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Syria Remains the Standard in all Things Decent

SAA Syrian Arab Army in Palmyra Tadmor

Syria remains the standard in all things decent in humanity.  Throughout its nearly 10,000 year history of civilization, it has been the foundation of the Silk Road‘s trade and development, and an oasis for those seeking refuge from various genocides, even when under foreign occupation and draconian sanctions.  It is estimated that Syria absorbed over 100k Armenians fleeing the Ottoman genocide (one writer described Aleppo as “the mother community of the whole Armenian genocide”).  UNHCR reported in 2007 that 1.2 million Iraqis had fled to Syria (after the Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton genocide), and in 2011, UNHCR reported more than 526,000 registered Palestinians were living in Syria. 

Syrian Palmyra-Eagle with an Olive Branch in his Beak: ‘No Peace Without Power’

Some GRAPHIC  photos are included.

“Este homem merece uma estátua na lua.”
Syria remains the standard of human decency. This is the Yarmouk ‘camp,’ pre-terrorist invasion. No refugee ever lived in a tent in Syria.

As the most shameless international conspiracy against one country  — in the history of humanity — has entered its 7th year of unfathomable atrocities, there is no errant reminder that Syria remains the standard in all things decent.

Instead, the already gargantuan conspiracy grows exponentially, and with accelerated speed.  The minions of Iblis — media criminals against peace, multi-million dollar NGOs, non-profits that are making huge profits, war profiteers, state sponsors of terror — flinging their complicit, murderous lies with the impunity of murderous empire.


With the election of a French colonialist, Syria-hater Emmanuel Macron to the presidency, it is not improbable to anticipate another rapid increase:  “Blind state” France has never forgiven the Syrian Arab Republic for evacuating the French Mandate occupiers.  France closed the Syrian Embassy in early 2012.  France has been arming terrorists against Syria since the early days of the foreign-imposed crisis — despite the EU’s draconian sanctions against Syria.

French media reports Hollande sent weapons to terrorists in Syria.

French nationals are the second largest representatives of “foreign fighters” in Syria (never properly called terrorists).  Emmanuel Macron has previously called for military intervention against Syria (somehow oblivious to the knowledge that France is a member of the US-led war criminal coalition against the SAR).


As Syria remains the standard of all things decent, the French election is another bit of the Orwellian paradox in which the Islamophobic candidate was the one who did not want to slaughter Syria, a secular, 90% Muslim-majority country, while the neoliberal candidate was so salivating over destroying the SAR that he gave a war-whoring speech while addressing France’s Association for the Paralyzed.  Instead of promising to improve the lives of the spinal-injured in France, Macron — one day after Jabhat al Nusra claimed it was attacked with chemical weapons. There was no photographic or video evidence of chemical weapons — not even GB (whose original hoax was created in April 2013, in Jerusalem) — in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April, and despite the obvious time factor (no time to even pretend to launch an investigation), Marcon demanded to paraplegics and quadriplegics that Syria’s president be brought before an International Tribunal — after which he  went off on a double-standard tantrum claiming that “DAESH is the enemy” of France, while claiming Syria’s beloved President al Assad is “the enemy of the Syrian people.”

Explanation of why there was no GB evidence in Khan Sheikhoun, given by Australian Army CW instructor, in layperson’s terms GB hoax began in Jerusalem
Syria-hating Wahhabi supporters of Syria-hating Macron


Founded in Paris, France, 1971, as an interesting melding of physicians and journalists, the most accurate description of NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) came from Syria’s UN ambassador, H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, in 2016:  “…a branch of French intelligence services operating [illegally] in Syria…”.   How, exactly, MSF is “operating in Syria” is unknown.  Whomever runs MSF’s website seems to pick oscillating numbers of non-existent hospitals and medical equipment for state of the art surgical theaters, based on the roll of several dice.  SyriaNews has previously offered the Guide to Understanding How Unhospitals Cannot Be Bombed  regarding this French intelligence service masquerading as a “humanitarian” and “courageous” NGO.  Nonetheless, as MSF launched a new round of monkey dung flinging — at mesmerized audiences still choosing teams of war criminal news, still asking, “Please, Sir, may I have another?” — and fundraising, it becomes necessary to re-explain, and to add new, truthful, information — because Syria remains the standard in all things decent in humanity.  Among things more abhorrent than giving aid to cannibals and rapists, is to lie that these savages on two legs are engaged in some righteous movement (in this, Israel does a better job than the Frenchies).

On 5 April, MSF launched a lying statement in support of the fraudulent statements from terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun.  It was of no matter to MSF, that it was impossible to even attempt a legitimate investigation in less than 24 hours.  The GB hoax was born in Jerusalem, in April 2013.  It persists, despite zero evidence — admitted even by NYT’s Sanger, to CNN‘s Amanwour.

French intelligence service MSF used its fraudulent reputation to engage in criminal lies against Syria.

On 4 April, terrorists most trusted name in news, CNN, ‘broke’ a report on unchemical weapons use against this town of Idlib, run by the world’s human garbage.  CNN‘s primary source was an illegal Briton in Syria, a man once on trial for kidnappings, and a man whose medical license was revoked in the UK (without a medical license, one cannot practice medicine anywhere in the world).

Syria remains the dumping ground for the world’s human garbage.
Illegal Brit/al Nusra source had medical license revoked in his home country.
Syria remains the country that gets bombed based on the word of an illegal, a terrorist, a man with no medical license.
Swamp-draining Trump went to the rescue of al-Qaeda against Syria.
Syria remains the country that gets bombed based on the word of the illegal, undoctor embedded with Nusra, on US terrorist list. This skank Twitter blocked @MiriWood for asking why UK revoked his license.

Later ‘breaking news’ included cobbled videos from terrorist al Nusra White Helmets, none of which showed a single fake first responder in proper biochemical hazard garb, nor of suffering any ill effects from lack thereof.  So, how does MSF get to make such an important announcement, less than one day later?

Simply put, MSF lied.

MSF is another war-pimping NGO that lies for profit.  It is irrelevant if there have been among this war promoting gang, some physicians of noble character, who have, indeed, gone into war zones to give medical assistance to civilians in honest need.  As an institution, MSF is a liar. 

Arsal, Lebanon, was turned into a ‘refugee’ camp for FSA terrorists, at the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist campaign against the Syrian Arab Republic.  MSF immediately opened a clinic there, to treat wounded terrorists, to patch them up and ship them back to slaughter more Syrians.

MSF has never been allowed into Syria, and admits this in the ‘fine print’ and elsewhere in its website:

Syria remains the object of MSF’s criminal lies, despite the occasional soundbytes of truth: “…lack of agreements and authorisations…”. Anything involving MSF in Syria is illegal.

Recently, though, it has thrown a hissy fit, threatening the terrorists it claims to support in Syria, by removing whatever this secret support might be.  This French intelligence service gang’s terrorist friends have engaged in some bits of uncontrollable fratricide, and MSF is pissed off, and tweeting threats to its friends, the terrorists:

Whatever illegal support MSF is ‘giving’ to its terrorist friends in Syria, it is threatening cessation.
msf ghouta

Like the foreign-sponsored terrorist White Helmets, illegal, foreign MSF is always embedded with armed terrorists. Here, it re-tweeted its threat against the savages, who may or may not be stealing ambulances, or kidnapping sick persons.  How is it that MSF never condemned the FSA/al Zinki gang who kidnapped 12-year-old Abdullah Issa from a medical facility, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, while an IV was still attached to him?

msf french intel op mute when 12 yr old issa kidnapped from hospital

Here, foreign, illegal, French intelligence services MSF tells a partial truth:  “Medical spaces are protected under international law…”.

lying msf hasn't read geneva

Medical spaces are only protected if there is an agreement between the host country and specific health care providers. Without such an agreement, MSF and anyone else claiming to be providing health services is breaching international law, and are illegals, subject to all laws of the country it has criminally, unconstitutionally, wrongfully entered.   Again, Syria remains the country that neo-colonialists fascistly consider their stomping grounds.  MSF can bray all it wants, but anything it is doing in Syria is a breach of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

Syria remains the country in which foreign terrorists have the impunity to threaten other foreign terrorists.

Please refer to the Guide to Understanding that Unhospitals Cannot Be Bombed, for videos of three actual Syrian hospitals bombed by moderate terrorist FSA, who took videos of the devastation, and note that MSF did not condemn these war crimes.  French intelligence services also were mute when an attempt was made by moderate FSA rebels to blow up the al Assad Hospital in Latakia, 13 August 2015, nor when Tishreen University Hospital was bombed in November 2015.

Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels


Syria remains also the country against which there is no bottom to the depravity inflicted upon it, and the vicious, criminal lies flung at it.  Power was the iron lady who — in April 2015 —  claimed everyone at the secret UN meeting cried over the SCAMS fraudumentary shown by Tennari, which has never been released for public scrutiny. Power gave the UN audience again to SCAMS, to the terrorist White Helmets, and to the illegal reporter from CNN, who won awards for interviewing foreign terrorists that another CNN reporter claimed did not exist, in August 2016. It would have seemed little could be more vicious than Power’s response to the US fake accidentally bombing and killing 83 Syrian soldiers in September 2016.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri.
SCAMS rep Twitter blocked @MiriWood for asking to see the Tennari fraudumentary.

But then, along came Nikki Haley.

On 28 February, this new US ambassador to the UN did her best imitation of her predecessor in spewing fake propaganda against Syria; had she worn a red wig, should have immediately been mistaken for the war whore Power.  Haley’s attacks were based on the fraud JIM, a specific attack on Syria, based on lies of terrorists.  JIM is unprecedented in UN history.  Her depravity continues to degenerate. More vile than the scum actress daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, who cried perfect tears about the non-existent Iraqi soldiers and the fake incubator babies, more insidious than Colon Powell shamelessly holding a tiny test tube while lying about Iraq’s non-existent WMD, is Haley’s perverted holding of a partial photo of a child murdered by al Nusra terrorists, as excuse to bomb Syria.

Syria remains twice devastated: First by having its people slaughtered, then by slime such as Haley blaming Syria for the crimes of Jahbat al Nusra.

This picture/scene from the alleged chemical attack in Syria yesterday [4 April]was clearly set up and deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn. A psy-op served to the public in order to whitewash and promote al Qaeda or the genocidal war on Syria via al Qaeda proxy.  — Vladimir Suchan

white-helmets terror chemical attack false flag
Criminal snuff porn, courtesy of the White Helmets.

Historically, war criminals have never been concerned over lack of evidence for their lies, and have no difficulty ignoring facts — such as 250 Syrian civilians having been kidnapped from Majal and Khattab, the week before the fraudulent claim of a CW attack in Khan Sheikhoun.  The impunity with which the Goebbels big lie is increasingly flung at Syria is new.  On 26 April, criminal liar Haley met with the titular head of the terrorist White Helmets, a former electronics salesman, Raed Saleh.  Despite $23 million from the CIA, and millions more from the UK/EU, these CIA death squads who get Nobel nominations and standing ovations from the Hollywood elite, still, do not own a stethoscope, still do not know spinal precautions, still do not know CPR.

Lies and insults: The US closed its embassy in Syria in February 2012.

On 4 April, the very day that the al Nusra Brit illegally in Syria — the one who had been charged with terrorism, and whose license to practice medicine had been revoked — who was interviewed by CNN, UK’s The Geryon ran an extensive op-ed, calling on the world to destroy Syria.  It was claimed to have been written by Saleh, whose English language skills are nominal.  The Op-ed’s English was perfect enough to suspect it was penned by the British intelligence operative, the admitted founder of the WH, James Le Mesurier.  In June 2016, Britain’s Queen Hag knighted Le Mesurier, for his ‘work’ with the WH.  Le Mesurier also happens to be the director of the terrorist-supporting NGO, MayDay Rescue, which has an operating budget of $35,000,000 annually.

Syria remains the country in which non-Syrians are called leaders of groups reputedly Syrian — and MSM does not even flinch.


SyriaNews has twice provided extensive screenshots of cobbled videos of the western-funded terrorist gangs against the SAR. It is now time to show the marketing skills of various still photos. They are taken by professionals. Syria remains the standard by which NATO and underlings advertise emotional pornography for the purpose of selling war to the western viewing public.  These professional photographs use splashes of color, FX lighting skills, and symmetry to move their audiences into a Hollywood suspension of disbelief, and a product to purchase.

In this photo from 4 April, we are expected to believe this unattractive man with bad skin and another unibrow is magically recovering from GB exposure.  Is the white thingie on his head — with an upward point — to give him an angelic aura?  Note the symmetry of his hands, gently resting upon his chest.  Who cares that he looks like he’s wearing a pair of Playtex Living Gloves, even though he’s not cleaning the toilet?  The color yellow is a nice touch. Does that weird hand look familiar?  The next time you watch TV commercials, note the strange ergonomics of the hands, as they lead the eye to products to be purchased the next time you go to the store.

What is that ridiculous handselling?

Though this photo was taken 10 days before Good Friday, this holy day was close enough for this ghastly photograph to evoke both the Stations of the Cross and the Crucifixion.  It is meant as a juxtaposition of the revered martyr, against the evil government.  The man being carried is dead.  He was probably among those kidnapped from Majal and Khattab.  Note the strange crease in the murdered man’s shoulder; most likely it is caused by his subscapularis muscle tendon having been torn, to facilitate carrying him in this position (‘mercifully,’ post mortem, as there is no bruising. Blood does not flow in the dead).  Look at the demon who carries him. What is the purpose of the face mask which not only does not cover his face but appears to have rearview mirrors photoshopped in?  Notice, also, the side view mirror of the nearby vehicle, which appears to be on backward.


A closer look at what is supposed to be the side view mirror; it is inverted.


Is this ‘shopped rearview mirror on the useless mask some type of sadistic 5th columnist insider joke? If you blow it up, there appear to be three men in some type of uniform, with one in a ski mask, the type used in robberies.


Also from 4 April, this terrorist is alive and apparently trying out for some B list horror movie.

Bad Hollywood drama. In an uncropped version, this guy was really really excited in his big scene.  Really excited.

This photograph is from an article in which the US/UK death squads insist any reports that they are death squads are “fake news!” and the “Syrian” Civil Defense founder, that Brit founder recently knighted by the queen, is interviewed as proof.  Note the symmetry of position, and the appearance of action and also the nice new matching knee pads. The saw seems new, also, as none of the WH videos have ever shown a saw being used to dig anyone from under a pile of rubble.

Just short of a Valentine heart, which may have been just a tad too obvious, even for the willingly malleable.

This ham-fisted imagery was so huge it could not be viewed at once.  The blinding white light around this member of the CIA death squads operative could not have been more obvious were it a complete halo. For whatever reason, he is carrying a child down a flight of stairs. This is the perfect propaganda photo.  Unfortunately, it is from the alleged “independent” medium, The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald has now reduced this author’s two esteemed, paid, journalists to exactly one).  It was written by non-Syrian, feigned impartiality, and basically said that the chosen leader of Syria had to go.

Centered, symmetric, heavenly, and, action!

This one was taken one month before the fraudulent CW attack in Khan Sheikhoun, as a practice drill for a potential chemical weapons attack.  Though obviously not state of the art biochemical hazard attire, it is interesting to note the during the actual day of the fake attack, none of the WH’s were wearing anything that would protect them from GB — the fast-acting neurotoxin which is both pneumonic and transdermal.

Death squads in practice drill, one month before fake CW attack in Khan Sheikhoun.
Death squads al Qaeda aka minions of Iblis White Helmets masked and unmasked, all without skin protection

The children killed for the Ghouta snuff war porn had also been kidnapped, from several villages in Latakia countryside.  Fifty-eight of them and their kidnapped mothers were recently released after 3-1/2 years, via a civilian-incarcerated terrorist exchange organized by the Syrian government.

The perverse staging of murdered children’s corpses has improved from 2013 to 2017.  The children and adults murdered for the Khan Sheikhoun snuff porn were positioned deliberately in a deviant fashion which adhered to the golden ratio in art.

Courtesy Professor Tim Anderson, author of “The Dirty War On Syria.”

Death in the real world does not contain a set decorator who ghoulishly uses murdered corpses as movie props.

This is a dead baby’s corpse, hanging from the remains of a bus. He was one of nearly 130 Syrian civilians — mostly children and women — massacred by Qatari and Turkish run terrorists, 14 April, in al Rashidin.  Note the lack of contrasting colors.  In an uncropped, larger photo, this baby’s corpse is barely noticed.

Death without costume director.

Syria remains the only country in the world where 8 civilians murdered by two NATO mortars, is ignored by the MSM.  Note the lack of important color recognition, urgent drama seen in the professional photos taken of the terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun.  One dead woman looks as though she is taking an uncomfortable nap.  That strange stuff that looks as though it were dumped on the dead woman next to her?  That is her insides, now out, exploded by one of the mortars.  Almost out of frame is a man attending to an injured child.

Sebil Park, a Friday afternoon in Aleppo. Eight were murdered, 30 more wounded.

In May 2016, 42 women and children were murdered in al Zaara by western armed terrorists.  As this atrocity was not to be used as propaganda against Syria, there was no reason for profession photographs to have been taken, of these three women’s bodies being stepped upon by ‘freedom fighters.’

femicide -Murdered Syrian women's bodies stepped on by NATO moderate opposition members.
Murdered Syrian women’s bodies stepped on by NATO moderate opposition members.
Liters of Syrian blood shed in Damascus during the ides of March received no condemnation from the west west


Syria remains the country by which all standards of human decency must be measured.  Syria remains the country which has endured more than 7  years of unspeakable horrors of carnage, all ignored by the MSM — the same MSM that utilizes the worst Hollywood script treatments and pimps them out as war porn to ravenous and malleable audiences.  The inclined devotees have swallowed up the story of the terrorist Osama Abdul Mohsen, kicked by the Hungarian camerawoman (he subsequently received a job in Spain, and also has a playground in Italy named after him), the dusty gray boy whose meth-freak photographer is friends with child beheaders, the drowned baby’s defiled corpse, whose father was the human trafficker, and abused Bana — the story of whose emotional crucifixion is meticulously documented by  Barbara Mckenzie, on her website —  is whose tweets most likely came from the US embassy in Turkey, and whose father was a terrorist.

Bana’s terrorist daddy, locked and loaded.

In all but one, that of Bana, Syrian mothers and wives are absent, just like in Hollywood of the 60s.  This is another anomaly, when one considers that Syrian women had suffrage 7 years after the evacuation of the French Mandate occupiers, and when one considers that a Syrian woman is a chief advisor to President al Assad, a Syria woman is Vice President of her country, a Syrian woman is Speaker of the Syrian Parliament.

Syrian Vice President, Dr. Najah al Attar
Syrian Vice President, Dr. Najah al-Attar
Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to President al Assad
Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al-Abbas, Speaker of Parliament

The most recent terrorist stroked into un objet d’une grande empathie en matière de fraude, is one Abdel Hameed Alyousef (or any similar transliteration), who claims to have been in Khan Sheikhoun during the period of the GB hoax.  According to  various msm, a minimum of 16, and a maximum of 26 of his close family members were all killed by the unGB.  He, though, magically survived, when his wife and kids were stricken, and he ran to find those CIA funded paramedics (those fake paramedics who do not own a stethoscope, who do not know CPR, who do not use spinal precautions…as they are not as aesthetically appealing in marketing, as are 3 dusty men jeopardizing the spine of a dusty man reputed to have been dug out from under an entire building).  Magically, Alyousef was not affected, though he complained of the unsmell of  GB:  “…ten minutes later we could smell the odor…”.

Of course, when he returned home, alas and forsooth, all were dead — because his ridiculously maudlin Hollywood script was straight out of Poe’s How to Write a Blackwood Article, available for immediate grotesque emotional manipulation — emoticonswith the saddest words affixed — to fuse with the western sloths of voyeurism.

Some scriptwriter — genius! —  stole an old marketing idea from a chewing gum company, to potentiate his fake grief, by making what would have been one ‘dead offspring’ into twins.

Shameless, yes, but not such a stretch when one considers that malignant sociopaths do get pleasure from their perversity (evidence of which is provided below).

The bathetic, war-pimping porn of terrorist Alyousef would have gone viral, were it not for the keen eyes of several social media activists and their websites (Clarity of Signal has a phenomenal album of this terrorist, and his terrorist brother and other cohorts, titled “Father of Invention,” grief-stricken father of twins).  At this writing, only 28k results are yielded from a Google search of him and his unfortunate need to bury his entire family with his bare hands.  These reports include the usual suspects in journalistic crimes against peace.

Syria remains Orwellian standard: Killer would-be terrorist in UK/US/France. In Syria, he is ‘freedom-loving rebel.’  Terrorist dad, 2013

These are military weapons, many courtesies of US tax dollars.  They are efficient in slaughtering Syrians.  Here are a few more of terrorist Alyousef, pre-fake grief.

Deadly dad, 2013, pre-fake grief..
Terrorist Alyousef, 2014.  Imagine this weapon in NY.
Terrorist Alyousef, 2014.  Imagine this weapon in NY.

Terrorist Alyousef getting some sun while murdering Syrians — or perhaps shooting down the Russian helicopter carrying humanitarian aid 1 August 2016:

Terrorist Abdel Hameed Alyousef

Syria remains the only country in which terrorists are deified, while those fighting the human beasts are demonized. Were this gang of killers in this portrait found on a train from Brussels to Paris, Eastwood would be doing a movie about the fake Americans who took them down.

Two-legged beasts, killers of Syrians. Some are traitors, other foreigners.

Among the 7k or 8k personal members of Alyousef’s immediate family, all of whom he had to bury with his own two hands, was reputedly his also terrorist brother.

On 1 August 2016, a Russian helicopter carrying actual humanitarian aid was shot down over Idlib, the garbage dump of the world’s humanity.  In its report, the NYT’s gleefully noted that all 5 on board were killed, shared a video of terrorists dancing around the pieces of the aircraft, still aflame, and even described a Wahhabi necrophiliac as having “jumped on a body, joyfully.”

Syria remains the country in which acts of terror are legitimized by prominent media.

A pilot’s corpse was dragged about and desecrated.

This reminder of what got scant NATO MSM attention is an important prelude to the following screenshots of the Facebook page of Mohammed Alyousef, the reputedly now dead brother of deadly dad Abdul Alyousef.

Photo of Russia pilot’s corpse being desecrated. Syria remains the county in which such acts of barbarism are to be considered good, by the rest of the world.
Note the happy emoticon of Alyousef.  What human being finds joy in savagery?

Another familial perv, “Turki,” lol’ed at the photo of the partially burnt Russian woman’s ID:

Terrorist Alyousef family chuckling over murders they were a part of.

Daddy deadliest also managed to upload his squinting eyed attempt at grief photo on his ‘dead’ brother’s Facebook account, one day after the Khan Sheikhoun GB hoax:


These scum, these beasts with two legs, who murder and then jump on corpses, who laugh over dead women, these C. diff infested piles of excrement are the rancid detritus from which our western, criminal leaders pretend to take advice, as cover story for war criminal acts against the Syrian Arab Republic.

These are the deviants beyond words, the minions of Beelzebub, as their own evidence shows.

Like the despicable, illegal Brit in Syria — whose medical license was revoked by his country, Britain — who gave non-stop interviews while the GB hoax was dropping from the skies, like a poisonous manna, the demonic dad also found time — and Thuraya satellite internet — to give interviews, and to complain to the world that war criminal Donald J. Trump has not murdered enough Syrians.

Every man suffering unimaginable grief has room for interviews.

In this professionally manicured photograph, note how clean Alyousef’s hands are, despite his being forced to bury everyone with them, “bare.”  Note also that this is a very very sad picture that is not taken in action.  Were it, the man who dramatically — and improperly — holds Alyousef’s right arm, would break it at his elbow and his wrist.

Were Alyousef to be lifted from this position, his right arm would be broken at elbow and wrist.

As noted by the Moon of Alabama folk, Alyousef immediately got on the “Erdogan Express,” direct to the president of Erdoganstan, where he kissed his forehead, and then very sadly got some gastric indigestion, while his friends have to sadly hold his arms.  It is difficult to imagine a situation in which a US American attends a reported funeral, and then immediately receives an audience with Canada’s PM, Trudeau.

syria remains
Drama coaches need to instruct students to not touch their bellies. Grief is not felt in the physical stomach.

The bad acting of belly touching was previously tried by an al Khanzeera actor, in September.

No time for a re-take. Besides, even some Oscar-winning movies contain “bloopers.”

All terrorists against Syria are welcomed in Erdoganstan.  MayDay and its offshoot, White Helmets, are headquartered there.  Most of the non-Syrian, NATO fake presidents of the ‘Syrian Council’ is housed there.  Though most of the 350k terrorists who have illegally entered Syria have done so through the Turkish border, not one has stepped on any of the almost 200k land mines that Erdoganstan still has not cleaned up.  Among these hordes is US Senator John McQaeda McCain, who is a staunch opponent of illegals in the US, but has no problem being one, himself, nor of meeting with other foreign terrorists there.


McQaeda has recently tweeted Ward of Death’s new CNN report, showing a boy covering his face, as NATO evidence of the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun.  Note the beautiful, eye-catching colors of the child’s very clean sweater.  Note, also, his very expensive hair cut.

Syrian remains the country against which a beautiful sweater and expensive hair cut become forensics.

Is the pretty sweater an upgrade from Christiane Amanwour’s use of shaving cream as forensics?

credibility-white helmets
In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama

Ward’s crimes against peace report did include horrific photos of corpses defiled for stage setting, using the golden ratio of western classical art.  It did not mention the massive kidnappings of civilians from Majal and Khattab, nor the poison, “Sunnah2,” used in the fatal rabbit experiment in Turkey, uploaded to YouTube 21 December 2012.

death-squad-white helmets
21 December 2012: FSA terrorist demonstrated the ugly efficiency of a new poison and threatened to use it to murder Syrians in Latakia with it.


Syria remains, also the country against which every atrocity is ignored, and every murderous double standard is inflicted.  Massively documented are the facts that the reports of CW use came from Jahbat al Nusra terrorists, and illegals in Syria, embedded with them; are zero forensics showing any GB use; are the ignoring that these people were Syrians who were murdered for this heinous snuff news story.  Khan Sheikhoun remains the terrorist propaganda against the Syrian Arab Republic that continues to reverberate.  In addition to Ward of Death’s new lying report, a major Australian site found  a “doctor” to interview.  Quite strangely, despite all other terrorists being interviewed on 4 April, this newbie physician had to remain ‘hidden’ until safely in Erdoganstan.

syria remains
Unverified ‘physician’ magically appears for Aussie interview, 2 May.

It seems the Jabhat al Nusra terrorists of Khan Sheikhoun — and their allies — will continue to permeate the military-industrial-complex media into infinity.  Meanwhile, the terrorist attack of 15 April, in al Rashidin remains almost buried.   On that day, upwards of 130 Syrians, mostly children and women were slaughtered, yet no MSM called it terrorism.

The asymmetry of ghastly carnage. No White Helmets’ FX productions

No mention was made that the families of those massacred were holding Turkey and Qatar responsible for the horrific carnage.  No one questioned the toilet Qatar’s involvement in the devastation — not even after Qatar offered protection for any  OPCW inspectors who were willing to enter Jabhat al Nusra occupied Khan Sheikhoun (trust in al Qaeda!), to forage around for actual forensics.   Instead, CNN launched a short-lived campaign to deify another probable terrorist, via an emotional, very very sad duet of photos of him:

femicide Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted, before fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.
Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted, before fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.

Because Syria remains the country against which every type of infected dung is flung, no professional Vichy urinalist noted the very strange coincidence that this minion was interviewed from Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April, nor that he had also been interviewed from terrorist occupied Aleppo, pre-reunification (another MSM aberrance: Whilst all were in mourning over the terrorists being removed from Aleppo, there has been no follow-up by the rabid war dogs).

He’s here! He’s there! He’s everywhere! And always with great internet.
Though a terrorist of al Khanzeera, al Khanzeera feigns that Habak is “independent.”

As Syria remains the standard in all things decent, we can apply the inverse to all things indecent. 

The skank State Department issued the most anemic “condemnation” imaginable, and did not even have the decency to name the town in which the slaughter occurred — al Rashidin — braying instead of “extremists on all sides, as well as forced migration, increased displacement…”.  Terrorism is not mentioned, nor is the fact that most Syrian refugees are IDPs, forced to flee US/EU funded foreign terrorists.  State Department did not mention that the exchange that was to take place that day, was terrorists for mostly women and children held hostage by those terrorists.  In early February, a similar exchange took place, in which 58 women and children were released from 3-1/2 years of captivity.

Syria remains the country that endures vile propaganda from US State Dept.

Also intentionally un-noted by NATO MSM was that while 130 Syrian children and women were being blown up in al Rashidin, 60 busloads of 2300 takfiri and families were safely traveling to terrorist Idlib.



Syria remains the small country under attack by the international perpetual warriors, and various underling NGOs, human rites gangs, NPs, and fake independent urinalists.  Every petty mafioso is making money from the rivers of Syrian blood.  Possibly among the foulest of these moral degenerates is the SCAMS gang, which may have actually begun as a simple and decent organization of Syrian-American physicians, but who were immediately corrupted by the scent of fresh blood, and the dictates of Capitol Hill.

SCAMS was an unknown until CNN gave it an audience to promote Israel’s GB hoax — from Erdoganstan, of course — in April 2013.  Prior to that debut in propagandizing against Syria, SCAMS had not voiced concern for Syrian physicians being butchered by the FSA, as part of al Qaeda’s brain drain operation to destroy the SAR.  Go through its website, and try to find a single concern, over murdered doctors, teachers, students.

Dr. Mahmoud Tasabihji (Muslim) head of the University Hospital in Aleppo and a prominent very well known ENT specialist in Aleppo city was kidnapped 6 weeks ago from front of his house in Al Sabeel neighborhood by a group of armed FSA terrorists. Today October 12, 2012, his body was found in Castillo neighborhood in Aleppo city with a number of bullet wounds on his body and one shot was in his head.

Search — in vain — for any mourning over the FSA destruction of al Kindi University Cancer Hospital.

Note that neither SCAMS nor the UN ever released the Tennari video, used by western MSM to attack Syria.   Note also, that SCAMS — if it is in Syria — only reports from areas occupied by the terrorists.  Its website makes these admissions.  SCAMS also issued an anemic condemnation of the slaughter in al Rashidin — without using the word terrorism — so akin to that of the State Department that both statements could have been written by the same person.


Since the onset of the foreign terrorist invasion of Syria, SCAMS has become somewhat famous, is permitted to fundraise, and holds conferences in the countries from which terrorist acts are launched against the SAR.

SCAMS: Let’s make money!

SCAMS is always hiring (and also spreading like the virulent C. diff) but currently all positions in Erdoganstan have been filled.

syria remains

Very very sadly, this author was Twitter-blocked by a SCAMS representative, for the crime of asking the @scams account to please release the Tennari video.

@MiriWood Twitter blocked by SCAMS rep for requesting release of Tennari video

SCAMS may also be sharing MSF’s scriptwriter;  on 13 May, it issued a statement complaining it was under attack by the rabid dog terrorists it claims to give free care to.  This alleged gunfire was reported to have occurred in the terrorist occupied eastern al Ghouta.  al Ghouta was the town in which the bodies of murdered Syrians (among the kidnapped of the Latakia villages in summer 2013) were used for anti-Syria propaganda when terrorists used CWs given by “Prince Bandar” — without instruction on how to use them without slaughtering their own.


Verily, if such fratricide among western funded and armed terrorists persists, al Qaeda against Syria may soon need to exclusively use Israel’s state of the art medicine, for all their trauma needs.

Syria remains the standard in all things decent in humanity; every inch of it will be liberated from western run al Qaeda.


— Miri Wood, RNc

Author’s first camera received at age 6, was a hand-me-down from her grandfather.

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