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SAA Repels Al-Qaeda Attacks in Daraa Advances in the North

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Battles with ISIS and Nusra Front in Daraa and in the north

The Syrian Arab Army, the only force battling terrorists from all FSA branches of Moderate and non Moderate terrorists including ISIS and Nusra Front since the first days of the Syrian Crisis, have continued its fights and gained more ground against the Western and Regional sponsored terrorist organizations especially in Daraa in the south and Aleppo countryside in the north..

Report by RT details more. Commander of 5th Division in Syrian Arab Army brief included:

Al-Manshieh neighborhood in the southern city of Daraa, not far from the borders with Jordan was attacked by a large number of terrorists from Al-Qaeda Levant known as Jabhat Fateh al-Cham or Nusra Front or whatever, operating under the direct supervision of the US and its ally forces in Jordan.

US’s main concern is to keep the war of attrition by terror going on until its interests are recognized, note: US’s interests in the Arab World do not represent the interests of the US citizens, it represents the interests of those who are the real owners and controllers of the United States of America, this might help you understand: Political Zionism in the United States, Astounding Facts.

The recent attack against the SAA directly by US forces both in Ash Sha’irat Airbase and near Tanf border area have only the goal of preventing the connection between Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi Forces cleansing the vast swaths of the desert plains from ISIS, Nusra and other terrorists as long as these terrorist groups continue to work for the US, covertly and even overtly.

Dividing Syria into zones will serve the US goals in preserving its domination in the Levant and to keep its ISIS troops in control of the oil rich areas between Syria and Iraq, wherever there’s oil there’s ISIS and those sell their oil as the whole world witnessed to NATO member state Turkey, now became known as Erdoganstan. The US is now using a group of Kurds against their own states in the old divide and conquer policy even on the account of its NATO buddy Turkey.

Unfortunately, other western countries that supposed to have learned from their war crimes and bloody path also support the US in its illegal invasions and interventions in the region, like the case with Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, which instead of caring for the wellbeing of its own citizens with the wealths they create, its political regime uses the powers it controls to destroy other countries.

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Battles with ISIS and Nusra Front in Daraa and in the north

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