Have faith.






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  1. Samua de Brito Paiva

    God bless Syria and the Midle East! I’ve been praying for Syria for 17 years. I pray for all syrians, beginning for your honored Leader, your President, Mr. Bashar al-Assad, and specially for your children. I believe that only warriors are challenged with battles, and what is being challenged are your souls, your faith, and how terrifying is this challenge: the war, the death of everybody, specially the youth…! How much suffering…Be strong, strong people, strong syrian army! Every day, I see the evil challenging people all around the world with many kind of sufferings, one’s battles, and I say to God: I believe in You! I believe in Your justice! And I love You so much! YOU are my happiness, my strenth!


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