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SAA Sealing Damascus’s Northern Gate

Wahhabism an offshoot of Zionism

As we mentioned in yesterday’s round-up SAA At Full Speed All Over Syria, the Syrian Arab Army is terminating the terrorists in bulk all over the country causing the confusion we witness among the western powers seeking a regime change in Syria pushing them to use all their cards at the account of exposing their old relations with terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda in its Syrian version known as Al-Qaeda Levant or Nusra Front or now Iraq & Levant Islamist State.

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army

Whatever names they think are good for their continuous fooling of the masses. So many cards are burnt already and they’re running out of the rest, Turkey might have pulled one of its final cards but wonder if they would know how to use it in their favor or against their plotting, as usual in announcing they arrested a dozen of the group they only created from Nusra Front with the Sarin gas quantity, and then they feared it goes out of their hand especially after the videos of the heinous crimes committed by this leading group of the FSA coming out in public.

The group praised by the head of the FSA itself less than 3 months ago and the head of the Qatar Coalition of Syrian oppositions criticized the USA for enlisting it in the terror lists but now after the UNSC enlisted it as an international terror group, the Turks are trying to whitewash the rest of the FSA by containing the atrocities within this group. The Turks think the public have forgotten the scene of the prominent commander of the FSA in Homs countryside carving out the heart and liver of the dead Syrian soldier and eating it on camera.

All that said, we keep you with a report by reporter Ugarit Dandash and aired on pan Arab Al-Mayadeen TV news station yesterday, we added the English subtitles for your pleasure. In part one of the report you’ll be seeing the SAA, NDF, and Syrian policemen fighting the terrorists in Barzeh district, the district the size of a city, to the north of Damascus and in part two an exclusive interview with a failed Nusra Front terrorist who was injured before he managed to blow up the third car in the infamous Mazraa bombings in Damascus earlier this year. We had to post the video to TruTube & LiveLeak and not to YouTube to avoid losing our channel there as YouTube only supports FSA videos and punishes channels that expose them.

USAians should watch out, what they’re financing now is going after them to apply anti-Islamic ‘Islamist Sharia Law’  Wahhabi doctrine. Keep in mind Wahhabism is an offshoot of Zionisms (Bankers, Elite, Bank on suffering to oppress others, Apartheid..)

Wahhabism an offshoot of Zionism
Wahhabism an offshoot of Zionism

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