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Damascus International Fair Crowds Exceed Expectations


Damascus is alive and embraces its visitors again!  After a five year cancellation because of the global war launched against Syria since 2011, the Damascus International Fair reopened, launching its 59th session.  Forty-five countries have raised their flags in Damascus and joined this historic city in celebration. 

Syrian crowds exceeded expectations

Challenging the war and the sanctions, these 45 countries joined the Damascus international fair. This occasion has the value of being an economic, cultural, social and artistic demonstration.  Among the 23 countries who officially have joined the Fair are Russia, Iran, Iraq, China, and Venezuela.  The Omani Chamber of Commerce paid an early visit to Damascus, on 8 August.

There is happiness when one sees these massive crowds of visitors. — Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman

Additionally, private companies from 20 countries joined the Damascus International Fair exhibition represented by the direct managers of these companies or represented by their agents including some Syrian expatriates. Business leaders in countries such as Germany,  the UK and France brought excitement to the fair.

Syrians flocked to the opening of the 59th session of the Damascus International Fair

This great occasion was sponsored by our beloved president Dr Bashar Al Assad, the man who is well known for loving culture, science, peace and civilization.

Victory…and joy

Prime Minister Emad Khamis started the occasion with his speech stating that his exhibition has a message: ”The will of Syrians for life was and is still stronger than terrorism,” adding that “it’s the victory flag of Life over murder, honesty over treason, right over wrong and sovereignty over dependency.” PM Khamis ended his speech by greeting the sacrifices of our brave army and our allies.

Dr Bouthina Sha’aban the senior presidential advisor in an interview to pan Arabic Almayadeen TV expressed that the re-holding of this exhibition is a symbol to the military and political crisis’ route, and it implies that the war is over and that we defeated the project of others in Syria (meaning the project of destroying Syria). This event is the start of the reconstruction and rebuilding of Syria. However she maintained that this victory doesn’t mean it’s a total victory. Full victory requires more sacrifices.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to President al Assad

“Yes I can assure you that without the sacrifices of our army since 2011 and without the steadfast of our people there would be no victory. Without the wisdom of our president there would be no place for peace. And finally without the support of our allies who are our partners in this war against the same enemies!”

Damascus International Fair

Syria also used to have another international events like Buildex International Building construction and advanced equipment. I have visited this great event once in 2010 before this sabotage war against my country. This war of which their masters aim was to kill the civilization in Syria so that they would stop its life in order to eliminate its cultural identity and history. They directed their savage rebels since the very beginning of the war to destroy the historical locations as well as the modern ones!

In February, the Khallouf Trading Company announced the reopening of its manufacturing plant in Hama, in partnership with the Chinese Dongfeng Motor Company, and the launching of two new vehicles, a sedan and an SUV.

The Damascus International Fair session opened 17 August and continues through  26 August.

I hope more visitors and companies will join this event to bring more life to Syria.


— Afraa Dagher

A group of beautiful Syrians defy ugly terror at the Damascus International Fair:

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