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FSA Branches Fighting Each Other in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus

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FSA ‘Free Syrian Army’ (الجيش الحر) as known is the umbrella where all terrorist groups emerged from under in Syria. It was created to give an illusion of mass defects from the Syrian Arab Army after the West and their regional stooges failed to persuade any worthy officer from the SAA to defect.

Unlike Western mainstream media trying to draw lines between the different factions fighting the Syrian state, we maintain our description of them as factions working under this umbrella since we followed their creation since the very first days.

Now the terrorist groups comprising the FSA all over Syria are fighting each other according to the rift among their Gulfies financiers, and due to the mistrust between their main facilitators in the regime of Tayyeb Erdogan in Turkey aka ‘Erdoganstan’.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies are not waiting and are engaging all the factions of this fail criminal group all over the country but for sure benefiting from the infighting between whatever names these terrorists adopt: ISIS (hardcore al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria), Nusra Front (hardcore al-Qaeda in Syria from Iraq), HTS (new name of Nusra), Jaish al Islam, Failaq Rahman…

Latest developments in the FSA in-fighting in Eastern Ghouta has escalated to the targeted killing of the top commander of the Jaish al-Islam the so called Ridhha Hariri by a group of Nusra Front, ironically both factions are sponsored by the Saudis!

Ridha Hariri aka Abi Abdullah Al-Hussaini was the ‘deputy chief of staff’ in Jaish al-Islam. His car was blown up by an IED while moving on al-Shefonieh road in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside.

image-Ridha Hariri Jaish al Islam
Terrorist Ridha Hariri – Jaish al Islam

He was the lead commander of a number of massacres and crimes against the Syrian people, notably the horrific Adra Labor City massacre which also included kidnapping a number of women and parading them in animal cages on the streets of Duma, where the Jaish al-Islam terrorist group have their main base.

image-Ridha Hariri Jaish al Islam
Former terrorist Ridha Hariri – Jaish al Islam

As a retaliation, the Jaish al-Islam terrorist group executed two top commanders ’emirs’ of Nusra Front under held by them. Abdul Rahman Walid Rabih, a main Emir of Nusra Front in Eastern Ghouta, and Abdul Rahman Sakhr aka Abu al-Qa’Qa al-Daraui the former field commander of Nusra terrorists in Adra. Both were held by Jaish al-Islam since over 4 months in one of the battles between the 2 FSA groups.

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