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Syria News: Jaafari at UN, US Bombs with White Phosphorus, ‘ISIS Kidnappings’

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Syria news continues, despite the western world’s attention being directed to the whereabouts of Jamal Khashoggi. The US has again bombed Hajin town in Deir Ezzor with white phosphorus, and MSM has again ignored this war crime. RT has reported that ISIS kidnapped 700 people in Syria including various illegals and is executing 10 per day. 

putin- ISIS kidnapped US and EU citizens hostages Syria

Unfortunately, the Russian medium seems to be taking a page from western MSM, and has neglected to offer details of where and when, and has limited President Putin’s quotations to mostly sentence fragments. The few Syria and Russia hating western media outlets reporting on the kidnappings have chosen to use the opportunity to re-pimp the propaganda of the several mercenaries — including the US triple headers — who were killed as cover story for the US-led, fascist coalition bombings of the SAR beginning in 2015 (for back stories of the humanitarian-mercenaries, see Cue the Illegal Orangetteshere.). The little reporting of RT suggests that ISIS is kidnapping members of the ”SDF,” the foreign mercenary militia created under Obama and continued under Trump.

If this is a correct inference, it might be considered a faction fight by various sects of al-Qaeda, originally created by the US to be deployed against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. If correct, two aspects are worthy of concern: That Syrian civilians will be swept into the atrocities, and that the Tabqa Dam, which has been occupied by NATO proxy forces since February 2013, may again be in jeopardy.

On 17 October, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari again addressed the hypocrisy of the UN hyenas in ignoring ongoing war crimes against his country. The “small group” that Dr. Jaafari mentions in his statement is the nefarious, Syria-hating Small American Group on Syriawhich includes the P3 mafiosi thugs running the UN, the Saudis, and Jordan, plus terrorist supporter and Spec Envoy Steffan de Mistura.

Let us remember that in October 2015, Ambassador Jaafari emphatically stated that were the west to stop arming, funding, and facilitating the transit of terrorists in his country, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days.

UPDATE 21 October:

Author might have found the source of these ‘kidnappings,’ but is not going on a search for corroboration, as, if correct, it’s more fratricide…

Back in July, warmongering NYT ran a tear-jerking article about ”ISIS” captives in some camp (likely near al Tanf) run by the US-owned Ziokurds. It’s reputedly filled with ‘former’ foreign ‘ISIS’ terrorists languishing — poor dears! — in an unprison camp, while vague ‘administrators’ attempt to repatriate the savages to their home countries.

Times interviewed only women terrorists — and cameramen not allowed to take photos of the many western European women in it.

The scum interviewed whined about ‘making mistakes’ and how they shouldn’t be ‘punished’ ’cause everybody ‘makes mistakes.’

Mistakes are typos, accidentally pushing ahead in lines, marking the wrong box in a multiple guess quiz.

“Mistakes” do not include traveling to foreign countries, slaughtering its inhabitants, and stealing their homes.

Let the armed savages kill each other, till there remains not one.

Let there also be a special wing in hell, for the rabid dogs of war who use women and children to pimp terrorism, while ignoring actual femicide of Syrian women, by these minions of Satan.

Miri Wood

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