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Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation Visits Syria

image-Damascus International Fair - Oman participation

Syria on the way to healing and rebuilding and the West and its allies involved in the terrorist war waged against Syria are not invited. Oman has remained a positive player throughout the terror war spearheaded by Saudi and Qatar against Syria despite the enormous pressure exerted on it by its brethren in the GCC ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’.

Omani Chamber of Commerce delegation meets Syrian Prime Minister and officials at Syrian Investment Agency to explore cooperation and coordination opportunities for mutual benefits.

08 August 2017, Damascus: Prime Minister Engineer Imad Khamis received Said Bin Saleh Al-Kayoumi Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and discussed with him strengthening the economic & investment relations between the two sides & the role of the private sector in this field.

Engineer Khamis presented an explanation of the government’s plan for economic development and activating the role of businessmen and investors during the coming period.

Engineer Khamis welcomed the participation of economic and commercial activities in Oman at Damascus International Fair.

For his part, Al Kayoumi stressed the importance of coordination and continuous cooperation between chambers of commerce and industry in both countries to develop mechanisms for future cooperation, including the establishment of investments, especially in the areas of oil, tourism, and real estate.

In the same context, the delegation visited the Syrian Investment Agency and discussed with Dr. Inas Al Omawi the General Manager of the Agency the status of the investment projects and the opportunities and facilities provided by the Agency in this field.

‘We were pleased to visit the Syrian Investment Agency and we were briefed on the laws and legislations in an urgent and quick presentation’ Mr. Al-Kayoumi stated. ‘We hope that in the future there will be a focus on investment laws so that there are advantages to attract foreign investment in terms of facilitating procedures and focusing on the time factor in the completion of transactions, there must be a specific time for each transaction’ he added.

Dr. Inas Al-Omawi said after the meeting: ‘The meeting was especially important in terms of exchanging views and ideas on the correct investment mechanisms, and how to reform them in a manner that best suits the actual requirements of the investor.’ She added: ‘More than one idea was put forward and more than one axis, the Agency dealt with the administrative aspect and the division of administrative procedures, and the new vision of the Agency on streamlining mechanisms and procedures for investment and all new services being launched to support investment in the country.’

On his part, Mr. Osama Mustapha, Chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce said: ‘The visit of the Omani delegation came during preparations for the launching of the Damascus International Fair. Oman was the first to come to Syria in the framework of the celebration of the launch of the Damascus International Fair after a halt of 6 years because of the unjust war waged against Syria.’

The Omani delegation also stressed the importance of focusing on investment laws to include features that attract foreign investments in terms of facilitating procedures and focusing on the time factor in the completion of transactions, especially for large projects.

Many projects in cooperation with countries that stood by the Syrian state against terrorists and their sponsors have commenced and many others in the pipeline. Syrians do not wait and do not depend on their enemies.

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