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Syria: The US Coalition Massacred 62 Civilians in Deir Ezzor

Syrian woman with her child in the rubble Damascus, Aleppo, Der Ezzor, Raqqa, Daraa, Sweida, Idlib, Hama, Homs

Criminals of the outlaw US coalition operating in support of ISIS massacred 62 civilians in the towns of Sousseh and Bu Badran in Der Ezzor countryside.

The US-led coalition continues its operations for the past 48 hours in the area to empower ISIS terrorists in the small pocket under its protection after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned the whole area from them and the US created this pocket to protect them.

Yesterday the same coalition bombed a gathering of separatist Kurds militia from the SDF terrorist group which operates in Der Ezzor under its own command killing and wounding a number of its own allies in deliberate ‘friendly fire’ when they were said to be pursuing an ISIS group.

The US-led ‘Coalition’ have committed a series of massacres against the civilians in the town of Hajin last killing indiscriminately 30 civilians and in 24 hours 6 more, the smell of the blood is still in the air.

The brazen, ugly and arrogance of the US support of ISIS terrorists in the area of the Baghdad – Damascus highway is a real scandal to the hypocrite criminal Western countries.

The US invests heavily in the terrorist organization to keep this vital route unsafe for reopening. The vital highway stretches from the Iranian capital Tehran to the eastern coast of the Mediterranean cities of Beirut and Latakia, as well as Damascus. The reopening of this highway would bring prosperity to the people of these countries, something that makes the US and its cronies unhappy.

Syria constantly called on the United Nations to pressure the uninvited forces operating in Syria, especially those operating under the US command, to leave the country, only to deaf ears, complaining to the same criminals isn’t usually fruitful.

USA, France and the UK are dominating the United Nations Security Council and continue to use it as a platform to destabilize the world while fuming talks about humanitarian intervention, which seems they mean by that reduce human population on the planet. This latest massacre falls in this line.

Worth mentioning that the US could only find countries to join it in this illegal coalition like Saudi Arabia, UK, and France, to name a few, to understand the low level of these hypocrite countries with ugly colonial past, especially in the Levant.

With hefty sacrifices, the SAA, Syrian Arab Army, and its allies managed to clean most of the Der Ezzor province November last year from ISIS and its affiliates before the US and its coalition stepped in to protect the remnants of the terrorists it created.

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