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SAA Confront ISIS Terrorists Inside Deir Ezzor – Video

image- Huweiqa District - Der Ezzor City Map

Syrian Arab Army men confront and stop herds of terrorists from US created ISIS groups trying to enter the city of Der Ezzor across the Euphrates River from Huweiqa District.

The following video report by the Syrian Satellite Ikhbariya TV channel visits the SAA post and meets the brave heroes there:

The city of Der Ezzor stands firm against ISIS and other terrorist groups including the master terrorists, the US-led covert intel agencies.

There is no sane person now in the whole world who still did not realize that the US regime of Barack Obama not only pushed for the creation of new terrorist groups starting from Iraq in continuation what his predecessor George W. Bush did, but also was and still trying to use these merciless inhumane creatures to further the US agenda in our region by pushing for a ‘regime change’ in Syria and completing the chain of US satellite puppets.

Thanks to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who are holding their positions despite the non-stop daily attempts by herds of foreign anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists who wants to establish their caliphate with the top hypocrite Turkish president Erdogan as their supreme Caliph.

rabid erDOGan
‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad
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