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SAA Chief of Staff Raises Syrian Flag over As-Sukhnah

image-SAA Chief of Staff Raises Syrian Arab Republic Flag over As-Sukhnah

As-Sukhnah town in Homs eastern countryside was a main base for the US sponsored ISIS terrorist group to launch attacks against Tadmor, Palmyra to the south of it, served as a main defense post for the terrorists besieging Der Ezzor, and the link between ISIS and US ‘contractors’ in neighboring Iraq and the terrorists group in Syria.

After intensive fights and with unmatched morale and determination by the Syrian Arab Army and allies, the city is cleaned and the terrorists are pushed further back to their posts in Der Ezzor and Raqqa.

image-As-Sukhnah Homs Countryside North Palmyra South Der Ezzor
As-Sukhnah Homs Countryside North of Palmyra and South of Der Ezzor

General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army and the Armed Forces raises the Syrian flag in As-Sukhna town after the SAA and allies liberated it on their march to clean Der Ezzor from the ISIS terrorists.

Under the guidance of President Bashar al-Assad, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Arab Army and the Armed Forces, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, Chief of the General Staff of the Army and the Armed Forces, accompanied by a number of officers of the General Command, toured our units operating in the city of As-Sukhna and its environs in Homs eastern countryside.

General Ayyoub conveyed to fighters the love of President Bashar al-Assad and his pride in their heroism and sacrifices and victories that they achieve in the face of the ISIS terrorist organization.

General Ayyoub listened to the field commanders for a detailed explanation of the nature of the tasks carried out and the and the circumstances of the combat battles that our forces have engaged in this direction to liberate the city of As-Sukhnah.

General Ayyoub praised the great efforts made by our brave fighters in cooperation with the allied forces (NDF and regional tribal forces), and the support of friends and allies (Hezbollah, Iran and Russia and others). General Ayyoub examined the future operations plans, provided his directives, and inspected the readiness of the forces and their readiness to carry out the following tasks.

General Ayyoub also toured the city of As-Sukhnah and was briefed on the extent of the destruction caused by the ISIS terrorist organization in public and private property and he raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic in the public arena.

General Ayyoub met the fighters in their positions and praised their courage, heroism and efforts to liberate the city of As-Sukhnah and praised the high morale they enjoy, stressing that this great achievement is an important basis for the elimination of the remaining terrorist hotspots in the region and a starting point to advance the march towards Der Ezzor.

image-General Ayyoub Inspects the Commanders and fighters of the SAA in As Sukhnah
General Ayyoub Inspects the Commanders and fighters of the SAA in As-Sukhnah

The commanders and fighters emphasized their determination and willingness to continue to carry out their national duty to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability to all the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Der Ezzor city is under a tight siege by large numbers of ISIS terrorists who came from Iraq through the deserts and under the watchful and caring eyes of the US Army. The same US Army that bombed the Syrian base in Thardeh Mountain last September 2016 killing 84 Syrian soldiers to allow ISIS overtake the base and pose a further threat to the city of Der Ezzor where 120,000 citizens are protected by the Syrian Arab Army and receive their supplies by the SyAF from the air.

The march towards Der Ezzor is now easier and hopefully, very soon the advancing SAA units and allies will reach the defending units in the city and break the siege sending ISIS terrorists to their mother lands in Turkey after Iraqi’s PMU forces vowed to not allow them to return to Iraq.

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