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Breaking News: Car Bomb in Latakia, Martyrs and Injured Reported

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August 19, 2017 – Developing: A car bomb has blew up in Latakia leaving a number of killed and injured around 1 pm local time.

Early reports of a booby car detonated near Tishreen Suburb to the east of the coastal city of Latakia. The explosion is said to leave an confirmed number of martyred and injured civilians.

This terrorist attack comes at the height of the achievements by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against Western sponsored terrorists of all factions all over the country, namely in the eastern and northern countrysides of Hama and Homs, and in Der Ezzor.

More updates to follow.

UPDATE from Afraa Dagher:

No official number of martyrs or injured have been given. in this detonated car believed to be a Mercedes stolen a few days ago from a beach area. The terrorist was stopped at a check point by Syrian Arab Army soldiers who thwarted the killer’s attempt to advance his car bomb to more crowded areas of the city, to sacrifice more lives in Latakia.

The murderer’s car came from Sinjwan Road and was detonated in the Tishreen suburb, also named Alassad suburb. The horrible explosion was blown up not far from a hospital.

Remnants of detonated vehicle whose explosion martyred 3, and injured several, in Alassad suburb of Latakia

Latakia is a hard aim for those cowardly criminals who know very well how many martyrs this city gave to Syria, the mother.

UPDATE:  Local news reports that the vehicle was speeding and didn’t stop at the checkpoint, that the vehicle was booby-trapped and exploded when fired upon by the soldiers.

Editor’s note:  It is unlikely that western media will report on today’s vehicular atrocity in Syria. By immoral colonialist double standards, terrorists using vehicles as weapons are only of concern when the killers slaughter westerners.

After two massive attacks against Latakia (August and November 2015) via missiles provided by the west, NATO media reports gloated about ‘rebels’ attacking “Assad stronghold,” instead of reporting on the massive casualties.

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