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White Helmets Beheading of Soldiers: Ugly Background

white helmets

The ugly background behind the White Helmets beheadings of Syrian soldiers in Daraa is a bit more grisly than most geopolitical atrocities.  It was launched with the impunity afforded by US President Donald J. Trump coming out on the side of terrorists against Syria. Its foundation was laid when he cheered the rabid Erdogan’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus. More concrete was poured when UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced US support for the fraudulent JIM anti-Syria propaganda.  The horrors became cemented when Trump bombed Ash Sha’irat, to make al Qaeda great again.  He flaunted the infinite war criminal exceptionalism of the American presidency by shooting down a Syrian air force jet — from an illegal US base in…Syria.  At this writing, the Syrian pilot is currently held hostage by the US foreign merc militia, HSD.  Also at this writing, dupes of US-orchestrated gang v. counter-gang are blind to the fact that the HSD is the US created foreign mercenary militia illegally in the SAR. 

Trump’s words of entente, before draining the swamp into his circulatory system.
HSD is foreign merc invaders of Syria, founded by Obama, accelerated by Trump


Censorship update, 9 August:  Despite the above warnings, Google is now threatening to censor this report from 7 July.  Who has complained to Google, and why? These horrific videos and photos were taken by takfiri terrorists, and show torture, slaughter, and mutilation of corpses of Syrian soldiers, kidnapped or massacred while defending their homeland, their people, from the terrorists the west claims to be fighting. This is what the Syrian people have endured since 2011, and Google appears to want the west not to know these ugly truths. This author cannot help but wonder if the ‘monsters of Congress‘ have called upon Google to censor reality. These documents were taken by the death squad White Helmets — beloved by Clooney and Haley, alike — and the takfiri in suits, the mostly Syria-less ”SNC,” headquartered in Turkey.  It is difficult for members of the new anti-Syria, ‘Friends of Syria’ caucus to propagandize, when those they support are cutting off the heads of slaughtered soldiers.  We must suggest that Google is part of the ‘deep state,’ loathed by the neo-lib community, and increasingly over-used by the anti-neo-lib community.

image-google censorship of
Google censorship warning puts it on the side of terrorists.

Study these ghastly videos and photographs, and imagine how you would react, were these soldiers your own.  Then ask why ‘deep state’ msm does not report these atrocities, and why Google wants to censor them into oblivion. 

Since the beginning of the foreign terrorist war imposed on Syria, the takfiri have proudly uploaded their atrocities to the internet.  It is a bad habit that the most impatient among them have been unable to break.  The 20 June heinous video of the decapitations of Syrian soldiers caused the CIA and MI6 funded death squad White Helmets to issue a tepid denunciation, though not of the beheadings  — more likely a reminder for the savages to remove helmets, tee shirts, and other WH identifying markers.  WH always has a statement excuse on hand:  They were there as a courtesy — during a reputed public execution — to immediately take the body to prepare for funeral. The mannequin freeze was just a way of letting off steam. WH has never explained not owning a stethoscope, not knowing CPR, not knowing spinal precautions, or why it supported the attempt to destroy al Fijah water spring.

White Helmets terrorist in military uniform, wearing flag of French Mandate occupation


There was actually no need for the death squads to have announced the “dismissal” of one of their ‘volunteers,’ as NATO media completely ignored the atrocity, busily involved in the gang v. counter-gang operations involving ‘rightwing’ media concern over innocent Trump falling prey to deep state machinations, and neolib media committed to the return of the McCarthy witch hunts and obsessed with rightwing concern over deep state (simply another term for what Eisenhower called the “Military Industrial Complex” in his Farewell Address), and essential outrage that overweight advisor Bannon “fat-shamed” press liaison Spicer.

NATO MSM had absolutely no interest in this hideous video of savages cutting off the heads of martyred soldiers:

The following photo is from a White Helmets/al Nusra rally in Idlib, cheering the takeover of the region by the terrorist gang still on the US terror list.  Left, in the yellow vest is takfiri Muawiya Agha Hassan.

al Qaeda White Helmets in a rally with al Qaeda Nusra, Idlib.

Hassan was fake dismissed after showing up in this heinous video of kidnapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers who were tortured and executed.

Subsequently, Hassan appeared as White Helmets photographer, in Idlib.

ugly-background white helmets
White Helmet terrorists

Hassan also managed a selfie in al Rashidin, prior to the massacre of around 130 civilians released from 3 years of captivity, exchanged for terrorists.   The slaughter was too great to be completely ignored by NATO media, so it was rearranged to be made into a propaganda attack against Syria (‘forced displacement’ fraud) and used as another bloody fundraiser by SCAMS.   CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news — introduced another terrorist sculpted into a hero, a magician who had previously been interviewed from Khan Sheikhoun and pre-liberated Aleppo.

WH terrorist Hassan in al Rashidin prior to massacre

Death squad WH did not bother to fake dismiss this minion of Iblis, the savage in the front seat of the above video, seen bashing the two kidnapped soldiers’ heads together.

ugly-background white helmets
CIA/MI6 terrorist with a white helmet.
ugly-background white helmets
Savage without his helmet

Soon, however, we can anticipate a new round of massive anti-Syria propaganda, as the WH has begun the choreography of ‘rescuing’ civilians in Daraa.  Less than one month ago, the SAA had launched a campaign to shut down al Qaeda in Daraa.


ISIS: Terrorists needed Trump’s TOWs before slaughtering Syrian soldiers
US & al-Qaeda troops both illegally in Syria

The US has been providing terrorists in Syria with tube-launched, optically tracked wire-guided missiles since April 2014.   On 17 May, the terrorist gang of Maghaweer Al-Thawra thanked US for 20 trucks — some loaded with TOWS — to be used to murder Syrian soldiers in Deir Ezzor — mere days after the SAA foiled an ISIS attack on the airport. How much more obvious does the US/ISIS collaboration need to be?

Take a look at this video, proudly uploaded by the terrorist gang Ahar Horan; consider this ugly background made possible by the US providing weapons to the savages to martyr Syrian soldiers, defending their homeland from foreign-backed human garbage.  Note the demonic, sadoerotic joy of the killers.  Note the atrocities, their stark reality, devoid of any Hollywood FX production, used to pimp war and war crimes against Syria.  Compare it to the Hollywood extravaganza when the Jordanian war criminal pilot  was shot down by the friendly fire of the boobs on the ground UAE war criminal pilot.

Oops, sorry! The ghastly video was removed, after being viewed more than 12,000 times. YouTube claimed that its violence breached fraudulent ‘standards.’  The truth is that terrorist supporters in Congress can’t hashtag #SaveDaraa when the demons they want to ‘save’ are murderers of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, truck drivers who take the soldiers’ bodies to a trash dump, where they are beheaded, like cabbages.  SyriaNews shares instead, screengrabs from the takfiri video.

Terrorist ‘fighter,’ supported by the newly created monsters of  Congress gang, proudly holds the head of a murdered Syrian soldier. Note the blood all over this white truck.  In the censored video, the left tail light was broken, as was the tail light in the white truck at the dump site.

SAA soldiers slaughtered, their corpses abused. What American would cheer seeing a US soldier so brutalized?

UPDATE:  The terrorist Ahar Horan ghastly video is found, and shown at end of this report.

Close up of brutalized, martyred Syrian soldier who defended his country from foreign-backed human garbage

Imagine if western soldiers were so massacred, brutalized, tossed onto a truck and taken to dump to have their corpses further mutilated by decapitation.

Imagine, also that this is what Congress demon Kinzinger is supporting. A previously unknown representative, he is gaining national prominence as a talking head on CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news — re-rounding the good old McCarthy witch hunts, braying over evidence-less hacking of US elections, and also disputing former SoS operative Nuland’s bragging that the US had spent $5 billion bipartisan dollars on the Nazimaidan coup against the Ukraine.

Kinzinger has done nothing to improve the standard of living in his home state, Illinois, Illinois whose per capita income of a meager $41,000 is well below the US national average of $56,000.  No matter, though, as he is a war whore, a representative who represents only the interest of the Military Industrial Complex that supports perpetual war.

Kinzinger making his bones by supporting terrorist destruction of sovereign countries.
In support of White Helmets beheaders of Syrian soldiers


In order to see — with clarity — the anti-Syria, incestuous relationships among EU countries, various terrorists gangs, and the mostly Syria-less Syrian National Coalition (later renamed) one must understand that the European Union was created by traitors of countries in this continent, traitors who brought together the international financier oligarchy, to destroy national sovereignty. Previous, independent countries have been forced to accept a common currency (the UK refused to submit to this affront), and an outsourced, collective border patrol.  Though FRONTEX — Frontières extérieures — has only been named as official border patrol for the EU, in October 2016, it was founded in 2004, went ‘live’ in ’05, and has been involved in human trafficking (with the UAE)  since at least mid-2015, when complaints arose of other criminals moving in on its boat people trafficking.

FRONTEX previously competed with Libyan smugglers, now also competing with NGO smugglers. Impressive outsource of border protection.

On 4 April, scant hours after al Nusra declared Syria used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun, Federica Mogherini dictated that the “regime” was ‘responsible for the awful chemical attack.’  It was of no concern for any NATO medium to mention that there was no time for an investigation into whether there was a ‘chemical attack,’ nor the lack of diplomacy in decreeing culpability for that which had not been shown to have happened.

Mere hours after Nusra & White Helmets announced a chemical attack, EU’s Morgherini condemned Syria

Morgherini is the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security.  The elite tend to use the word “high,” to distinguish themselves from us peons of the world.  Morgherini went a step further, after condemning the SAR — proud of her lack of evidence — by warmly receiving terrorist supporter, Anas Abdah, at the headquarters of the European Commission, on 6 April.

white-helmets Muslim Brotherhood
Syria-hater Morgherini warmly greeted terrorist sympathizer Anas Abdah at EC headquarters

At the time of this meeting, Abdah was the president of the NATO and Gulfies supported NCSROF, previously named the “Syrian National Coalition.” Abdah followed the stoner Turkmen  Khoja as hoax leader (Khoja followed al Jarba, a convicted drug dealer and suspected pimp).  The NCSROF as SNC was founded in Doha, Qatar, which is not Syria.

Though Wikipedia reports it is headquartered in Idlib, none of these NATO and Gulfie sponsored suits has been photographed amidst Jabhat al Nusra and the White Helmets. Their election hoaxes are always held in Istanbul, which is in Turkey, not in Syria, and their website reports Istanbul as headquarters.

Who funds these parasites in suits? Gulfie tyrannies, US & EU taxpayers?

The same sources which claim Abdah was born in Syria, admit — albeit in fine print — that he lived in Jordan from age 13 through 24, when he settled in the UK, eventually forming the Movement for Justice and Development in Syria.  Headquartered in London, UK (also not Syria), it was founded two years before NATO inflicted ‘Arab Spring’ on the SAR.

Why is a 50-year-old man who has spent most of his life not in Syria, to be an honored guest of the EU? Why also, was the gang of terrorists in suits, none of whom live in Syria, recognized as the sole, legitimate representatives of the Syrian people, by 30 countries and absolute monarchies?

Colonialists who funded takfiri terror against the SAR recognize the head-choppers as ‘sole & legitimate representatives’ of their victims.
white-helmets - President Assad
NATO & Gulfies do not recognize the elected Dr. Bashar al Assad as Syria’s president

One day after the Morgherini-Abdah meeting, the MEP head banned Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Ayman Soussan from attending a conference on Syria.  al Nusra and White Helmets claim of GB was the reason given, despite there being no time in which to launch any investigation.  The ban was 6 weeks before the OPCW’s first report, the fake one in which this watchdog gang admitted having sent no one to investigate Khan Sheikhoun because it is overrun by terrorists. Considering the worth of takfiri promises were demonstrated in the slaughter of 130 Syrian civilians in al Rashidin, OPCW not going to Khan Sheikhoun was an act of self-preservation, though it does not explain the hypocritical lies in its May report to the UN:  Why should it take the word of the same terrorists that it fears?

white-helmets - EU
In an impressive breach of diplomacy, the MEP banned Syria’s Deputy FM from attending a conference on Syria.
Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in the UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.

France’s new president, neolib supporter of the EU, Emmanuel Macron has also been clear on his anti-Syria stance. While campaigning before the French Association for the Paralyzed, he turned his back on the handicapped, literally, and announced his desire to create a kangaroo court to try President al Assad for the GB hoax claimed by al Nusra.

Macron turned his back to handicapped when he campaigned against Syria at the Association for the Paralyzed

On 30 May, immediately after a state meeting with Vladimir Putin, during which he accused two Russian media of behaving like “organs of influence, of propaganda and of lying propaganda” (imagine if he had lost) in the French election, Macron held a surprise meeting with suited terrorist, Riad Hijab. Hijab, hens’ teeth rare actual Syrian, was Prime Minister of the SAR, until being dumped from the position, in August 2012. This traitor then fled to Jordan, before fleeing to luxury housing in Doha, Qatar (not Syria), where he co-founded the mostly free of Syrians NCSROF. More money and a better title were found in Riyadh, Saudi occupied Arabia, where Hijab now resides and enjoys the absurd appellation of High Negotiation Committee head, a position selected for him in December 2015.

white-helmets Macron meeting traitor of Syria
After meeting with President Putin, he met with Riad Hijab, head of Saudi-based opposition to Syria

Macron stirred the hearts of the geopolitically naive — or, rather, the willful and woeful dupes — when he recently announced that Syria had the right to decide its leaders.  The dupes ignored the fine print of his colonialist red line — bien sûr — of believing the White Helmets’ GB story.  The French have never forgiven Syria for throwing out the French Mandate occupiers.  Let us not forget that Hollande was willing to breach EU sanctions, in order to fund and arm terrorists against Syria.

Hollande admits arming takfiri against Syria. Shh! Don’t tell.


The current ‘secretary-general’ of the NCSROF is Nazir Hakim.  Elected to this position by the NATO and Gulfie sponsored gaggle of suits in Istanbul, this Muslim Brotherhood member is reputed to have been born in Aleppo, 1950.  He emigrated to France when he was 26.  According to the Carnegie Middle East Center’s 2012 mini-biography, Hakim was/is “president of the European Institute for Humanity Studies in Paris, the general manager of Al-Kindi private school in Paris, the technical manager of ST Fine Electronics Company, and the current vice-president of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France.”  Being France-based of course makes him one of the sole and legitimate reps of the Syrian people, in this brave new, Orwellian world.

On 6 May, Hakim was ‘elected’ secretary general of the NCSROF.

On 19 May, Hakim was the guest of the IB Consulting gang at a conference of “academics and military experts” in Seoul.  This meeting was organized by IB, a Blackwater-type private mercenary gang.  For those suffering short-term memory deficits, during the reign of Bush/ Cheneyac, Blackwater was considered an abomination. Under Obama, war crimes were given such legitimacy by the neo-lib movement, that few demonstrators came to protest CEO Erik Prince when he was given the Philadelphia Free  Library to host a breakfast and book-signing in November 2013 (most of the activists were Vietnam veterans against war).

Prince also received free security from the PPD.
white-helmets Eric Prince Blackwater
Mercenary Blackwater founder Erik Prince — or an incredible lookalike — leaves the Phila. Main Library
Update: The other person was a ‘look-a-like;’ one of our paltry group managed to get inside Philly’s Main Library, & grab a foto of Prince before being ejected by PPD enjoying “easy overtime.”

How Hakim became an expert on non-conventional security is irrelevant; all that matters is that IB supports the NATO and Gulfies run NCSROF and that this terrorist gang should participate in all such international meetings (called to order by such private military gangs).

Adoptive Frenchman Hakim brought to Seoul for a meeting created by a new private military contractor.
IB Consultancy is located in The Netherlands

Et voila!  Less than two months after the adoptive Frenchie was wined and dined in Seoul, by an independent mercenary gang, Hakim was back in Istanbul, calling for the [further] military support for the fake first responders, the White Helmets — who, despite tens of millions from the CIA and MI6, still do not own a stethoscope, do not know CPR, do not know spinal precautions.


Update 30 August:  The Seoul-terrorists in Syria has solidified since Dutch mercenary gang IB Consultancy brought adoptive Frenchman Hakim to attend that 19 May meeting.  On 11 August, Seoul gave an Orwellian peace award to the death squads in Syria:

death squad terrorists representative brought to Seoul to receive Manhae Peace Prize
Death squad representative brought to Seoul

Seoul has also shipped gifts to the White Helmets in Syria, including this Hyundai excavator:

Seoul illegally sent White Helmets Hyundai excavator. Approximate cost $160k + shipping. Photo via @Syricide

Perhaps IB Consultancy mercs can provide them with military protection since these weapons do not suffice?

White Helmets celebrate with armed Nusra the terrorists occupation of Idlib
White Helmets member Hassan, locked and loaded
In the US, Hassan would be called a terrorist. In Syria, he is considered a humanitarian
Not enough weapons for the White Helmets

Hassan is not only an armed spokesman for the White Helmets, he is a fake key eyewitness to the various ‘chemical weapons’ hoaxes in Idlib, according to the “Violations Documentation Center in Syria” involving “chemical attacks in Idlib.”

“…exactly at 0830…”. Which western medium would consider an armed terrorist as a trusted news source?

2o June was the date that the grisly video of murdered Syrian soldiers whose heads were severed by the humanitarian White Helmets and their Nusra friends was uploaded to YouTube.

Severed head of Syrian soldier proudly held for camera by White Helmets humanitarian. Daraa

On this same date, the White Helmets affiliated NCSROF reported that a “Brigadier General,” “Mousa Zoabi” — unknown to virtually everyone — announced that the FSA was committed to a truce, now that the takfiri “have managed to repel a large scale attack…”

white-helmets sams
NATO terrorist coalition did not condemn the mass slaughter of Syrian soldiers, nor the mutilation of their corpses

Shortly before Kinzinger’s announcement of the creation of a Syria-hating caucus on Capitol Hill, the gruesome video was removed by YouTube, which censored under its double-standards breaches.

Grotesque videos are never censored when they can be used as anti-Syria propaganda.

UPDATE 21 July: The grizzly Ahar Horan video that YouTube censored in coincidental timing of Kinzinger’s new, anti-Syria caucus was preserved by Vimeo.  Increasingly, it appears that YouTube is sponsoring a PR campaign for al Qaeda terrorists. This is what the Monsters of Congress want, when they hashtag #SaveDaraa:

Refer also, to the screenshot of the fake National Coalition of Syrian.  The headline should read Now that More than 50 Syrian Arab Army soldiers have been slaughtered by NATO-backed terrorists, Zoabi supports a cessation of hostilities.  How did this gang know the death toll of Syrian soldiers defending their homeland from invading terrorists, if they were not part of the gang of takfiri who engaged in this slaughter?

This elusive, and demonic White Helmets-related video (with Beelzebub himself as likely off-screen director) was found one month after publication of Vanessa Beeley’s White Helmets Severed Heads of Syrian Arab Army  Soldiers Paraded as Trophies — Endorsed by Channel 4, was published, more than two full weeks before this article.

Yet, it was virtually invisible to this author, until now, which begs the question:  In addition to YouTube’s apparent censorship to protect al Qaeda, is social media also engaging in filtering, to segregate the true friends of Syria from each other’s investigations?

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Some background reading on the beloved White Helmets, only deployed in terrorist-controlled areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, hyperlinked:

  • 8 August 2016, UN madwoman Samantha Power held an anti-Syria propaganda event.
  • Beloved White Helmets are tied to the FSA gang that decapitated 12-year-old Abdullah Issa.
  • White Helmets tied to Qatar’s al Khanzeera, illegally in the SAR.
  • Local Syrian residents call White Helmets organ traders.
  • Beloved White Helmets:  Minions of Iblis
  • White Helmets played a key role in the atrocities of Khan Sheikhoun, with al Nusra, used as cover story for Trump to slaughter Syrian soldiers in bombing the airbase of Ash Sha’irat, 7 April.
  • So beloved are the White Helmets that immediately upon the brutal murder of Jo Cox, her husband started fundraising for them, in her memory.
  • Google Vanessa Beeley white helmets for massive, ground-breaking documentation on these death squads in Syria.

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