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SAA Foils ISIS Attacks on Deir Ezzor Airport & Hama Countryside

image-SAA yrian Arab Army

The Syrian Arab Army SAA continues to battle the world’s filthiest filths the FSA factions of Al-Qaeda aka Nusra Front and ISIS in Deir Ezzor in the northeast of Syria and in Hama countryside, central west of Syria inflicting considerable losses among the terrorists ranks in personnel and in equipment.

Deir Ezzor

Northeast of Syria, continuous strikes delivered by the Syrian Arab Army to the ISIS terrorists on the Deir Ezzor axis. SAA units carried out qualitative operations against the quarters and the gatherings of the terrorist organization in the city and its countryside.

An SAA unit destroyed a tunnel in front of the ‘Offices’ area in the Sina’a (Industrial) District, the tunnel was 23 meters long, in order to cut the road off the booby-trapped vehicles sent by ISIS.

While the Deir Ezzor Airport guards unit repelled an attack by the organizations terrorists in the eastern axis inflicting losses in lives and injuries amongst them.

And in a qualitative operation, an SAA unit eliminated a terrorist group in the area of al-Mal’ha, in the vicinity of the 137 Regiment on the south-western parts of the city of Deir Ezzor.

Hama Countryside

In the central Syrian province of Hama, a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit in cooperation with the allied forces engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups from ISIS, in the Salamiyah – Ithriya axis in the Hama Eastern countryside. The clashes results in the killing of a score of the terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

SAA units in cooperation with allied forces destroyed as well 2 ISIS vehicles in the Wadi Atheeb area. Another Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit eliminated gatherings for ISIS and Nusra Front on Salamiyah – Sheikh Hilal – Ithriya Road in Hama Eastern Countryside, and in the vicinity of Zara Village, and to the west of Abbara (town) in the (Hama) southern countryside.

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