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SANA: al Jazeera Filming Fake ‘Poisonous Substance’ Attacks


SyriaNews editor preface:  This is an important short report from the Syrian Arab News Agency, as it caused the Gulfie toilet Qatar/absolute monarchy owned al Khanzeera to throw a it and issue a condemnation.  Such denunciation from a monarchy notorious for sponsoring terror againnst the Syrian Arab Republic suggests that the debut of the staged event was forced to be postponed into the indefinite future.  al Khanzeera is illegally in Syria, and is a key part of terrorism against the country.  Please see addenda following this SANA report, for a partial list of Qatari-Khanzeera war crimes against the Syrian people. 


7 May 2017 Lattakia, SANA- The Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center announced that over the past week, specialist cameramen working for Al Jazeera Channel carried out staged filming of alleged shelling and air raids against civilians in Idleb Countryside by the Syrian Arab army using poisonous substances.

The Center was quoted by Sputnik Agency as saying in a statement “According to information from a number of sources among local residents and opposition formations … special ‘video brigades’ carried out staged filming in the past week of alleged consequences of shelling and airstrikes, including with the use of ‘poisonous substances’.”

The center added that some of the “consultants” of the brigades were “recognized by the locals as cameramen shooting news in the region for the Al Jazeera channel,” the center added.

On Thursday, a diplomatic source told Sputnik that the latest footage of a chemical weapons attack against civilians in Idleb had been filmed recently and appeared to be ordered from a European country.


This appendix is for the purpose of offering examples terrorist involvement of the Gulfie toilet surrounded by oil’s website, renamed “The Pigsty” by Libyan patriots, and being sued by some of its employees.  Analyses of the monarchy’s geopolitical alliances with NATO and its Levantine underlings Israel and Jordan, are found elsewhere in SyriaNews.

In November 2012, Qatar and Turkey funded the moderate terrorist FSA in its theft of Syrian oil machinery, including excavators, in broad daylight.

In mid-summer 2013, al Khanzeera was part of the moderate terrorists who slaughtered men of three villages in Latakia countryside, and kidnapped the women and children.  Some of the abductees were subsequently murdered, and their corpses defiled by being used as fraudulent evidence that Syria had used CWs in al Ghouta, August 2013 — for the purpose of demonizing the SAR and launching a full NATO attack against the country (that the terrorists who launched the CW attack killed many of their own, and subsequently lamented that “when Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them” was of no consequence to NATO-driven msm). We know that al Khanzeera was part of the gang who slaughtered and kidnapped because its reporters interviewed the captive women, who complimented the demons on their wonderful care.   Fifty-eight women and their children were finally freed in February, via their exchange by the government, for incarcerated terrorists.

Note the women and girls fidgeting with head scarves, which were forced upon them by their captives, to whom they were grateful, and compare their comfort in niqab, three and one-half years after being released from captivity.

In May 2015, al Khanzeera Arabic held a televised intellectual discussion on whether the Alawite minority population should be exterminated, and if all — kids included — should be tortured before being slaughtered, en masse.

In late August 2015, Qatar launched the psyops of strategic depopulation of Syria, when al Khanzeera’s offshoot, aj+ viralized the photo of drowned baby, Alan Shenu.  His young corpse was also defiled, being repositioned for the purpose of maximizing the emotional impact.

Persuading the Multitudes: The Myth of the Syrian Refugee

In September 2016, al Khanzeera attempted a report from terrorist occupied eastern Aleppo, claimed another non-existent attack upon civilians by the government.  This one was filled with empty stretches going the wrong way, impeccably clean emergency ambulances, an actor caught laughing, the standard lack of stethoscopes, and the cameo appearance by the supporter of the terrorists who cut off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa, who had been kidnapped from a hospital.

al Khanzeera is always embedded with terrorists, even when pretending its own are ‘independent journalists.’

In March it was announced that Iran had brokered a deal with Qatar, to exchange civilian captives for terrorists holding them captive.  On 4 April, freedom was to have been given to Syrians in al Fou’aa, Kafraya, Madaya, and al Zabadani, in exchange for the savages to take their green buses into Jabhat al Nusra controlled Idlib.  That Qatar made such a guarantee means it controls those terrorists.

The date of departures was postponed, when, on that date, al Nusra told CNN that Khan Sheikhoun had been attacked with [fake] chemical weapons, and the entire world believed the terrorists.

Qatar unleashed more hell onto Syria, in unleashing its terrorists on 15 April, in al Rashidin, showing its control over the savages, and the worth of its word.  While the Syrian government sent 60 green buses of terrorists — and some of their family members — safely to Idlib, Qatari terrorists stalled buses of Syrian civilians released from captivity. Under cover of ‘infighting,’ the buses were held for more than 30 hours, before it unleashed another massacre, a massive bomb that killed 130 mostly children and women.

Though NATO-run msm (and Gulfie and Levantine rabid underlings) refused to call the massacre an act of terrorism, the crimes against peace media all ran an emoticon photo of an al Khanzeera terrorist, first running while fake heroically carrying a probable corpse of a child while running (in perfect combination of ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed to perfectly capture wind-swept hair, and leg off the ground), and then in perfect collapse upon his knees, next to another child’s corpse:

This terrorist’s name is Abd Alkader Habak, and al Khanzeera pretends he is an ‘independent opposition journalist.’ The above photo is from al Araby, the “London-based” Qatari website that is a “counterweight” to the Qatar-based Qatari al Khanzeera, which admitted to being on the ground in Rashidin (miraculously, none of the terrorists were slaughtered in the terrorist bombing):

Terrorist al Khanzeera, illegally in Syria, claimed its reporter Adham bu Hassam helped to rescue children after the bombing.

On 18 July 2016, al Khanzeera interviewed Habak from Aleppo.  Such a coincidence!

Though a terrorist of al Khanzeera, al Khanzeera feigns that Habak is “independent.”

Of note, Habak was also in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April, giving interviews to the war-whoring msm, as the fake bombs were falling.  Somehow, it took un-paid, truly independent journalists to have taken notice.

He’s here! He’s there! He’s everywhere! And always with great internet.

Internet for the terrorists of al Khanzeera medium, and al Nusra, and various cousins, is always perfect, despite draconian sanctions against Syria, despite the war criminal coalition destroying Syrian infrastructure on a regular basis.  This is because the savages have use of Thuraya satellites, a gift from the UAE.  Thuraya appears to also be involved in the lucrative trafficking in human boat cargo (evidence under section “The Sea-Faring Refugees…” here.)

Qatar, last week, guaranteed the safety of OPCW inspectors, should they decide to visit Idlib, to sniff around for non-existent evidence of CWs in Khan Sheikhoun.  Considering the worth of Qatar as guarantor, as noted by the 130 martyrs massacred in al Rashidin, that toilet’s word is not worth much.  Pity the NATO media do not marvel at how this little toilet controls terrorist in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Kudos to the Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center for outting Qatar’s al Khanzeera plot for a new round of savage murders.

SyriaNews has provided ample documentation that its sources were, indeed, accurate.

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