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FX Productions Releases ‘Slaughterhouse Orangettes’

by Miri Wood, RNc

Hollywoody #graphic.

In celebration of Eid al Adha, the Islam-hating human beasts of “ISIS” released a new and expensive video production of lots of throat-slitting of men condemned as “spies.” This is the only background story we are given. Everything else is intentionally visual. The video was shot in an unnamed slaughterhouse reported to be located in Deir Ezzor, Syria.  Deir Ezzor has been under siege of the internationally funded terrorists, many of whom have entered via its long border with Iraq.  In mid-January of this year, 300 Syrians were massacred there, with little reporting from western media.

Orangette FX Productions was first launched in 2014, with the release of a series of faux beheadings of US and UK mercenaries in the Syrian Arab  Republic.  These expensive productions were used as the cover story for switching western war crimes against the SAR from covert to overt.  See Cue the Illegal Orangettes, here. This author has just watched the new propaganda piece; it is every bit as gruesome as most violent movies coming out of Hollywood over the last decade.  Though Hollywood movies are graphic, nobody believes the actors and actresses in them are actually murdered; why should we believe these 12 or 19 men spies were actually killed in this meticulously heinous manner because the savage ISIS uploaded this video?

The cardinal rule of screenwriting is to create the suspension of disbelief.  No movie can become a blockbuster hit without an audience willing to ignore the impossible. The script must entice its audience to accept that which is not.   Camera angles, abrupt camera cuts, and “cuts to” — decided by the director — are utilized for maximum emotional impact.  Symmetry in scenes is also essential, to keep the audience eye from distractions.

These screenwriting rules are applied to all the Orangette FX Productions, including the fabulous one of the caged and immolated Jordanian war criminal bomber, Muath al Kasabeh (shot down by the ‘friendly fire’ of a war criminal UAE bomber pilot).  The final scene of the al Kasabeh movie short was of the takfiri sweeping up, a very impressive touch.  This viewer almost expected to see the word Fin in nice calligraphy, before the final fade out.

The takfiri in this fake snuff film have great cameras, and use them well.  Note the impression depth of field in the featured photograph.

This propaganda scam has not yet been viralized by warmongering msmto push support for further International Law breaches against the SAR.  Nonetheless, it is necessary to make these key points to arm the public:

  • The orangette costumes are crisp and clean as are the white ones (one ‘killer’ costume does eventually show a few carefully placed blood patches, nothing like what an arterial gush would cause.)
  • The bottoms of the ‘prisoners’ feet are remarkably clean
  • The ‘prisoners march’ is impressively choreographed, as is the ‘huddled prisoners’ scene
  • Slaughterhouse is impeccable
  • Slaughterhouse shows no signs of any cow ever being there (does anyone even know if there is a meat slaughterhouse in Deir Ezzor?)
  • Metal handcuffs are shiny (metal cuffs are only in one scene. ‘Huddled prisoners’ are wearing plastic.)
  • Takfiri savages are known for their not infrequently Captagon-fueled violence frenzies; how were they able to stop themselves at simple throat-slitting, instead of their standard decapitations?
  • The ‘killers’ all wear the same white costumes, and white head coverings (most of which remain bloodstain-free, despite the massive ‘arterial’ outpouring.)
  • The meat hooks and chains are spotless
  • The white and orange colors accentuate each other, giving more drama
  • Note the abundance of water that affords an almost breathtaking effect, as ‘human blood’ gets washed down the drains
  • Note the excellent lighting
  • Consider that while most Syrians endure electrical disruptions, water disruptions, internet connection problems, the takfiri are always immune
Turn your monitor upside down, and wonder why these faces defy gravity
Turn your monitor upside down, and wonder why these faces defy gravity

In addition to his beard being nicely coiffed (how long did it take his stylist?), this takfiri is also nicely accessorized, with symmetrically placed black shoulder bags, lovely ring, and pretty clean knife.


In the flick, his beard did not appear to be invested with “holy lice,” ordered to be protected in 2013, by a takfiri “sheikh.”  He and the rest of the ‘killers’ look sparkly fresh, despite the draconian sanctions against Syria, and despite the “lack of bathing due to the water non-availability all the time.”

In this still from the movie scene, we have the strong ogre killer, carrying two men to slaughter. Again, note the stunning symmetry of the men about to have their throats slit.


The horrors inflicted against the Syrian people during this most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in human history, must never be diminished because of war prop deception such as this slaughterhouse one.

Instead, we must consider that every wicked barbarity committed against this population has been ignored by msm, or whitewashed via the naming of such butchery as some verdant “Arab Spring.”  Syrian soldiers — defending their homeland within its borders — have been decapitated, and their heads grilled.  A 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian boy was beheaded.  Mailmen were thrown from a rooftop of a government building.  ‘Highlights’ of savagery against Syrians are included, here.   Western tax dollars have supported the attempted final solution against the SAR, an attempt that the Syrian people have valiantly resisted for almost 6 long years.

Let us not be duped into ignoring the actual savagery, while supporting more war crimes because an FX Orangette Production feels more real than the true videos of murderous FSA brutality.

For anyone who may consider this critique a tad too cynical, this short video demonstrates the ability to manipulate visuals.

[UPDATE:  Both videos of SFX wizardry have been removed from YouTube] ]

Addendum:  In response to significant feedback to this article, the author has made two changes in the original report, and continues clarification, with this addition.

That between one dozen and 25 Syrian men were kidnapped and savagely killed, in Deir Ezzor, is not being disputed. Syrians have been kidnapped by the takfiri since the early days of the crisis.  It is unknown at this time, how many Syrian  children have been stolen by fatigued or frightened terrorists, to be used as props when seeking “refugee” or asylum status in the west.

Does this look like a Syrian woman seeking refugee in Turkey, with her child?
Does this look like a Syrian woman seeking refugee in Turkey, with her child?

What is being challenged is the veracity of this horrific video, meant to further traumatize the Syrian population, and to further incite western citizenry ‘s Islamophobia, and in support of further war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic.

His Excellency, Ambassador Ja’afari has consistently stated that the world has been sending its human garbage into Syria.  These malignant sociopaths are primitive in their atrocities, and incapable of the sophistication of this expensive FX production.

To transform this girl's face requires skill unknown to the savages
To transform this girl’s face requires skill unknown to the savages

Contrast the above photo, to this one, of martyr Nidal Jannoud:

21 april 201l
21 april 2011

The invading human pathogenic garbage did not genetically alter the bioweapon Clostridium tetani, using it to massacre more than 50 Syrian soldiers in Tel el Jabya, 24 April 2014; they did, however, video themselves taking a ‘pleasant’ walk through the bodies of these precious martyrs.  It is not these human beasts who are holding Tabqa Dam hostage; they are incapable of such patience.  In December 2012, the FSA terrorists released a video of rabbits being killed in a Turkish lab, using a chemical weapon, and threatening to unleash it against Syria.  The CW was VX.  The monster who gave the demonstration was not a low-level takfiri.  Such satanic creatures are incapable of experimentation with such a sophisticated and lethal neurotoxin.

Much has been written in msm regarding the tailored drug, Captagon, most of which has been used to malign the heroic Syrian Arab Army soldiers.  Captagon is a stimulant to which has been added a bronchodilator, which potentiates the effects of the stimulant.  The result is a fried and frenzied brain, capable of the savagery of the cannibal who was subsequently wooed by western media.

Cannibal savage Abu Sakkar was romanticized as an 'allegory of war.'
Cannibal savage Abu Sakkar was romanticized as an ‘allegory of war.’

It has been suggested that the ghastly video does not show arterial spurting  because the savages did not sever the carotid arteries of their victims.  It is not possible that the savages shown in this ISIS video have all been miraculously endowed with the perfect hands of the perfect surgeon, able to slice throats without nicking either artery.



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