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Booby-Trapped Houses Awaited East Aleppo Residents

image-SAA Discovers a Massive Explosives Depot in a Residents House in Bostan al-Kaser, Aleppo

SAA Sappers discovered booby-trapped houses prepared to explode with houses owners upon their return in liberated Bustan al-Qasr (Bostan Alkaser) district in Eastern Aleppo (08 January 2017).

Western and regional supported anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists not only brought death and carnage with them, but also wanted to cause more death and carnage after they were evicted from the city.

The house and the workshop nearby were loaded with tens of mortars, gas cylinders and metal rods used as launchers. Syrians use gas sold in cylinders for cooking and heating, it’s subsidized by the government and the price per cylinder would be less than 1/5th of the price of similar gas quantity in the cheapest neighboring country. Terrorists turned it into killing devices and used to launch it against residential neighborhoods mostly.

The author lost a 23 years old relative (A. S. H.) in March 2016; the young man volunteered in the SAA sappers team after he personally saw an IED (improvised explosive device) blow up and take the life of one of his friends and wanted to be able to remove death machines planted to kill more Syrians from all ages. The young guy was killed while disabling an IED planted next to a school in a village in Hama countryside when a terrorist from a very far distance remotely detonated another very advanced device planted nearby. The young martyr was the elder of his 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother, his mother is still undergoing rehab therapy and not in a good condition.

US-sponsored crimes have no limits. We all saw the US, UK, French diplomats, and their regional criers shed barrels of tears over the ‘starving’ and ‘besieged’ ‘moderate rebels’ and civilians in Eastern Aleppo before the SAA and their allies cleared it. The Western and regional ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ were all the time supplying the terrorists with all types of weapons, ammunition, food, medicine, and communication devices, as were all discovered, and the terrorists deprived the local residents of any of the essentials for living and instead committed horrific massacres and buried their victims in mass graves before they left.

We also all remember how the US and for over a year was rejecting and delaying the separation between ‘Moderate Terrorists’ and ‘Radical Terrorists’ to keep the pressure over the Syrian government to give up its right to protect its citizens and country from foreign-imposed terror and intervention.

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