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SAA Tiger Forces Disconnects ISIS Terrorists in Hama Eastern Countryside

image-SAA Tiger Forces Brigadier Suhail al-Hassan - As-Sukhnah Ithriya Salamiyah Hama Homs Der Ezzor

Syrian Arab Army in a major shift to the course of the operation in Hama countryside manages to disconnect ISIS terrorist groups in Eastern Salamiyah countryside after controlling most of the Ithriya – As-Sukhnah Road.

After cleaning Bir Tuwaynan and Bir Kadim on the route to As-Sukhna, Tiger Forces led by Brigadier Suhail Al-Hassan nicknamed Al-Nimr (The Tiger – قوات النمر) of the Elite Republican Guards fought yet some of the most difficult battles against the world’s filthiest filth the NATO and regional stooges sponsored ISIS terrorists.

Now controlling most of the main roads and crossings in the region, the terrorist organization is now shredded into parts with no possible supply routes and are encircled into what’s known as ‘Killing Zones’ awaiting their doomed end.

ISIS receives unlimited support from the US Airforce which also acts as ISIS air force, logistic support from CIA and MI6 via Turkey’s MiT (Military ‘Intelligence’), and unlimited financial support from the Gulfies especially the regimes of Qatar and Saudi.

Cleaning As-Sukhnah from ISIS was a major breakthrough for the advancing Syrian Arab Army forces on their route to Der Ezzor to break the siege off the city and the SAA garrison there which withstood massive ISIS attacks with US direct support for over 3 years. Once the advancing units from at least 2 axes meet the SAA garrison at the Der Ezzor military airport, the whole ISIS threat will be completely contained and its days will be in sight.

image-SAA Tiger Forces
SAA Tiger Forces
image-SAA Tiger Forces
SAA Tiger Forces

Brigadier Suhail Al-Hassan received a Russian Army’s high award with a letter of appreciation from the Russian minister of defense Army General Sergey Shoygu for the heroic battles against ISIS and the successful tactical airlifting and landing behind ISIS battle lines and the cleaning of Al-Hadar Village west of Der Ezzor earlier last week.

The award, an Honorary Russian Army Sword, and the letter of appreciation were handed to Brigadier Al-Hassan by Russian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov at Hmeimim air base in Latakia countryside.

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