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Useful Idiots: Reactionary Leftists Propagate The Destruction of Sovereign Nations


Some day ago I came along a booth of the “Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany” (MLPD). They offered the usual stuff: banners, propaganda-material.
One poster right caught my eyes, where it said:

“Freedom for Palestine! Freedom for Kurdistan!”

By thinking about this poster’s demand, I found it to be utterly cynical.

You may ask why. Here is my main thesis:

Palestinians are victims of oppression and genocide, whilst the Kurds in Syria and Iraq in fact are separatists, insurgents, using terror and land-theft for achieving their aim of a Kurdish state on annexed land. By this, they do play in the hands of those powers who perform genocide and who oppress the Palestinians to secure the further existence of the Zionist entity.


A. The Palestinian cause

  1. The Palestinian people are crippled in their sovereign rights and in their basic human rights by the fascist entity of “Israel” that claims all the land to itself.
  2. The Palestinians owned their land, Palestine, from which they were and still are ethnically cleansed by a true HOLOCAUST committed by those who claim that the God (whom they say does not exist) gave them.
  3. The Palestinians in occupied Palestine are facing total lack of basic civil rights, they are kept literally hostage on their land once owned by them in freedom, now occupied by the Zionist entity, imposing some fascist rule upon the Palestinians.
  4. The Palestinians are also confronted with cultural extermination by the Ziofascist invaders who aim to deliberately exterminate the non-Jewish history of that land in order to install some Disneyland-like faked Jewish-only history as the only narrative – whilst the leading historian of “Israel”, Shlomo Sand, publicly admitted that

      “Jews have no historic connection to the Holy Land. It’s a myth.”


B. The Kurdish cause

  1. The Kurds are neither of Arab nor of Anatolian or Iranian origins. Their ancestors came from the great plains of Central Asia and settled to the regions where the Kurds live until today about a thousand years ago. They spread from southeast Anatolia via parts of northern Syria and northwest Iraq to Iran.
  2. The Kurds faced many discrimination and threats. Their recent situation differs, regarding to where they live.
  3. Truly, no one would deny this, in Turkey the Kurds face aggressions, defamations, effective oppression of their political representations and even war-like attacks by the Turkish army.
  4. This conflict spreads into the neighboring countries Syria and Iraq where the Turkish army illegally invaded and does perform military operations against the PKK and YPG, and whole towns of civilians with impunity.
  5. In Syria (before 2011) and Iraq (after 2003) they actually faced no discrimination.
  6. In Iraq, a Kurdish autonomy region was forcefully established by the occupying USA, bringing in their asset Barzani (who’s father had been a prominent asset of the UK, US and “Israel”) as head of president, and after the fall of Saddam Hussein and the fall of Iraq into chaos and anarchy, the Kurds were free to expand their land-grab on the oil-rich regions of northwest Iraq, which indisputably is Iraqi land that belongs to the Iraqi central state.
    For loudly claiming to ‘fight ISIS, the Kurds in Iraq are being heavily armed and supported by Germany who sent in weapons like the sophisticated anti-tank missile “MILAN” that has a radioactive head and exposes the object and place it hits to radiation. Within this context, the (combined) Kurdish and Western propaganda ‘missed’ to inform about the fact that the Kurdish terrorist group “Peshmerga” also fights against the Iraqi Army – which obviously is the ONLY legal and legitimate armed force operating legally in Iraq (together with its allied Iraqi Hezbollah and other militias), whilst the “Peshmerga” as well as all foreign mercenaries, due to the definition of the UN-Charta, are to be regarded as terrorists.
    These German “MILAN” missiles were sold to ISIS by the “Peshmerga” who are supported by German arms delivery and also military support by the German army (Bundewehr). In violation of the UN-Charta, this is a deliberately performed act of terrorism by the German government against the Iraqi state.
    One may also remind that the Kurdish autonomy region is located within the borders of the Iraq nation and Iraqi state, neither is the Kurdish autonomy region extraterritorial, nor is the leadership of the Kurdish autonomy region authorized to act as the representatives of a sovereign state – although they do so, abusing the actual weakness of the Iraqi state, crippled by war, terror and the fat gun of the US military presence at its head.
  7. In Syria, the Kurds had been fully integrated as Syrian citizens, with all rights. They are free to preserve their cultural heritage. Following the western-ignited, faked ‘uprise’ in Syria, the Kurds turned against the legitimate government, built up military capacities and fought the legal army. The Syrian Arab Arm withdrew from the Kurdish dominated regions. The Kurds organized some kind of self-governance, but not in accordance with Damascus. Of course, this can be seen as steps taken by the (Syrian) Kurds to gain ground and split it from the Syrian nation.
    The Kurdish militia “YPG” merged militarily with the western-made terrorist cell “FSA” and supported the “Al-Farouq” brigade of the FSA committing atrocities against Christian and Alawite civilians in Homs and Aleppo province. Recently they overran Christian Assyrian towns in the al-Hasaka province, killed and expelled the local population who had been living there for 20000 years, and then claimed this territory was “Kurdish”, in a blatant attempt to simply grab land (like they do in Iraq).
    The YPG – like the “Peshmerga” in Iraq – is heavily supported, guided, armed by the German Bundeswehr and the US-Army. Both countries, Germany and the USA, aim to illegally topple the legitimate Syrian government and install a puppet regime-change in Damascus. This, similar to the situation in Iraq, shows that the main western imperialistic entities use the Kurds as mercenaries in their anti-Syrian plot. The Kurds are promised to gain independence (even if Kurdish propaganda in the brainwashed west ridiculously denies this as their aim, their actions and their partners speak differently). Wasn’t it the Kurds who unilaterally declared autonomy for their artificially created ‘governing’ of “Royava”?
    There is no Syrian region of this name. It is a creation by the Kurds in order to prepare for the next steps, leading to independence – which means land-theft, ethnic cleansing, mass-murder – and the establishment of an artificial ‘state’ on illegally occupied and annexed Syrian soil.
    Doesn’t that sound familiar? If not, ask the Palestinians.
  8. We should remember that it was the US-Airforce which decisively engaged in the battle for the Syrian town of Ayn al-Arab – which
    the Kurds, as if it was theirs, name “Kobane”. This US-Airforce that generously helps the Kurds fighting against the US-creation “ISIS
    as well as against the legitimate Syrian Arab Army, is the very same air force that deliberately bombs Syrian civilians, state infrastructure and positions of the Syrian Arab Army.
  9. Hence, the YPG can not seriously claim that they were built up as a reaction of the alleged “weakness” of the Syrian state and army in order only to “defend” the Syrian territory they claim as “Kurdish”. In fact, the YPG is a Kurdish terrorist group, supported by western imperialistic nations. The YPG partially merged with other terrorist groups like the alQaeda-linked FSA, to achieve military objectives against the Syrian state and to create the means for the foundation of a Kurdish state on (annexed) Syrian soil.
  10. The obvious aim of the Kurdish leaders as well as of their supporters in Washington, Berlin and Tel Aviv is the partition of Syria, the destruction of the Syrian nation.
    One might just think for a moment whom in particular this outcome would serve most…
  11. Breaking up four nation states – Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran – illegally and forcefully give their lands to a minority that serves as foreign agents – is not only an aggression against these four sovereign nations – all members to the UN. This kind of imperialist ‘nation building’ also would bear huge potential for severe regional conflicts which themselves could easily expand to a worldwide war.

To summarize:

  • The Palestinians are facing a genocide, committed by illegal invaders who brutally expelled hundreds of thousands, grabbed their land, stole their wealths, destroyed their heritage, destroyed their regular basis of life, exploit their labor, kill their children and keep them hostage without any human rights in the biggest concentration-camp in the history of mankind.
    Fighting for the liberation of Palestine is an obligation of humanity.
  • In comparison, nothing of that kind today happens to the Kurds.
    Hence, to merge the Kurdish cause with the Palestinian cause, is a major offense and insult to the Palestinians -who infarct are the sole legitimate owners of Palestine. The Palestinians are facing extermination by the invaders, whilst the Kurds actually were invaders who claim that the indigenous majority population of the countries they now live in as minorities shall hand over their property to the invaders.
    To state that Palestinians and Kurds were facing the same situation is a complete inversion of reality, absolute bullocks and a blatant lie.
    This follows the vile aim of the Kurds to spill the propaganda that they have to be supported the same way like the Palestinians.
  • But while the Palestinians have an indisputable right to get back their own land, the Kurds are demanding the land of others. They want to steal, same like their brothers in mind, the racist Zionist did and ongoing do in Palestine. Do we still wonder why the ‘state’ of “Israel” openly supports the implementation of a Kurdish state – on foreign soil?
    Fighting for a so-called “freedom” for Kurdistan would mean fighting for the forceful partition of sovereign nations, for the violation of international law, for committing crimes like ethnic cleansing, deportation and eviction of the indigenous people.

This difference has to be made clear.

But back to my brave ‘communists’ of the German MLPD party and to their separatist agenda for other countries:
The MLPD names the region of northern Syria “Western Kurdistan” –  this is really a hilarious attempt to propagate the partition of a foreign sovereign state, a founding UN-member since 1946, for the profit of an ethnic minority – and its foreign supporters.

This is the very same kind of ‘logic’ that NATO and her regional thugs (such as the Albanian terrorists of “UCK”) used to enforce the partition of former Yugoslavia into several ‘independent’ states under NATO- EU and US-control. If you research the history of the Balkan wars of the early 1990s and the “Balkanization” (a formal term in the political sciences) of a once united and independent nation into dependent vassals of the west, depending on economical, financial and military “aid” by the caring mother NATO, then you know what kind of scenario these “communists” (I highly doubt they are) in Germany and the west aim for Syria, Iraq, Iran: willingly destroy sovereign nations, ethnic cleansing, murder, land theft for the sake of a minority that has fallen down to the level of pawns for Western imperialistic goals.

What is now the fake “state” of Kosovo, a hotbed for drug-cartels, mafia and also home of ISIS-training scams (right neighboring NATO-bases…), fully dependent on funding by Europe and international relief projects, once had been flourishing Serbian heartland. But then the Albanians, illiterate, poorly skilled, but with an excessively high birth-rate, poured into Kosovo. The Albanians, who already have a country (Albania), forcefully pushed out the Serbians from large parts of the country, destroyed hundreds of Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries which had been remaining for centuries, killed Serbian civilians and terrorized those Serbs who still refused to be deported. The force behind this ethnic cleansing and terror was the Albanian terrorist gang UCK, led by Hasim Thaci, a criminal.

The UCK was massively supported mainly b Germany, and the USA, as the UCK, same like the Kurdish separatist terrorists of “YPG” in Syria and “Peshmerga” in Iraq, are willing proxies of the western imperialistic agenda. The UCK committed war-crimes and – deja vu! – blamed all of their deeds on the Serbians and the government in Belgrade. The Albanians did not hesitate just to then denounce the obvious Serbian history of Kosovo and to demand a “state” for the Albanians (already having a state!) who have no historical roots to Kosovo at all. Albanian provocations and terror led to fierce resistance by the indigenous Serbians, supported by the Serbian Republic, which was not willing to give away her heartland.

The conflict, plotted, ignited, fueled and supported by Germany and the USA, gave NATO the welcomed “reason” to finally bomb Serbia, kill thousands of Serbian civilians, destroy Serbian state infrastructure – and invade Kosovo.

If this sounds familiar, then just regard the last 6 years of the global aggression against Syria and the ongoing US-aggression against Iraq – and connect the dots.

In February 2008, all the implemented terror finally gained victory: The Albanian-dominated parliament in Pristina (capital of Kosovo) declared  independence from Serbia. The independence immediately was affirmed by Germany, again proving my nation’s leading role in the disgraceful destruction of the once sovereign Yugoslavia.

Like Germany, the USA and all of her Western vassals affirmed Kosovo’s  independence. The destruction of Yugoslavia was completed, the Western imperialistic grip on the Balkan was secured.

Isn’t it strange? With the destruction of the sovereign Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian nations, these Western supporters of “Kurdistan” in the end do serve no-one else than that entity that was artificially implanted into the Levant by western imperialists, that is using terror, genocide and land-theft as means to gain their objectives since 1948: the state of “Israel”.

The Kurds as well as the German MLPD seem to enjoy being pawns in the game of satanic genocidal monsters…


The author, born 1964, is a german historian and political scientist.



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