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SAA Continues The War on Terror in Syria

Syrian Arab Army soldier

Seems SAA is determined to finish the terrorists existence in Barzeh suburb, northern Damascus, as fiercest clashes reported so far this evening. [Check our previous report about Barzeh: SAA Sealing Damascus Northern Gate.]

SAA units chased Nusra Front terrorists on both sides of the Damascus – Homs international highway near Harasta and the Al-Biruni University Hospital, the largest specialized public (free) hospital for treating cancer in the country, terrorists in small groups targeted travellers on the road and patients from the hospital in an attempt to force close it again.

SAA Removing Al Qaeda FSA
SAA Removing Al Qaeda FSA

In Golan Heights a group of Israeli backed Nusra Front terrorists attacks an SAA border point overlooking the noman zone and were attacked back by SAA killing and injuring a number of the attackers, whom were taken for treatment by an IDF terrorist ambulance cars.

The clashes resulted also with the injury of 2 UN observers from the UNDOF units pushing Austria to announce it’s withdrawing all its 380 citizen troops of the total 1,000 UNDOF multi-national forces. Israel acted as it’s upset while Syria is preparing for the Golan Heights liberation resistance movement.

SAA units still combing Qussayr city for IEDs, mines and remnants of terrorists or what’s left of them, many tunnels were found, large stocks of different types of weapons left by the fleeing Nusra Front fighters. Media-centers for NATO propaganda channels especially the Qatari Jazeera & the Saudi owned Arabiya channels. Weapons, cleavers, military uniforms with Farouq Brigades badges along with Nusra Front leaflets found in one of these centers along-with a number of TV sets and a number of satellite receivers. This only proves what we’ve been saying since the beginning: FSA is an umbrella name for Al-Qaeda Levant terrorists aka Nusra Front.

No need to push much in Idleb countryside, the terrorists are doing so by themselves, inner-fighting and betrayals are costing Nusra Front and other brigades all under the FSA umbrella failing in their coordinated attacks and losing mercenary terrorists in tens and sometimes in hundreds. A Turkish report by the Turkish state was issued with a contradiction story earlier today claiming that ‘a Turkish soldier was injured in clashes with a terrorist group of 500 members trying to sneak into Turkey from Syria when the group thought the Turkish forces might stop them‘!! Well, thought they might stop them? So otherwise that’s a confession they usually facilitate their movements across the borders.

Entire Aleppo’s northern, eastern and western countrysides were moving today in anticipation of an SAA full scale operations to liberate it after finishing Qussayr. But who said SAA needs to move forces all the way from Qussayr to Aleppo for this task? SAA has many bases in and around Aleppo awaiting orders to make their moves.

As you noticed earlier we don’t pay much attention to the political arena as long as the battle ground is still in action, it’s a norm in all crises and battles, but should mention that Russian minister of foreign affairs, who still tries his best to keep the diplomatic relations worldwide viable, despite the so many setbacks by his ‘colleagues in the west’, announced that Syrian minister of foreign affairs Mr. Moallem will lead Syria’s delegation to the Geneva 2 peace conference which was moved to next month July at least after Mr. Lavrov failed to reach an agreement with his ‘colleagues in the west’ on the parties supposed to attend the conference. Mr. Lavrov wants Iran to be there, the west don’t want Iran to be there. Syria vetoed the Arab League presence, so guessing on how important such a conference is comparing with the battles on the ground is kept for your analysis, especially after Mr. Putin and his wife declared their marriage has ended which means Mr. Putin will be having more time to ‘engage’ with Russia’s ‘western colleagues’.

Funny, but we should post it, in Jordan, Syria’s southern neighbor, the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs Mr. Joudeh, an anti-Syrian figure in the government of the Jordanian King which contains other officials who see Jordan’s interest more important than that of the Qatar, issued a ‘final warning to the Syrian ambassador to Jordan’ because the latter posted on his page on Facebook replying to previous reports of US deploying Patriot missiles facing Syria saying: ‘We in Syria have the best cure for those missiles, it’s called Iskandar missiles, we have a lot of it’. The Jordanian minister went crazy as the ambassador defused the propaganda the minister wanted to pump the morale of the terrorists fighting in Syria..!

Jordan hosting terrorists and smuggling them into Syria, allowing Israel air passage to target Syrian cities.
Jordan hosting terrorists and smuggling them into Syria, allowing Israel air passage to target Syrian cities.

Who fears a defense weapon except who intends to carry out an aggression?

If you seek logic in the Syrian chemical craze launched by the axis of former colonial bankrupt powers France and UK Ms. Wafaa Natour in a talk show on France 24 gives Mr. Fabius a way for what to look for, how to prove, how to react and against who:

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  1. W.J. van der Meer (@

    Sarin is an oderless and colorless liquid that has to be sprayed and leaves nearly no evidence afterwards. The OPCW inspectors have previously declared that proving the use of Sarinis is very difficult. Certainly not something for French journalists


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