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Terrorists in Idlib Syria: Next Stop, Europe!

by Afraa Dagher

Terrorists from Idlib, the western-backed Islamist Emirate [Wahhabi fake religious capital] plan to go to Europe, next.  Between 4000-5000 terrorists have been transported to Idlib from various sites of previous concentration, where they terrorized Syrian civilians.   They have been transported from places like Daraya, Zabadani, and Kodsaia, near Damascus.  These terrorists were using Syrians as human shields, putting them under siege, controlling their resources of food, water, and electrical power.

After every military advancement, of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and its allies, in such areas, the UN, represented by Mr Stefan de Mistura, asks for cease-fire, and to transfer those terrorists by sophisticated buses  — the now famous, air conditioned Green Buses —  to Idlib, the Syrian city and governate [ed., to better understand, New York City is in the state of New York.] which became the meeting place for international terrorists invaders, to create a huge Islamist Emirate in Syria

What to do with such terrorists, gathering in this spot?   Well , it looks a like a human-stock of terrorists, “human garbage” from around the world.  In an interview with one of those terrorists, who were leaving Daraya in Damascus to Idlib, a reporter caught one of them before he climbed up the stairs on the Green Bus to Idlib.

What are you going to do later?  Are you going to give up your weapons?  He answered: No.  In Idlib, some of us join Abu Muhammad al Golani.  al Golani is the “emir” of the terrorist gang Jabhat Fateh al Sham, the new alias for Jabhat al Nusra, al Qaeda in Syria.   al Golani (who may have been born in Syria and spent his childhood in Saudi Arabia) was listed by the US Treasury Department as a “Specially Designated National,” (SDN) aka “global terrorist” on 16 May 2013.

US-asset al Golani, as stupid as bin Laden.
“We created al Qaeda.” — Clinton, during her Sec. of State confirmation hearings.

Others will join Abdullah al Muhaysini.  al Muhaysini is a Saudi wahhabi “preacher,” of perverted anti-Islam wahhabi mentality.  He is a terrorist illegally in my country since 2013, and he dares to call himself an “immigrant.” He trains child to be terrorists; this is a war crime too.  al Muhaysini has carried out fundraising and propaganda efforts for Salafi “jihadist” factions in Syria, including Jahbat al Nusra and ISIS.  He is also SDN “global terrorist.”

Saudi terrorist Muhaysini, shown with his child soldier trainees, calls himself an ‘immigrant’ in Syria

Some of us will travel later to Turkey, then to Europe.  Many of my friends are already in Europe.  They crossed Turkey to enter Europe.

So, here we go; is Europe ready for this Arab Spring that Europe helped the US to create in my country?!

That is why when we Syrians say that our army, the Syrian Arab Army, is fighting terrorists on behalf of the world, and that we in Syria are defending not only Syrians, but the whole world, we say the facts.  We say the truth.

The terrorist interviewed getting onto the Green Bus was called “Abdullah,” and his interview was recently on al Mayadeen TV.

Terrorists in Syria have come from more than 83 countries to try to destroy us.  They are Chechen, Saudi, Qatari, Tunisian, British, Belgian, French, German, Uighurs, too, from China. They slaughter entire villages of Syrians and steal their homes. They have led the easily brainwashed traitors among us.  Together they are the head choppers, the school bombers, the liver eaters of the so-called Free Syrian Army, the monsters who blow up children and schools and hospitals.

Foreign savages cheer other foreign savages, beseech more to invade Syria.

Because Idlib wasn’t enough, and because the will of the Syrians of Aleppo, their patriotism, could not be broken, the terrorists also occupy the eastern part of Aleppo city where they terrorize the people, murder them, shoot their children by sniper fire, children walking home from school, bomb children’s schools, hold them hostage, steal their food.

Now de Mistura wants to grant them legal control of the neighborhoods they have been occupying since they did not leave during the extended humanitarian pause, but instead held civilians who did want to leave, hostage.  During that time, de Mistura did not come.  He had promised to come and offer his body as a human shield for them, to help them go to Idlib or any part they wanted to go.  He said they could leave with dignity.  How can a terrorist have dignity?  Where is dignity in cutting off the head of a 12 year old child who begs to be shot to death instead [see video, “The Truth about the #Syrianboy,” here]?

Furthermore, Turkish President Erdogan again declared that he is ready to flood Europe with refugees. Which kind of refugees?  Erdogan helped more than 250,000 terrorists illegally invade my country.  Now he commits the war crime of bombing us, and gives his war crime the name “Euphrates Shield”!  I do not say that all refugees are terrorists, but I can say that all of the refugee crisis is because of the west’s wrong policy towards my country!

I have sources which confirmed that many terrorists who arrived on these deals to Idlib have immediately gone over the border to Turkey and the CIA have personally evacuated them to USA.  This was a prediction, and now it is true.  The American citizens will be told they are just refugees, but they are in fact terrorists.  I hope that the US citizen activist groups will be watching all refugees in their midst, to determine if they are dangerous…Turkey’s President Erdogan is…threatening to open the flood gates and send all the refugees to Europe, again.  A new flood of refugees may hide many terrorists in their midst.  Turkey has been supporting the American back terrorists fighting in Syria, under CIA direction.  — a Syrian, in Syria, whose connections have previously given accurate intelligence.

The above quote should not be a surprise.  It is what Allen Dulles did, with his Rat Lines. He quietly got many Nazis out of Germany before the war ended, and “settled” them in countries of Central and South America.

And all the western main stream media lies, about fake victims as the terrorist White Helmets use to do to cover the al Nusra front crimes and make itself look like human rights group!   And to blame my government and our army, should be stopped immediately.

We defend the whole world.   We fight organized terrorist groups, who commit genocide and murder our innocent people, now, which they have been doing since 2011.  We need solidarity from people around the world to support us and to stop supporting those who murder our people.

Many of these refugees will be used as sleeper cells in Europe.  They will be activated whenever their masterminds decide to unleash them.


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