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Aleppo / Halab..

The foreign-backed terrorists had heavy losses yesterday. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out some successful operations in the countryside of Damascus. Primarily in the region of Adra al-Balad, al-Nabek and Saqba, which are all located in the Damascus countryside as stated.

The units of the Syrian army have inflicted heavy losses upon the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in this area on Thursday. In addition, according to a source of the Syrian military, a so-called gathering of a group of armed gunmen was successfully removed in the Syrian town of Hajira.

Some terrorist dens with weapons and ammunition inside were also destroyed in the area of Adra al-Balad. Also some terrorists were killed and removed from Syrian soil in this operation in Adra al-Balad. In the region of al-Nabek, a complete terrorist group was killed by an unit of the Syrian army. In addition, the weapons of this group and the stored arms were also destroyed by the unit of the Syrian army.

A group of armed jihadists and gunmen tried to seize the border crossing in Quneitra yesterday, but they only tried it due to the fact that an unit of the Syrian army repel this attempt by the foreign-backed terrorist group in Quneitra.

According to the Syrian state news SANA, an official source has stated that a “large number of the members of this terrorist group were killed, while other members were injured”. The rest of the religious fanatics and terrorist tried to flee towards the village of al-Qahtaniyeh, but the hunt of them by the Syrian army has already begun and thus, there is no real chance for these foreign-backed thugs and Islamists. Adieu, Obama guys!

Meanwhile, another armed group of terrorists carried out some acts of looting in the village of al-Qahtaniyeh and even attacked the Syrian residents there, but an unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) already cared about these armed thugs and fanatics. The most of these foreign-backed terrorists were killed yesterday.

According to this source from SANA, some Israeli ambulances have (again) transported some of the injured terrorists into the occupied territories, which seems to be a new proof of the close relations between the foreign-backed terrorists and al-Qaeda thugs and the Israeli regime.

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