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Kuwait: Charity Organisations Buy Weapons for the Free Syrian Army

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir

According to media reports from Kuwait, Two so-called charity organizations based in Kuwait have admitted that they have been financing the terrorists fighting in Syria against the secular government and all the secular people of Syria.

These Kuwaiti media outlets have published reports about these two so-callec charity organizations in their country and according to these reports, none of these two “charities” is registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and this means that all their activities in order to get money and the fundraising events were and are illegal and can be considered as a crime.

Probably the support of the armed gunmen, terrorists, jihadists and other dumb religious fanatics who are fighting within Syria can also be consered as a crime and a violation of international law, although it seems that so-called democratic governments, for example France, do not really care about such international laws, as long as they are somehow able to maintain the proxy war in Syria and to gain some benefits now and afterwards.

The Kuwaiti media outlets report that a co-founder of one of these so-called charity organizations located in Kuwait spoke on the condition of anonymity with reporters and this person told the journalists that he had never any problems with the authorities since the charity organisation started its work in Kuwait two years ago. This probably means that some of these authorities knew about the actions of this “charity organization” but received some money in order to stay silent or look away. Nobody would be surprised about such a behaviour..

This person from one of these Kuwaiti charity organization told the reporters the following:

“Even though our work is illegal, we have no problems with the government because we are a charity organization. There are other fundraising organizations as well. They regularly appear on local TV openly calling for boosting support for the Syrian opposition. Not a single one has been arrested.” (Source)

It is probably not correct that this “charity organisation” had no problem with the Kuwaiti authorities because they are a so-called charity organisation. It should be not so far-fetched to say that probably some money changed the hands and thus, they never had a problem. Beside the fact that the Kuwaiti authorities could be interested as well to support the terrorists in Syria or are just as lazy and corrupt as some other Arab governments in other states of the Middle East.

The person who spoke on the conditions of anonymity with the Kuwaiti media outlets also told the reports in this interview about the crimes of these two so-called “charity organisations” that the bulk of all the donations was and is still used to purchase weapons and probably ammunition for the terrorist organisation “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and thus, probably also for such nice guys as the radical members of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Syria.

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  1. Nassir

    Insha-Allah Those weapons KUWAIT, QUATAR & SAUIDI ARABIA are buying for the TERRORISTS


  2. brian

    i recall when palestinian aid groups in US wanted to send aid to GAZA they were charged with aiding 'terrorist' Hamas…Here we see kuwait aiding real terrorists with 'aid'

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