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France is a Blind State -President Assad

image-Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Talking to French Reporters

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad slams France and describes it as a ‘blind state’ still speaking the old disconnected from reality language in regards with the events in Syria.

In his reply to a French reporter after receiving a French parliamentarian delegation in Damascus, president Assad stated he’s hopefully someone in the French state who would want to listen to their own delegation.

French Journo: Mr. President, you have just met a French delegation of MPs, do you think that this visit will have an influence on the French position about Syria?

President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: This is a French question, we hope that any delegation would come here is to see the truth about what’s happening in Syria during the past years, since beginning of the war 6 years ago, the problem now regarding France in particular, they (France) don’t have an embassy (in Syria), they don’t have any relation with Syria at all, it’s like a blind state; how can you forge your policy towards a certain region if you can’t see?

The importance of those delegation is they represent the eyes of the state, but that depends on the state do they want to see, or they want to keep adopting the ostrich policy and they don’t want to state the truth?

Everything in the world is changing regarding Syria on every level, the local, regional and international, but until this moment the French administration hasn’t changed its position, they still speak the old language which is disconnected from our reality.

That is why we have a hope there (would be) someone in the (French) state wants to listen to these delegations to the facts, not my opinion but the reality in Syria, so we have hope.’

Former French president Sarkozy taken by his success in killing his buddy and financier the leader of Libya Gaddafi went to the extreme in trying to take over Syria and eliminate the Syrian president. The Former French regime continued with the current one did what no sane government would do in the world and cut all intelligence relations with the Syrian intelligence after cutting the diplomatic ties with Syria, something not even a guy like George W. Bush did.

France supported, armed and financed any group that pledged to kill Syrians inside Syria, it spearheaded the diplomatics, economical and political efforts to isolate and destroy the Syrian state and still is not learning from all the terror attacks that occurred on its own land by its own terrorists it grew to use abroad, and not learning from the mad rabid Turkish president.

image-Libyan Gaddafi with Ban Ki-moon, Obama, Medvedev, Berlusconi and France Sarkozy.
Libya’s Gaddafi with Ban Ki-moon, Obama, Medvedev, Berlusconi and France Sarkozy.

Yet, Syrian intelligence sent the French ‘intelligence’ a list of terror suspects for free and without asking for anything in exchange, but the arrogant French regime decided to ignore the free Syrian gift completely and many terror attacks occurred in France and could have been avoided had the French been a little bit smart.

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  1. btr2017

    I’m not optimistic about the “leading” governments in Europe. As long as this stupid NATO exists, as long as a Merkel loves to serve the US … I hope and wish and pray, that Syria finds peace with continuing support of Russia and Iran.

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